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9 Best Brow Lamination Kits to Use at Home in 2022

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If you have decided to alter your brow shape, you might be looking for the best brow lamination kit to transform your look. We’ve got you covered with a few fantastic options to give your brows that lift. It’s generally better to go to a professional for the best results, but these lamination kits can be used in a pinch!

Doing your own brow lift at home is certainly cheaper than the salon, and it gives you total control over how you do your brows. With one of these best brow lift kits, you can give yourself super-lifted, ‘80s boy brows or a more restrained diagonal sweep–totally up to you!

When browsing online, however, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by all of the options. That’s why we’ve selected the best eyebrow lamination kits to give your brows the transformation you want!

Best Brow Lamination Kits Overview

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Our Picks of the Best Brow Lamination Kits

Here are the best eyebrow lamination kits you can find online! They come at all price points and with all kinds of additional accessories, so pick the one that’ll suit your needs.

Best Overall
MIYA Lash 2-in-1 Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Kit

This exceptional kit is one of the most transparent options on the market, so we feel safe recommending it as the best brow lamination kit. MIYA has put a lot of thought into packaging and designing it in a clever way, so you can rely on it to achieve those full boy brows again and again. The processing time itself is even much faster compared to most other brands! 

Most brow lift kits come with bottles that hold the various solutions needed to conduct the treatment. This set, however, comes with 5 sets of individually packed solutions (although cleanser isn’t included). This means you can use a totally fresh batch of product each time you need to refresh your brow lift. 

The other thing we love is that this kit comes with full disclosure of the ingredients. Most brow lamination kits rely on the same active ingredients and liquids, but for some reason, they don’t list out the ingredients, so we really appreciate that MIYA does. It makes us happier to trust this brand with our precious brows.

This kit is designed primarily for lashes, so it doesn’t include cling film, but it still comes with mascara spoolies and micro swabs that’ll help you get your brows on fleek. Order it from Amazon!

Key Features

  • Price: $$
  • Includes: Glue, 5 sets of 3 solutions, Y-brushes, micro swabs, mascara spoolies, lash pads, and instruction manual
  • Processing Time: 4-7 minutes per solution


  • Full ingredient list included
  • Individually-packed solutions stay fresh
  • Faster processing time
  • Can be used on brows and lashes


  • Doesn’t include a cleanser step

Best Brow & Lash Kit
Silksence Lash Lift Kit

This gorgeous eyebrow lamination kit includes nearly everything you need to lift your brows or lashes. It’s fairly affordable, and while it doesn’t come with ingredient lists, it has thousands of fans that attest to its efficacy! It includes multiple Y-brushes for repeated uses, although we wish there were some micro swabs, as well.

The solutions in the set come well-packed, so you don’t need to worry about them drying out or oxidizing. This means you can get multiple uses out of the set! We do recommend using a separate lash glue, however, since that’s the only low-quality part of the kit.

The entire kit comes with very clear instructions for how to time your lash lift, which you can easily adapt to the brows. It’s available on Amazon

Key Features

  • Price: $$
  • Includes: Glue, 4 solutions, 3 Y-brushes, silicone lash pads
  • Processing Time: 8-12 minutes


  • Affordable
  • Reputable
  • Great packaging to avoid oxidation
  • Can be used on brows or lashes


  • Low-quality lash glue

Best Brow-Only Kit
Sunsent Eyebrow Lamination Kit

You won’t need to cut up any of your kitchen cling film if you pick up this brow kit. Its main draw is that it’s designed specifically for eyebrow lamination. This is as opposed to the more established kits that are designed for the lashes but can also work on the brows.

This kit includes the basic 4 liquids you’ll find in most kits, but the formula seems to be a little strong. We recommend leaving the perming and fixing solutions on the brows for just 5-8 minutes instead of the recommended 10.

In addition to the basic lotions and potions, the set includes a roll of cling film that’s just the right width to go over the brows, as well as a Y-brush to get your brow hairs in order. This is all for a very low price, compared to other options!

One thing that’s missing is good instructions and micro swabs. We recommend picking up a few brushes separately and checking out our guide to make sure you’re following the right process. Order it from Amazon!

Key Features

  • Price: $
  • Includes: Glue, 4 solutions, cling film, Y-brush
  • Processing Time: 5-8 minutes 


  • Affordable
  • Designed specifically for brow lamination
  • Includes cling film roll
  • Fast-acting formula


  • Comes without instructions or micro swabs

Best Influencer-Approved Kit
Vassoul Eyelash Perm Kit

This is the kit influencers on YouTube like the most, and we can understand why! The packaging is really cute, the price is affordable, and you know that tons of other people have already used it successfully.

Since this is technically a kit for the lashes, it doesn’t include cling film or any additional swabs or brushes. If you find the included Y-brush hard to handle, you’ll have to buy micro swabs or a mascara wand separately. Thankfully, those are items you can easily find elsewhere, including just the grocery store or in your makeup bag.

The ingredient lists for this are not disclosed, but we think it has a sodium bromate-based fixing formula. The amount of product you receive in each bottle may seem tiny, but there’s actually enough for repeated lamination sessions! Buy it from Amazon!

Key Features

  • Price: $$
  • Includes: Glue, 4 solutions, Y-brush, lash pads
  • Processing Time: 8-10 minutes per solution


  • Affordable
  • Influencer-approved
  • Enough product for multiple uses


  • No swabs or mascara wands included

Best Splurge
Elevate the Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit
Elevate the Beauty

This brow lamination kit is very similar to Vassoul, with the same set of lash glue, a lifting solution (the perm), a fixing solution (the neutralizer), a cleanser, and nourishing oil. It’s a leading product that’s been tried by a lot of influencers, as well! However, compared to the other options we’ve seen, it’s quite expensive but doesn’t offer anything unusual.

