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How to Wear Brown Lipstick for That Cool ’90 Makeup Look

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Brown lips are a true blast from the past, but with more complexity than meets the eye. Upon choosing the right shade of brown lipstick for your skin tone and the occasion, you need to build an entire look worthy of those chocolate-infused lips. Let’s take a look at several must-try ‘90s-approved makeup tips (but with a contemporary twist) to make brown work for you better than ever.

  • Applying these mahogany hues on your pout is easier said than done. It takes precision, perfect pressure, and you need additional tools such as your lip liner to give your lips a polished look. Start by forming a liner outline in a shade that matches your lipstick, or one slightly lighter. This simple, subtle contrast makes your brown lips look fuller and gives them a juicy appearance!
  • Pro tip: if you have a concealer your lips love, use it as a base to make your brown lipstick pop even more. A sheer, nude base allows the curves of your lips to be filled with your brown lipstick with more ease, and you’ll get a plump look with little effort.
  • Play with texture and undertones until you discover the best of the bunch. Not all brown lipstick shades are created equal for your particular complexion, so explore with that little bit of wisdom in mind. Different levels of gloss and sheen can completely change how a particular shade looks on you, so sometimes your arm may give you a better idea if a particular lippy will work for you.
  • Start small and smudgy! Because brown can be too heavy and intense for some lips out there, you can always take it slow and start by applying the color with your fingertips. This will give you a better idea of which shades work best with your skin and which ones are easy to apply.
  • Try different undertones for your brown lipstick base. Some skin tones love pink and crimson, while others prefer copper and golden. Either way, if this is your first time playing with a brown lipstick, try several before you decide.
  • Match-making with other items in your makeup ensemble will help you bring out your brown lips. Warm and delicate eyeshadow and a touch of bronzer on your cheeks can balance your entire look without overburdening your complexion. Neutrals are your best friend when you want your mocha lips to stand out, whereas clear touch-ups on your eyes with a dash of shimmer can help you create a soft contrast with your lips.
Brown Lipstick Makeup Tips

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