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How to Get Glitter Lips

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Since the sparkly lip makeup look is here to stay (at least up until next summer, given the latest runway shows), here’s how to get the covetable glitter lip look like a pro! There are two ways to get the trendy glitter lip makeup look – either by acquiring one of the best glitter lipsticks on the market, or putting a little bit of creativity and your makeup skills (and practice) to the test. Both methods will help you dazzle throughout the night (and day, as glitter lipsticks are awesome in the daytime as well!).

So, let’s start off with how to apply glitter lipsticks, leaving the more artistic method for later.

How to Apply Glitter Lipstick

Whether you are going to apply a ready-made glitter lipstick or to use lip products and glitter, there’s one thing that is unavoidable, using a lip primer. Since we are talking about glitter lipsticks here, you can use any kind of lip primer you might already own, leaving specific glitter lip primers for the second method.

  • Prep your lips for the glitter lipstick by exfoliating them to get rid of any dry skin that might spoil the look of your sparkling makeup, at the same time making your glitter lipstick get chapped and fade away quickly. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to moisturize your lips after the exfoliation.
  • Once your lips are all ready, and smoothly covered with your lip primer, you need to grab your lips’ best friend, a.k.a. a lip liner, and outline your lips to make them look more defined. Since all lipsticks have different matching lip liners, and it might end up being quite expensive buying them all (especially if you love collecting lipsticks), we recommend investing in a good, durable, and high-quality invisible or nude lip liner, which can also actually work as a lip primer.
  • Now, if your glitter lipstick is light-colored, you’ll find it easier to apply it, as there’s less room for mistakes. On the other hand, if you opted for a bold, dark-toned glitter lipstick, applying it carefully is crucial. That said, if you have applied your lip liner right, things will end up being a lot easier anyway.
  • Either way, you need to follow these simple steps. Apply a very thick layer of your glitter lipstick, and then blot carefully. Now, you’ll need to apply another layer, which this time around doesn’t need to be that thick and heavy. Blot again and then apply another layer on the center of your lips, outlining carefully the sides under your cupid’s bow.
  • You can use a Q-tip and some concealer to erase any mistakes and to create that perfect lip line you have seen on Instagram.
  • Finally set your sparkly lip makeup, using a translucent powder on the edges of your lips, right above the concealer you used there. As an optional step, you can highlight the cupid’s bow, and the outer corners of your lips to make your sparkly lip makeup even more magical.
  • If you want more glitter or different kinds of glitter (for example, if your lipstick shimmer is pink, and you’d love to add subtle accents of fuchsia), don’t be shy and dip your lip brush into the glitter pot! As you’ll see, applying glitter on your ready lip makeup is not that hard either!

How to Get Glitter Lips Using Regular Lipsticks and Glitter

If you have already stocked up on lipsticks aplenty, especially wet-effect ones, and would love to try out the new glittery craze without purchasing a glitter lipstick, these are the few steps you’ll have to follow!

First and foremost, you’ll need the usual lip primer and/or lip liner. As mentioned above, you can use a nude lip liner as both.

Then you’ll need a wet lipstick or a lip-gloss (this is mandatory), and, if needed, a more matte lipstick, too. While the former will make your glitter settle, the latter will give you the desired splash of color. Last but not least, you’ll need a pot of glittery pigment.

  • Once your lips are all prepped like in the former case and covered with your lip primer and liner, you can start applying the wet lipstick. Whether it is transparent and glossy or colored, it is your choice! If you want a different kind of undertone and you only own a glossy, transparent lipstick, we suggest applying a colored matte lipstick underneath.
  • As with the ready-made glitter lipstick, here you have to apply the wet lipstick, blot, and apply a bit more product again, too. Avoid creating a thick lipstick layer, as this might make your glitter slide.
  • And now it’s glitter time. Use a damp (yet not dripping wet) lip brush or a Q-tip dipped in a makeup liquid to get the glitter from the pot, making sure to always tap off the excess before applying. Use pressing movements to stick the glitter to your lip makeup starting from the center of your lips, and then working your way outwards.
  • Finally you can set and highlight your glitter lip makeup like you would in the case of applying a glitter lipstick.

You can opt for just one kind of glitter or even two, just remember that the chunkier the glitter particles are, the more dramatic and theatrical the look will turn out to be! We suggest using chunkier glitter for the night out-approved looks.

If the only thing that scares you about glitter is ending up all covered in these shimmering particles (which according to some, like me, are something to fiercely show off!), do not worry! Once your glitter lip look is settled, you can always easily brush the extra glitter off with a large brush.

Photo via @jill_foran, Instagram