It also comes with a collection of pads that you can use to apply the materials to the lashes for a lift. Still, more importantly, it includes micro swabs and mascara wands for a cleaner eyebrow lamination process. It’s available on Amazon.

Key Features

  • Price: $$$
  • Includes: Glue, 4 solutions, 3 Y-brushes, micro brushes, mascara wands, lash pads 
  • Processing Time: 6-10 Minutes


  • Popular with influencers
  • Includes a lot of disposable accessories
  • Great for lashes or brows


  • Quite expensive for no good reason

Best Brow Lamination Accessories

Here are some additional eyebrow lamination accessories we recommend picking up, especially if the kit you decide to buy doesn’t include them!

Best Lash Glue for Lamination
DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive

All brow lift kits include a lash glue to help you set your brows into place before you perm them. However, these lash glues are rarely of great quality, even in the best brow lamination kits. For best results, we think this lash glue from Duo is the best choice. It’s easy to use since it’s a brush-on. Because the formula is latex-free, it won’t have any conflicts with the strong ingredients in the perming and fixing solutions. Buy it from Amazon!

Best Cling Film
Parallel Products Premium Preservative Film
Parallel Products

Sure, you can use regular cling film from the grocery store when laminating your brows, but if you’re committed, why not buy a cosmetic grade product? This film is the perfect size for covering the eyebrows, so you won’t have to fuss with massive amounts of cling film. It’s also a hygienic and cosmetic grade product, so you can feel safer bringing it in contact with your skin. You can order it from Amazon.

Best Applicators
Disposable Makeup Applicators

If you choose a brow lamination kit that doesn’t include applicators, don’t worry, you can purchase them separately! This fantastic set includes everything you could need to apply different products to your brows, from micro-brushes for the perming and neutralizing solutions, to mascara wands for shaping, to doe-foot applicators for removing solutions and brushing on oil. It also comes with a metal tray and spatula, which can be useful during your makeup routine. Find it on Amazon!

Best Facial Oil
Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Facial Oil
Honest Beauty

A facial oil can go a long way towards keeping your permed brows healthy. We love this specific blend, especially because it’s nice both for the brows and the face. It includes soothing olive and sunflower oils and antioxidant chia seed oil. It smells incredible, and it helps to reinforce the hairs beautifully while moisturizing the skin. Get it on Amazon!

What to Look for in the Perfect Brow Lamination Kit for You?

Choosing an eyebrow lamination kit can be daunting. There are so many options on websites like Amazon, and trying to parse how they differ from one another can be tough. Ultimately, any one of these kits will work to lift your brows into laminated glory, but here are our suggestions for what to consider when shopping for the best kit for you.

Know the Potential Ingredients

Most lash & brow lift kits are a little mysterious. They’re almost made exclusively in China, and the sellers would rather not disclose the ingredient lists.

This can make it difficult to judge whether you can use something if you have allergies, for instance. In general, however, all the formulas are quite similar. Almost all of the perming solutions rely on thioglycolic acid (or ammonium thioglycolate, the acid’s ammonium salt) as the active ingredient that breaks down the bonds to reset the hair. This is normally the first step (after cleansing) of the brow lamination process.

Then, most neutralizing solutions are made with sodium bromate, which is the ingredient we always assume is being used when a brand doesn’t mention otherwise.

Finally, other commonly-used ingredients include parabens, fragrances, and ethanol, all of which generate some controversy. While we consider these ingredients generally safe to use on the brows, you should be extra careful if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

The Basic Solutions

All the best eyebrow lamination kits have to come with two basic solutions: a perming solution and a fixing solution. Beyond that, there are some other solutions that can be a nice addition to the kit.

The first is a cleanser that helps to prepare the brows for lamination. The cleanser from the kit can be replaced with any micellar water or oil-free cleanser formula, so it’s not a must-have.

All of the best kits will also include some sort of brow or lash oil, which is sometimes called a “nutritive” solution. It’s usually a fairly simple oil blend or hydrating serum, so you can use your favorite lash serum or face oil instead. Finally, lash glue is often included as well, but it’s generally of low quality.

What to Look for in the Perfect Brow Lamination Kit for You?

Added Accessories

We also like seeing some added accessories included in a brow lift set:

  • Plastic Y-brushes are helpful because they can help brush up the brow hairs as well as clean off the solutions. They’re included in almost all kits!
  • Micro swabs are another common addition to brow lift kits, and we absolutely adore them. We find that they are the most convenient tools for setting the brows into place, and most people don’t have them at home.
  • Some shoppers prefer clean mascara wands to brush their brows in place, so they can also be a nice add-on.
  • Cling film is almost never included in brow lift kits, which is unfortunate because it’s such an essential part of the brow lamination process. That’s why the Sunsent kit is one of our major favorites.
  • If you’d like a kit you can use on both your lashes and brows, a lot of kits give that option. Look specifically for kits that include silicone pads and under-eye patches.

Treatment Length

Why waste time if you don’t have to? The average brow lamination kit requires that the perming and fixing solutions stay on the brows for at least 8 minutes each, which is acceptable to most. However, if you want a faster process, we also included the speedier formula from Miya as our top choice.


While we did put together a full set of instructions for laminating your brows at home, it can be nice to have an added printout of the instructions. Different brands may have slightly different instructions based on the types of chemicals or their quantities, so instructions will allow you to time things correctly. In general, a lack of good instructions is often a sign of poor planning.


Most brow lamination kits cost between $25-$40, which is why we included a handy price reference with each review. There are a few very budget-friendly options that will absolutely do the trick, but more expensive ones often offer better peace of mind with more users detailing their experience.

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