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5 Best Brow Lamination Kits to Use at Home

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If you have decided to alter your brow shape and get eyebrow lamination or brow lift, you might be looking for the best kit. It’s generally better to go to a professional for the best results, but these brow lamination kits can be used when you’re stuck at home or want to save some cash.

1. Vassoul Eyelash Perm Kit

This is the kit influencers on YouTube like the most, and we can understand why! The packaging is really cute, the price is affordable, and you know that tons of other people have already used it successfully.

Since this is technically a kit for the lashes, it doesn’t include cling film, and the brushes in here are not the best, but those are all items you can easily find elsewhere, including just the grocery store or in your makeup bag. The ingredient lists for this are not disclosed, but we think it has a sodium bromate-based fixing formula. Buy it from Amazon!

Brow Lamination Kits: Vassoul Eyelash Perm Kit

2. Elevate the Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit

This brow lamination kit is very similar to Vassoul, with the same set of lash glue, a lifting solution (the perm), a fixing solution (the neutralizer), a cleanser, and nourishing oil. It also comes with a collection of pads that you can use to apply the materials to the lashes for a lift. Still, more importantly, it includes micro swabs and mascara wands for a cleaner eyebrow lamination process. It’s available on Amazon.

Brow Lamination Kits: Elevate the Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit

3. Parallel Products Premium Preservative Film

Sure, you can use regular cling film from the grocery store when laminating your brows, but if you’re committed, why not buy a cosmetic grade product? This film is the perfect size for covering the eyebrows, so you won’t have to fuss with massive amounts of cling film. It’s also a hygienic and cosmetic grade product, so you can feel safer bringing it in contact with your skin. You can order it from Amazon.

Brow Lamination Kits: Parallel Products Premium Preservative Film

4. Disposable Makeup Applicators

If you choose a brow lamination kit that doesn’t include applicators, don’t worry, you can purchase them separately! This fantastic set includes everything you could need to apply different products to your brows, from micro-brushes for the perming and neutralizing solutions, to mascara wands for shaping, to doe-foot applicators for removing solutions and brushing on oil. It also comes with a metal tray and spatula, which can be useful during your makeup routine. Find it on Amazon!

Brow Lamination Kits: Disposable Makeup Applicators

5. Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Facial Oil

A facial oil can go a long way towards keeping your permed brows healthy. We love this specific blend, especially because it’s nice both for the brows and the face. It includes soothing olive and sunflower oils and antioxidant chia seed oil. It smells incredible, and it helps to reinforce the hairs beautifully while moisturizing the skin. Get it on Amazon!

Brow Lamination Kits: Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Facial Oil

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