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55 Lovely Pink Hair Colors: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

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Pink hair colors were once the domain of the alternative, the counterculture, and the new wave. It was avant-garde – the exclusive territory of the fearless and the fabulous. Those days of exclusivity have since evaporated, and pink hair is now one of the most accessible, crowd-pleasing hair colors making the salon circuits.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

Why? Pink hair evokes romance, whimsy, and vivaciousness. It is spirited and refreshing.

Today, we will examine the best advice for dyeing your hair pink, including finding the best pigment for your skin tone and maintaining your dye job. We will delve into the best makeup and fashion tips to ensure you are flattering your pink hair consistently and elegantly. Lastly, we will analyze some of the most desirable pink hair colors as seen on Instagram.

Pink Hair Color Ideas and Dyeing Tips: Contents

How to Find the Right Pink Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

The one truism that bears repeating when it comes to hair dye? Skin tone is everything. Different hair colors flatter different skin colors – ignore this at your own peril, ladies!

Pink is a complex shade. It encompasses warm, cool, and deep shades. On the softer end of the spectrum are blush and baby pink. On the bold end are magenta and neon cotton candy pink. Deeper shades include mauve, deep rose, and violet-esque bordeaux.

Check Your Undertone

Undertones come in two general families: cool and warm. Understanding your undertone is the first step to discerning what shade of pink hair will flatter your skin most. The best pink hair pigment plays up your skin’s natural undertone.

If you have a warmer undertone with a yellow-ish tint to it, then a shade of deeper pink with flecks of yellow and orange in it will be most appealing. If you have cool pink-blue undertones, then a blush pink or violet /blue-based pink will enhance your complexion rather than rendering it pasty or flat.

Pink Hair Dye for Fair Skin

Women with fair skin might have trepidations about pink hair. Will it clash with their paler skin? Will it wash them out? The key is in the color, and fair-skinned women have some exciting options.

For a bolder look that will stand out in a complementary way, a bright pink hair dye with red undertones can be immensely flattering. It can liven up lighter hair and warm up the skin tone.

For an understated, ethereal take on pink hair colors, a blush pink is a suitable option. The best blush pinks involve a melt of white blonde and soft pink.

A barely-there pink is elegant and feminine. It is dreamy yet down to earth. A few balayaged pink sections can also be an appealing way of working pink into your hair routine in a slow and steady manner. Balayage pink looks alluring with a medium brown color and feminine with a light blonde base.

Women with fair skin and lighter hair should veer away from neon pink or magenta. These pigments can negatively play up the cool pink undertones in the skin and contribute to a pasty, unrefreshed complexion.

How to Find the Right Pink Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Pink Hair Dye for Olive & Medium Skin

Olive-skinned women, particularly those with darker hair, have the pick of pink hair dyes. These lucky women can experiment with any pink on the spectrum.

A ballerina pink will highlight a tan and create a compelling contrast. Shades of magenta and fuchsia will look fiery and lively. Subdued, warm shades of mauve, peach, and apricot gold will warm up the skin and create an elegantly breezy silhouette.

Women with olive skin look particularly radiant with flamingo and cupcake shades that encompass both warm and cool undertones of pink. These shades, particularly when color-melted with pastel blush highlights, are complex and dimensional and play up the warmth of olive and medium skin tones.

Pink Hair Dye for Darker Skin

Women with darker skin tones and darker hair rock pink hair best when it is bold and vibrant. Fuchsia, neon pinks, and magentas are filled with exuberance and the kinds of warm undertones that suit darker skin tones. They bring the complexion to life and they contrast provocatively against a darker root.

While Nicki Minaj certainly pulled off the bubblegum pink hair look, we would generally caution women with darker skin tones to be careful when going for a blush pink. The contrast can be overtly striking and can require more maintenance than a brighter, radiant color would.

If you want to go for the Barbie girl contrast, just be warned that you will need to be extra attentive with your makeup choices and wardrobe. The goal is to create a compelling contrast – not a garish one.

When it comes to women with dark brown or black hair, it is vital to have reasonable expectations. You don’t want to bleach your hair into oblivion trying to achieve a super-pastel shade of pink.

