Fashion » 13 Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: How to Spot a Fake LV Belt

13 Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: How to Spot a Fake LV Belt

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Louis Vuitton belts are timeless, iconic, and, to be honest, utterly cute. Like Gucci belts, Louis Vuitton belts for women are the hottest accessorizing items, whether monogrammed or not. So why not invest in one?

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women/ LV Belts

Jump to the most legendary LV belts, and then, learn how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton belt!

Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: Contents

13 Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Belts for Women

Unlike Gucci, which is really pulling off all of its creativity with accessory items such as Gucci bags and belts, Louis Vuitton is sticking to a few iconic models focusing on their iterations rather than complete renovations. Here’s what you should look for when investing in the most timeless Louis Vuitton belts for women.

1. LV Initiales

Let’s start with Louis Vuitton’s bestseller belt, i.e. the LV Initiales. Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s Parnasséa leather goods line, Louis Vuitton’s Initiales comes in three sizes, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 40 mm, as well as in a reversible version that shows off Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram, too.

For a timeless and sophisticated look, however, we suggest investing in the non-reversible one, so that you could easily pair it with any look in the years to come. Needless to say, for a more contemporary, millennial-approved style, we recommend the logoed and bigger version!

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Initiales Belt

2. LV Essential V

Available in two different logoed patterns, Louis Vuitton’s Essential V is the fresher response to the LV Initiales and is one of the most acclaimed Louis Vuitton belts for women ever. Its iconic strap cut in a V shape adds a modern touch to any outfit and will look flawlessly fancy both on a long black dress and an early ‘00s-inspired denim mini skirt.

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Essential V Belt

3. LV Mini

As suggested by its name, Louis Vuitton’s Mini belt is the smallest in the LV belt family. Like the Essential, Louis Vuitton’s Mini comes in two logoed patterns, both of which are emblazoned on a 25 mm width. If you love logos and monograms but are more into imperceptible touches of them, Louis Vuitton’s Mini belt is a must-have accessory item to collect!

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Mini Belt

4. LV Circle

Here we are with Louis Vuitton’s most creative child! Not only does the LV Circle belt come in a variety of colors and materials, but also works as a literal white canvas for exclusive collaborations and artists. Among the various Coquelicot, Epi, or reversible LV Circle belts, there are models such as the LV Circle 35 mm reversible option printed with camouflage-style patterns, which is surely one-of-a-kind and, probably, not for the Parisian-style purists.

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Circle Belt

5. LV Twist

When glam rock meets high-end designs, creatures such as the Louis Vuitton LV Twist belt come to the world. Strongly visual and filled with metallic studs and eyelets, the LV Twist belt instantly elevates any outfit to its most gloriously glamour self, becoming your ultimate accessory BFF.

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Twist Belt

6. LV Handy

There was a time in fashion, approximately from 2002 to 2007, when wide cloth belts knotted around the waists were all the rage. Well, apparently it is that time of fashion again, so why not upgrade the wide belt trend with Louis Vuitton’s LV Handy belt? Made of leather and refined in each detailing, Louis Vuitton’s LV Handy is for the it-girls out there, for sure.

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Handy Belt

7. LV Malletier

Logos are not everyone’s cup of tea, and we know it. If you are looking for one of the chicest, monogram-free belts of all times, just opt for the classic LV Malletier 25 mm in black, pairing it with basically anything you may own in your wardrobe (of course, there are a plethora of patterned LV Malletier belts as well).

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Malletier Belt

8. LV Journey

Big, bold, and edgy, Louis Vuitton’s answer to the “half-belt, half-bustier” trend comes with two metal buckles, two loops, and “a tip fashioned of palladium brass.” Although being unapologetically sexy and modern, it can easily turn to a timeless staple when styled with summery total-white outfits. Otherwise you can pick the 20 mm refined version, which is the perfect LV belt for the jet-setting fashionistas out there!

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Journey Belt

9. LV Petite Malle

Petite indeed, Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle belt is the epitome of femininity and is particularly indicated for spring and summertime. Reversible and thin, this Louis Vuitton belt is a life companion, for sure.

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Petite Malle Belt

10. LV Iconic

Meant to introduce always new and glamorous interpretations of Louis Vuitton’s classic logoed belts, the LV Iconic is now one of the fashion house’s most requested belts. As of spring 2018, the LV Iconic with metallic flower appliques is surely the edgiest one!

