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How to Wear Burgundy Lipstick

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Burgundy lipsticks can be used for a vampy look or a chic look and every nuanced genre of style in between. The concern for many is figuring out how to wear dark wine lipstick without looking washed out or having the color overpower them.

Burgundy lipsticks and wine lip colors can come off as moody in either a good or bad way depending on the total look. You can try shades and tints or mix, layer or ombre your wine and burgundy lipsticks to suit your style. Add a touch of glitter lip gloss to really set everything off.

You can wear your burgundy lipstick both during the daytime and for evening looks – the most important thing is to create the right look. We bring the most useful makeup tips and tricks, dos and don’ts to help you channel wine lips gracefully.

How to Apply Burgundy Lipstick

In any case, to wear your burgundy lipstick flawlessly from day to night, it’s important to follow the correct lipstick application steps.

Step 1: Prep

Always remember to exfoliate and moisturize your lips. Dark lipstick can work like a magnifying glass, showing if your lips are dry or chapped. The best way to wear burgundy lipstick is on smooth lips, otherwise, the color will flake off or crack.

Step 2: Line Your Lips

You can line your lips either before or after depending on how you are comfortable. Even if you are using a doe foot applicator on a liquid matte lipstick, line your lips first with the applicator to ensure a clean, impeccable look. After you fill in your lips, double check the line.

Step 3: Application

Apply your burgundy lipstick in smooth, even strokes to ensure even coverage and a perfect finish. Make sure to use a lip brush to apply your wine lipstick, as it’s super easy to get messy while dealing with dark lipsticks.


A dark brow – defined or undefined, will always look best with a burgundy lip. Lighter eyebrows are often overpowered by a dark lip, but even a light brow that is clearly defined will work beautifully with wine lipsticks.


Most worry that a bold lip requires minimal eye makeup, but that just isn’t true. Honestly, a bit of finesse and restraint is all that is necessary.

A smokey eye is often preferred but a bold wing, dramatic cut crease or even a sparkling lightly glittered eye makeup can all work amazingly with a burgundy lipstick. The key to pulling it off is balance. If you choose to go with a liner only, consider playing with another interesting trend – dotted eyeliner.


Lashes are a hit or miss with some people. Some swear by them, others could do without, but if you are going for a dramatic look, you want to pair your burgundy lipstick with lashes every time. The level of drama will dictate the curl and length of the lashes.


A good choice of color can keep your look fresh and prevent your skin from looking washed out. A touch of highlighter is an even better choice, as glowing skin looks spectacular with a deep burgundy lipstick.

Wine/ Burgundy Lipstick Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Some extra burgundy lipstick makeup tips never hurt nobody, so here you have some precious hacks to keep in mind while dealing with dark wine lipsticks.

  • For daytime looks, keep the rest of your makeup understated, as minimal as possible, as a burgundy lip color tends to attract loads of attention in and of itself. Perfectly groomed eyebrows and a subtle pink blush on your cheeks will pair well with your daytime burgundy lip makeup.
  • For evening looks, you are free to go bolder and experiment with more options. Smokey eyes, copper and golden eye makeup looks, a touch of pink blush and some highlighter will create a show-stopping look with your burgundy lipstick.
  • To wear a burgundy lipstick to the office, stick to the sheerest finish, like a stain, a lip balm or a gloss.
  • Make certain to consider color correcting when wearing a deep, eye-catching wine lip color.
  • Burgundy lipsticks with blue undertones can make your teeth look whiter.
  • Darker wine lipsticks make lips look smaller, so carefully overline your lips for a full look.
  • Reduce the redness on your face so the burgundy or wine lipstick does not draw extra attention to it. Use concealer to spot treat any red marks on your face to create the perfect canvas for your wine lipstick.
  • A touch of highlighting can make a huge difference and create an ethereal overall look.
  • Use the finger trick to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth. Put your finger in your mouth and close your mouth around it, then pull your finger out. It will take with it the lipstick that could have ended up on your teeth.
  • Deeper burgundy lip colors are higher maintenance. The darker they are the more dramatic the appearance of wear will also be. In order to preserve the effect and color, choose a long-wear option.
  • Dark burgundy lipsticks can stain your light hair, so if it is possible that your lipstick can wear off, pull your hair back.

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