It is important to speak with your stylist to get a sense of what pink hair shades are reasonable and realistic to achieve. This might involve abandoning your dreams of cotton candy pink in favor of a warmer violet-pink or mauve shade.

How to Dye Your Hair Pink

Once you have picked the right shade of pink for your skin tone, follow these steps to dye your hair pink, if you want to DIY.

How to Dye Your Hair Pink

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

First things first, no bleach or dye job should be performed on weak, brittle, or dehydrated hair. The stronger the base, the better the results. This is a non-negotiable. No women should rush into a bold pink hair dye look on a whim.

We suggest preparing your hair with deep moisturizing treatments and hot oil masks in the weeks leading up to your first hair dye or bleaching appointment. Some stylists recommend a month of weekly deep conditioning treatments prior to a bleach session.

A trim can remove brittle dead-ends. Incorporate a clarifying and moisturizing shampoo into your routine to remove excess dirt build-up and to promote supple locks.

Before your first bleaching appointment we suggest avoiding washing your hair for two to three days prior. This allows the natural oils of the hair to accumulate on the roots and strands. These oils provide a shield of defense against the bleach and ensure less shock to the scalp.

Step 2: Bleaching 101

Let’s be real. Pink hair can’t be conjured up all on its own out of a boxed dye. Where there’s pink hair, there is bleach.

Women with lighter hair may only need one session but darker hair generally needs a few bleaching sessions to achieve the desired base. We caution against bleaching your hair at home unless you have light blonde hair naturally.

The TLC of a trained stylist will always produce better results and limit damage to your hair and scalp. Salons also use Olaplex, a product that reduces the destruction wrought by bleach and which provides measurable and tangible results.

When it comes to bleach, the higher the level of developer, the rapider the results and the more potent the damage. If you have light hair, a volume 10-20 developer will suffice. For medium brown hair, a volume 30 developer will be most effective. Avoid using a developer over 40, as this aggressive volume will more rapidly damage your hair follicles and strands.

We suggest conducting a strand test before diving off the bleach deep end. A strand test in a non-conspicuous region of your hair will provide you with an idea of how your hair reacts to bleach.

If you have darker hair, you will need more than one bleaching session. If your hair is in optimal and healthy condition, you can undertake the second bleaching session within the next few days. For finer hair that is more susceptible to breakage, we suggest waiting at least a week for the next session.

Step 3: At-Home Bleaching

Caution: we only advise this avenue for women with blonde or light brown hair. Women with dark brown or black hair should always get their hair professionally bleached to avoid damaged and fried hair.

If you are bleaching your hair at home, begin the process with dry, unwashed hair. Start with your strands and work your way up to the mid-length of your hair. It will be most convenient for you to divide your hair into four to six sections of 1-1 ½-inch strands.

Use a clip to pull back the sections you are not working on. It is essential that you bleach your roots last. The heat from your scalp will process and develop the bleach faster. Therefore, the bleach will need to remain on your scalp for less time than the rest of your hair.

Wash your hair after the stated time. Even if you don’t see the desired change, it is vital that you wash the bleach off. Never leave bleach on longer than the stated time.

Shampoo thoroughly with a moisturizing product. Be attentive to signs of damage like severe scalp itching and breakage. This is an indication that you should wait at least a week before bleaching your hair again.

How to Dye Hair Pink

Step 4: Toning the Hair

Hair toner is not mandatory in all circumstances but it is highly advisable for women attempting to achieve certain shades of pink. Most hair turns yellow-orange when bleached.

This is all well and good if you are dyeing your hair a warmer shade of pink such as peach, apricot, or salmon. Be aware that the color will turn out deeper and warmer than it looks on the box or on the color samples without the use of toner.

For cooler shades of blush, silver-pink, or ice-pink, a toner is absolutely invaluable. The role of a toner is to whiten the hair after the bleaching stage has been completed.

After toning, most hair colors will veer either on the side of silver or the side of white. Hair that is rendered orange after bleaching will turn more silver, while yellow hair will come out more white in tone.

A toning shampoo is a wonderful tool in creating the perfect base for your desired pink hair shade. If your hair has turned more orange from the bleach, use a purple-based toning shampoo. If your hair has turned more yellow, then use a blue-based toning shampoo.

Leave the toning shampoo on your strands for 5-10 minutes. Allow it to fully saturate your strands and soak in. Wash the toning shampoo out with cool water.