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Iconic Belt

11. LV Monoglam

If Paris Hilton were a belt, she’d probably be Louis Vuitton’s LV Monoglam belt! If you love LV monograms, metallic appliques, and a sophisticated undertone, the LV Monoglam is the way to go!

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Monoglam Belt

12. LV Lock Me

Coming in two versions – plain black and logoed, this is one of the most eccentric Louis Vuitton belts for women, all due to its unique padlock detailing on the buckle that perfectly encapsulates the locking concept. The adjustable strap gives you the opportunity to wear this belt multiple ways.

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Lock Me Belt

13. LV Ellipse

Last but not least, here we are with the Louis Vuitton belt recalls when thinking about an LV belt. Slightly mannish and surely soigné, the LV Ellipse belt is any preppy dream made true.

Best Louis Vuitton Belts for Women: LV Ellipse Belt

Why You Need to Invest in a Louis Vuitton Belt

But even before learning how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton belt, we should ask ourselves why we feel the need to buy one first and foremost. The answer is rooted in Louis Vuitton’s ability to turn everything it touches into an iconic staple.

Like many other designer belts, LV belts also emphasize the logo mania that cyclically affects many fashion lovers. However, monograms aside, Louis Vuitton belts effortlessly transpose the concept of timeless elegance to an accessory item, becoming it-accessories to invest in and collect.

Along with Louis Vuitton bags, most LV belts come either logoed or monochrome, which means that those who are really interested in investing in an it-item that is not a temporary trend, can easily do so.

Last but not least, Louis Vuitton belts are the early ‘00s-made accessory items, and there’s no denying we all (inexplicably) love anything that was flaunted by icons from that time period, such as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie!

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Belt

Louis Vuitton belts aren’t affordable fashion accessories, a fact that makes them even more valuable and cherished, and greatly affects your shopping process. Every LV belt you decide to buy should be placed under scrutiny so that you avoid feeling deceived buying a fake item.

These are the steps to take to avoid making a mistake:

Examine the Logo Stamp and the Serial Number

All Louis Vuitton belts feature a logo stamp centered precisely on the back of the belt, along with a serial number. They also come with a stamp “made in” that, depending on the belt, could end in “France,” “Spain,” “Italy,” “Germany,” and “the United States.” If you are buying a really old, vintage LV belt, especially if it comes from the Eighties, you’ll very likely spot a “made in Spain” nearby the logo.

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Belt/ LV Belt

Dust Bags Are the Hottest Items When It Comes to Luxurious Brands

Like many other high-end fashion houses, Louis Vuitton’s accessories come along with a minimalist packaging (a dark brown shopping bag) and a dust bag. There’s no way a real Louis Vuitton belt comes all alone without a dust bag!

Also, depending on the belt model, dust bags come in a nude skin tone, but never purple, bright yellow, or anything not neutral. The drawstring dust bags are made of 100% cotton flannel and they always feature the words “Louis Vuitton” printed on the bottom, centered.

Check the Receipt!

Each legal purchase comes, of course, with a receipt. If you are buying online from a non-credible e-commerce website, check the receipt as soon as your belt comes home (this rule applies to non-credible brick-and-mortar stores, too). If you can spot a watermark at the back of the paper, then your purchase is safe!

Louis Vuitton’s Stitching Is Here to Stay

Examine your belt’s stitching. Since Louis Vuitton belts are always perfectly manufactured, it is basically impossible to find any irregularity in the stitching. As in the case of any other high-end accessory items, top-notch quality is the real deal, indeed.

Scrutinize the Belt Buckle

To make their fake LV belts look authentic, many manufacturers engrave the back of the belt buckle with a “Louis Vuitton” and a code number. However, authentic Louis Vuitton belt buckles don’t feature any engraving on the back – they are that plain!

Do Your Research Before Buying Second-Hand Louis Vuitton Belts

And by “do your research” we mean “check the price.” Second-hand and vintage LV belts are surely more affordable, but always keep in mind that on average Louis Vuitton belts for women cost at least $500. So why would anyone sell an LV belt, maybe even “almost new,” for less than $100?

When in Doubt, Turn to Professionals

If you are still unsure regarding your Louis Vuitton belt’s authenticity, head to the closest Louis Vuitton flagship store and ask one of the retail store assistants for help. They can spot a fake Louis Vuitton belt in the blink of an eye!

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