There is something to make your face look younger, crisper, and more radiant. We are not talking about facial surgery here; we are talking about a now-trending old Chinese practice that involves using a tool called jade roller.

Jade Roller Benefits: Best Jade Rollers for Your Facial Skin Care

Maybe you have heard about it or you haven’t, this is the article to make things clear. We will introduce you to jade rollers, what they are and how they work. You will get to select between 11 best jade rollers for your face to shine. And as you continue down the post, you will be guided to apply the magic of looking fresh to your face.

Your Ultimate Guide to Jade Rolling: Contents

11 Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care
What Is a Jade Roller?
How Does a Jade Roller Work?
How to Use a Jade Roller Right
Jade Roller Benefits
How Often Should You Use Jade Rollers?

11 Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care

Not all the products out there are up to par. Admittedly, some will make you give up on jade rollers. So, to prevent you from making such a mistake, giving up and missing out on the essential blessings of this beauty tool, here are 11 of the best jade rollers you can easily choose from.

1. Shiffa Jade Roller

Like a medicinal product it was designed to be, this jade roller is a healing stone. It tones the facial muscles and soothes the nervous system. It is just the best jade roller for anyone with puffy eyes. Additionally, it is believed to absorb negative energy. You can pick yours from Nordstrom.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Shiffa Jade Roller


2. GreenWorld Facial Massager Jade Roller

Do you want to reduce the amount of time you spend in the spa? If yes, choose this face roller. This jade roller will never hurt your skin. In fact, it will only make the facial skin smooth so when you touch, you feel the perfectly softened skin. And yet, it is simple, easy and convenient to handle. It’s available on Amazon.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: GreenWorld Facial Massager Jade Roller


3. Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller

This facial jade roller will make you feel like you have taken your face for a workout. Remember how the workout is beneficial? After jade rolling with this tool, it will increase circulation of blood and eliminate puffiness. When you are stressed, you can call on it. When you want an evening time skin treatment, again, it will pick up your call. This one is available through Cult Beauty.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller


4. Biodara Jade Roller

As expected, this jade roller from Free People uses ancient Asian ingredients – precisely jade stones. And yes, it works like the ancient products. For one, it promotes cell turnover, tones the skin, and enhances skin elasticity. It is specially packaged in a satin pouch. ‘Medal-worthy,’ we think!

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Biodara Jade Roller


5. Yu Ling Small Facial Jade Roller

If you use eye bags, it is time to throw them off and embrace this Yu Ling product. It is the perfect jade roller to energise your facial skin and muscles. It soothes the skin, boosts circulation, and helps reduce stress after the hard day’s work. This small jade roller is also very easy to bring with you wherever you go, and you can pick one for you from Cult Beauty now.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Yu Ling Small Facial Jade Roller


6. Facial Jade Rollers

From Jane you get this two-side jade roller that is easy to use. For one, it stimulates collagen, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles by strengthening the skin. When you want an evening of relaxed jade rolling, pick it and have a leisure roll. Your facial toxins will, in no time, be cleared.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Facial Jade Rollers


7. Jade Beauty Roller

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and crafted from pure jade, this is one of the best jade rollers on this list. It’s double-headed, too, and the size only tells us about the section of the face it can cover at a given time. Its function is as expected: quick stress fix, facial skin glow, and puffiness prevention. It’s available through Dermstore.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Jade Beauty Roller


8. Rose Quartz Massage Roller

One of the best jade rollers, this product appears beautifully with a touch of pink on its upper part. Classy and still effective in its result! You make your choice an adorable one by choosing this, and your facial skin will thank you for making the choice. Toning and improving blood circulation are just a few features of its classiness. This pink jade roller is available on Etsy.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Rose Quartz Massage Roller


9. Double-Headed Jade Rollers

This jade roller can be used on both sides, depending on how you want it or the parts you want to massage. They are designed to be classic and they are shiny like an oily, finished surface. Available at Etsy, these jade rollers are perfect anti-ageing and skin-tightening tools.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Double-Headed Jade Rollers


10. Amethyst Facial Jade Roller

All shades of lavender, this is a healing stone. It smoothens any rough or puffy face. For its beauty and effectiveness, it is your best choice if you are presenting jade rollers as a gift to your lover. You can pick it up from Etsy, too.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Amethyst Facial Jade Roller


11. Massage and Acupressure Face Roller

This is different from all other jade rollers mentioned. It is specially designed with little lumps over the rolling part; this is good as it increases the effectiveness of the product. It soothes the skin, boosts circulation, and relieves stress – ten times better and faster than jade rollers. You can pick this one from Etsy.

Best Jade Rollers For Your Facial Skin Care: Massage and Acupressure Face Roller


What Is a Jade Roller?

To reiterate, jade rolling is a type of facial treatment that brings freshness to your face. It is done with an easy-to-use facial tool – a jade roller, also known as a face roller. Nevertheless, neither the tool nor the process is new. Tracing the origin of jade rollers leads us to old Chinese women, who were commonly wealthy.

The modern day Chinese women see jade rollers as not just any tool, but one that symbolises power and immortality. In traditional Chinese medicine, jade rollers are valuable gemstones. But that is about its history, what exactly is jade rolling? Has the use changed?

First, jade rollers are cool stones (like gua sha tools); rolling the beauty stones over your face, you get an instant result – a face that glows and appears young. Jade rolling brings out the fine lines, and according to the Chinese, it relieves the facial tension that the face might have stored.