Step 5: At-Home Pink Hair Dyeing

To dye your hair pink at home, ensure you have given your strands a few days rest after the bleaching and toning treatments. Begin with dry, unwashed hair. Shampoo and conditioner can create a coating around the hair strands and will make it harder for the pink hair dye to adhere to the strands.

• Should the instructions dictate, mix the pink hair dye with a white-colored conditioner. Mix the two products together in a non-metal bow. Keep adding in dye until the color is your desired shade.

• To create an at-home color-melted look, you can incorporate different shades of pink into your hair. Prepare the different shades in different bowls, each mixed in with white-conditioner should it be called for.

• Painting the different shades into your hair can result in a beautifully blended balayage ‘do. Just be wary of what pink hair colors you are placing where so you don’t end up with a stripey, patchy color job.

• Try to place the lighter pinks on the lighter sections of your hair and the darker shades on the darker regions of your hair. This will create a more intuitive result. Worst case, a stylist can help melt the colors together more effectively if you don’t nail it the first time on your own.

• Divide your hair into sections. Generally four to six sections will suffice depending on hair thickness.

• Use a tinting brush to apply the pink hair dye. Leave the color on for the recommended time (never longer) and seal it with a shower cap for cleaner results.

• Wash the color off with cool water and follow with a color-protecting conditioner. Avoid using shampoo for at least three days post-dye to seal in the color.

• A leave-in vinegar treatment can be an effective and natural way of sealing in your pink hair color. Just run vinegar through your hair for 3 minutes and rinse out with cool water. Mask the scent with a scented spray or leave-in product.

• You can also opt for a more sophisticated gloss product. Apply right after conditioning your hair and leave in for ten minutes. This will result in high-octane shine and dimension.

Pink Hair Dye Tips To Consider

• Regular touch-ups are part and parcel of the pink hair look. While we love a shadowed, charcoal root, you must ensure that your pink hair is being regularly cared for to ensure maximum brilliance and radiance.

Maintaining Pink Hair Color

• For the darkest brown and black hair colors, we suggest being patient as you move through the bleaching journey. If you are wary of bleaching your roots, you can still achieve a super-desirable ombre or balayage pink dye job.

• A DIY job can certainly produce good results but we caution against this approach unless you already have bleached or very light hair. If so, you can certainly pick up a pink dye and overlay that onto your strands. For women with medium to dark hair, it is always advisable to get your hair bleached and colored at the salon. When it comes to making a dramatic change, a trip to the stylist will render more appealing results.

• If you are dyeing your hair pink at home, ensure you are protecting your skin with petroleum jelly. This will remove the dye that bleeds onto the forehead and temples.

• Visit a salon with stylists who specialize in creative colors. These stylists will have more expertise and experience. The result will be a healthy and longer-lasting bold pink hair color look.

• Identify whether your hair is damaged or simply dry. Many women use products for damaged hair when their strands are merely dehydrated. These damage-focused products deliver proteins to the strands and in the case of dry hair, these additional proteins are unnecessary. They have a counterintuitive effect and when protein is over-deposited, the hair becomes more prone to breakage.

The best way to identify whether your hair is dry or damaged? Visit a salon or your colorist for a consultation.

• Embrace your faded-out pink hair. It is impossible to hold onto one color forever when it comes to pastel hair colors. The first week honeymoon stage will eventually fade into a more muted, and less vibrant tone. This doesn’t have to be a quandary if you take the changes in stride and accept the evolution as one more exciting dimension of the world of pink hair color.

How to Maintain Pink Hair Color

Getting pink hair is the first step to a shining look – you should learn how to maintain the color to keep it looking bright and well-cared-for!

Invest in Color Treatment Products

Two words sum up specially formulated color-treated products: they work. After you have dyed your hair pink, you will want to avoid clarifying shampoos, as they will strip the delicate color and leave it dull and muted.

A color-treated shampoo and conditioner will seal in the pigment and ensure longer-lasting vibrancy. Color-treated products are formulated without sulfates, which strip the hair of color.

Mix Dye Into Your Conditioner

For longer-lasting pink hair color, you can mix in some remaining pink hair dye with your conditioner to give it a renewed boost of color on a regular, weekly basis. We suggest mixing the dye in with your conditioner and storing it in a tupperware container or a sealed pot.

