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How to Wear Glitter Lipstick

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Are glitter lips just nigh out-approved makeup looks? Can I wear glitter lipsticks during a daytime date, too? Do I look too tacky with this bold red glitter lipstick on?

These are all reasonable questions you may have before or after having applied a glitter lipstick. I mean, they are not, as anyone should be always able to wear what makes her feel beautiful and comfortable! However, since sparkly lipsticks are something we are used to seeing only in high-end fashion editorials or at extravagant runway shows, we easily get insecure about wearing them.

So, how do you wear the glitter lip makeup look without looking overly festive? This small “makeup dos and don’ts” selection is specifically for those who feel they need extra tips for wearing their glitter lipstick, and we hope it will help you dazzle, indeed!

Glitter Lipstick Makeup Dos

  • Since glitter makeup looks are, well, sparkly and flamboyant, if you fear you might feel uncomfortable wearing a sparkly lipstick, pair it with a ton-sur-ton or alternatively a total black outfit, so that all the attention falls on your lips, and your overall look appears balanced.
  • Less is more when it comes to creating the perfect canvas for your glitter lips. This means you should keep the rest of your face understated, with little to no makeup applied on the eyes. More generally speaking, when flaunting a glitter lipstick, favor a “no-makeup makeup” look over a more theatrical one.
  • If you have never worn glitter lipstick and feel extra unsure about how it will end up looking, opt for a delicate monochrome outfit and a light-colored lipstick, like pastel pink. Starting off a new makeup journey with pastel pink or peachy shades is always a good idea.
  • Also, do pair your glitter lipstick with a matching glitter eyeshadow for special occasions, avoiding eyeliner and just adding a bit of mascara to your eyelashes. Your face will look radiant and harmonious, both in winter and summer.
  • Last but not least, do apply extra gold glitter, especially if your glitter lipstick has a pink or fuchsia undertone. Pink undertones are perfect for daytime, while fuchsia ones will shine like a diamond at night.

Glitter Lipstick Makeup Don’ts

  • First and foremost, avoid applying extra layers of highlighter, especially on your cheekbones. Glitter is shiny and iridescent on its own, and needs to be the sole protagonist when channelled on the lips.
  • Try to not mix three or more different shades of glitter all together. Unless they all come from the same undertone, i.e. something like peachy, pastel, and light pink – they’ll end up looking extra tacky, and not in a good way.
  • If you are wearing a glitter lip makeup in the daytime, and it is particularly sunny, avoid pairing it with a sequined or an extra glittery outfit, as the sunlight will reflect each single glitter particle on both your lips and dress, and you might blind someone!

Photo via @msscalifornia, Instagram