In short, jade rollers are important to

• Enhance your beauty;

• Relax your face against stress;

• And provide other health benefits (more about this later).

Basically, jade rollers work like anti-ageing tools, much similar to Refa rollers. The effects include improving the elasticity of the face, helping the cell to grow healthy and bringing out the best facial look.

Not that this product benefits you immediately, every time. However, some of the benefits of jade rollers are a result of consistent use. When you use it often, your face will be treated, wrinkles or any facial kinks will be cured with time. You deserve a beautiful and shiny face, and we will show you how to achieve that with jade rollers.

What Is a Jade Roller/ Jade Rolling?

How Does a Jade Roller Work?

First, a jade roller has a sleek handle and two rollers on each end. The bigger roller is for your entire face, while the smaller roller is for areas around your eyes.

Once you are ready to use, you roll one end over your facial skin. And it relaxes your skin muscles among some other advantages. Jade rolling should be done perfectly (more about this below) to allow facial absorption of applied products and generally improve beauty.

How to Use a Jade Roller Right

If anyone should say jade rollers are not helping their face look fresh, we know exactly what is wrong. No, it is not the product. Probably, the person has been educated in a wrong school so they don’t know how to apply a jade roller right. When someone says she doesn’t like them, it makes us guess: perhaps she has tried it –once, maybe – and decided to give up on it.

To be truthful, using this skin care product works like magic. And right now we will show you how to use a jade roller, and you will want to keep using it.

After you have made your choice out of our carefully picked jade rollers, we won’t leave you to figure out how to use it yourself. We have detailed the entire process below.

Step 1: Prepare

• The first preparation is putting the jade roller in the freezer for 1 to 3 hours.

• Clean your face. You might want to use a face cleanser or simply wash your face. Wash off the previous makeup or any layer of cosmetics on your face.

Step 2: Jade Rolling

• Place the jade rollers on your forehead and roll to the chest. Or take it either way, from the chest up.

• Concentrate. Repeat the rolls on each section of your face to ensure it is applied effectively.

• To be certain you are doing a good job, examine your face in the mirror. It should be brighter than before.

• If it does shine out like the early moon, reapply the jade rollers. Your beautiful facial lines will come alive like fresh seedlings.

• A pure face serum could do the magic. Or use a moisturizer and your face will transform. Not only that, we will talk about other benefits of jade rollers in the next section.

• Use a neat towel to clean your face.

• Apply the moisturizer again.

You have completed the process. The effect of jade rollers will come as a shiny, brilliant face – like diamond out of all metals. Let us tell you this: the moisturizer you used at first has drawn down the roller into your facial skin. The second time you were applying it, you were finishing it up. So, we are impeccably done.

How to Use a Jade Roller/ Face Roller/ Jade Rolling

Jade Rolling Tips

As usual, here are salient points to note:

• Apply the serum or moisturizer at the beginning. It helps the jade roller to be more effective.

• To free you from any sign of a headache, use the jade roller across your temple and sinuses.

• If you please, you can try the method every day. No harm in that. However, the normal interval of jade rolling is every two to three days, so three to four times in one week.

Jade Roller Benefits

This facial beauty tool has more benefits than any other one. Beauty is the main point of it, and we talked about its evident and controversial health benefits. However, it isn’t limited to those. Let’s explore deeper and see what jade rollers give back to the users.

1. Prevents Skin Sagging by Toning the Facial Muscles

Jade rolling regularly will help you get rid of sagging skin, improving your skin’s elasticity, nicely calming and evening out your complexion. Although it’s not a definitive anti-aging solution, it does tone your facial muscles and diminish any fine lines in the long run.

2. Rebuilds the Cell in Your Face with Facial Massage

We know you massage your back and shoulders when you feel tired. What of your precious face? The use of jade rollers can serve you what you feel when you have a professional facial treatment – that feeling of being energised facially.

3. Increases the Amount of Collagen to the Face

By exercising the skin on your face, jade rollers help to increase, stimulate and improve the number of facial skin proteins called collagen.

4. Jade Rolling Increases the Circulation of Blood

The muscles of the face will allow free flow of facial fluid, thanks to the movement of jade rollers over the face. Get to do a weekly jade rolling and let the blood flow on your face take a pleasure ride from one corner of the face, spontaneously, to the other.

5. Faster Absorption of Skincare Products

Jade rollers help the face absorb face-treating products in a shorter time. This means you have less time to makeup your face and yet, the effects of the applied products are still intact. In fact, the effects should be improved.

Jade Roller Benefits: Jade Rolling Pros and Cons

6. Achieve Lymphatic Drainage

This is brought by the removal of the additional facial fluid that is collected around your eyes and cheeks. There is waste that flows out of your lymph nodes, which is called lymphatic fluid. This waste, usually, goes back to your cardiovascular system. As you apply jade rollers, you are massaging the facial skin, and this, for years now, has been the method of treating sinus and immune disorder.

7. No Under-Eye Darkness

Do you wake up early and find dark circles under your eyes? It is time to get your own jade rollers and solve that once and for all. If the problem is not genetic or critically serious, it will make the blood vessel below the eyes smaller by its cooling sensation. Case closed. No more under-eye darkness.

Reminder: How Often Should You Use Jade Rollers?

We mentioned this earlier so to reiterate, three or four times per week is recommended though there exists no harm in using it daily.

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