Massage into your scalp and use a fine tooth brush to coat your strands. Let it sit in your hair for ten minutes before washing it off. This trick will increase the longevity of your pink hair color.

How to Maintain Pink Hair Color

Limit Shampoo Sessions

Dry shampoo will be your new best pal. Even color-safe products will wear down the color of your pink hair dye over time. We suggest limiting your shampoo sessions to twice weekly.

For women with greasy or oily hair, a dry shampoo will mask the oil and provide your hair with some volume and a pretty scent to boot. While some women are resistant to this, especially those who shampoo every day, it is an essential and simple step that will increase the shelf life of your pink hair dye.

A texturizing spray can help further boost volume and will create a more refreshed appearance.

A simple but effective tip is to wash your hair with cold to lukewarm water when you do shampoo your hair. Hot water opens the hair cuticle, which allows the color to seep out and dull. Cold water doesn’t strip the hair of the oils that keep it moisturized and supple.

Be Cautious with Heat Products

Be wary of heat products. Save the blow dryer for the weekends or braid your hair in lieu of a curler for a wavy look.

If you can’t live without your heat products, ensure you have an arsenal of heat protectant products to seal your hair from the damaging effects of high heat. Use your hair tools on a lower heat setting to prevent excessive damage.

Moisture Treatments Are Gold

Gorgeous as your new pink hair is, it can come at a cost if you neglect it post-dye. One of the most oft-overlooked steps in the pink hair maintenance routine is commiting to a regular deep moisturizing treatment. This can include a once-a-fortnight salon deep conditioning treatment or a weekly at home oil treatment.

Bleach is a common culprit of brittle and dehydrated hair, and mitigating these effects is crucial to achieving luscious and touchable hair. There are many color-treated specific hair masks on the market, available at both salons and drugstores.

Apply the mask to damp hair and seal with a shower cap. Most masks require you to let them sit for 5-20 minutes.

Regular Touch-Ups

Touch up your roots every three to four weeks. This can include light bleaching for women with darker natural hair but can also entail a simple re-dye with a pink hair dye/ conditioner blend.

Apply onto the natural, darker roots for a balayage, ombre effect. If your brighter pink hair fades into more of a pastel pink, and you like it, don’t hesitate to limit your touch-up sessions.

Some women love the faded, muted pink hair color that develops over time. If you like the charcoal root look, then you are also welcome to limit re-dyeing sessions.

Makeup Tips for Pink Hair

A pink hair color necessitates a new makeup kit, replete with new pigments and shades. Just as pink can clash with certain undertones, it can also contrast unappealingly with certain colors.

Another quirk of dyed hair is that it can change the appearance of colors you already use. A nude pink might look understated with your medium brown hair but its pink undertones may become more pronounced when paired with a pink mane.

While trial and error is an inevitable part of the process, we want to help you minimize the time spent laboring over new shades at Sephora so you have more time feeling gorgeous!

Makeup Tips for Pink Hair

Makeup for Cool Toned Pink Hair

If your hair is a cool toned pink like blush or pastel, then you want to complement this shade with cooler makeup shades. Cool toned pink lipsticks include bright Barbie pink, blue-based reds, and soft pinks.

Some women find that a light pink color is accentuated by their pink hair and becomes kind of tacky-looking. If you prefer understated makeup, you can swap your nude pink lipstick for a beige or taupe based one for a more subtle and polished look.

For the eyes, smokey liners, black kohl, and pink-based shadows are most flattering. A lighter blush and a more luminescent shimmering bronzer will be more flattering than a golden, brown-based bronzer, which can look ruddy and flat against the cool pink hair.

Makeup for Warm Toned Pink Hair

If you have a warm based pink hair color like bordeaux, flamingo, or fuchsia, then a different set of colors will be most flattering. Orange-based reds and warm pinks are the most appealing lipstick shades.

Brown, gold, taupe, and smokey shadows in this earthy family will glow against the warmth of the hair. Deeper bronzers will flatter the warm pink hair and can bring your complexion to life.

A soft pink blush is preferable to a bold or overtly pigmented one. It keeps the look balanced and refreshed, rather than over the top.

Makeup to Fight Pastiness

Many women, especially of the fair-skinned variety, report that pink hair makes their complexion appear paler. Pink hair certainly does have the ability to make skin look washed out and pasty and that is why a thick concealer, a brightening foundation, and a shimmering highlighter can become such a salient part of your makeup routine. These products are the best line of defense against dull, tired-looking skin.

Another product that you might want to include in your beauty routine is a coverage palette that includes a green concealer. The green will mitigate the redness that fair skin can be prone to (and which pink hair can emphasize).

Banana powder and highlighters will create an appealing and luminous glow that will look positively ethereal against your new pink hair. These products also serve to brighten up the skin and create the impression of a radiant and vibrant complexion.

Some of these highlighting products may look ashy when paired against blonde or brown hair but will pair harmoniously with a pink hair color. Blush and a bronzer will help liven up your skin tone and help you cultivate a more glowing and radiant appearance.

Experiment with Eyeshadows

Both cool and warm shades of pink hair colors can experiment with fun, candy-colored eyeshadows like violet, kool-aid blue, and mint green for a whimsical and ethereal effect.

For a pop-art style, layer on a monochromatic coat of pastel eyeshadow. This results in a fearless and exuberant look that feels refreshing and unexpected. A winged black eyeliner will pop against the pink hair and can help you create a striking and fierce beauty look.

Embrace Neutrals

One of the exciting changes that come with pink hair? Neutral colors start to feel less blah and pedestrian and more polished and elegant. Why?

The contrast with the bold pink emphasizes the soft shades of makeup and creates a sophisticated silhouette. Stock up on neutrals – you might find that they excite rather than bore with your new pink hair.

Examine Your Contour

When it comes to contour, you might find that your traditional shade no longer flatters. A cool grey tone may wash you out and create a more skeletal appearance.

A warmer shade of contour can play nicely with both warm and cool shades of pink hair. If your hair is on the cooler side, you can experiment with a contour that has understated warm tones, rather than an overt golden brown shade.

Fashion Tips for Pink Hair

Dyeing your hair pink is a perfect opportunity (and excuse) to switch up your style and cultivate a new aesthetic. Pink hair can open the door to a new and experimental look and may provide you with the confidence to try a daring silhouette.

Fashion Tips for Pink Hair

Embrace Black and White

Wear white to create a crisp contrast with your pink hair color. White is a timeless and elegant canvas that allows your hair to take center stage without being overt or overdone.

Black serves a similar purpose. It is sophisticated and elegant but creates a striking contrast that can look appealingly minimalist. The shock of pink hair will be a tempting topper to an all black wardrobe.

Go Eccentric

Textured coats and furs create an eccentric silhouette. Pink hair has a whimsical and original feel, and pairing it with an eclectic wardrobe of sumptuous furs and thick suedes creates an artistic aesthetic.

This is an especially appealing look for women trying to cultivate an urban, downtown cool look. Think Model off Duty hip meets Grey Gardens frivolity. Plus a fur coat or fringe coat can take you from day to night effortlessly and glamorously.

Pink on Pink

Dive into the fearlessness of your new pink hair. Invest in some pink clothes and embrace a monochrome dream of pink on pink on pink.

What could be more playful and assertive than a pink mane paired with a pink dress or hot pink T-shirt and jeans? This tongue-in-cheek style displays confidence and a sartorial understanding of statement making. The pairing will be expected yet unexpected and will create a riveting canvas for sparkling jewels and creative accoutrements.

Power Clashing

We love the blogosphere concept of power clashing. What’s this, you say? It is the idea that two clashing textures, pigments, or patterns can be meshed together to create an original and creative aesthetic.

Why not toss traditional norms of good taste out the window and embrace a wardrobe of clashing colors and so-hideous-they-work pattern mashing? This method is bound to get you some stares but you will open up the venue of acceptable fashion parameters and may become a style icon in your own right.

Power clashing is a fearless and brazen way of wearing your confidence on your sleeve. Clash pink with shades of orange, green, and red and fabrics like suede and pleather for a delightfully eclectic silhouette. Patterns like plaid, tartan, and gingham can create a tense but intoxicating contrast with your pink hair.

Denim Dreaming

Denim is a pretty timeless go-to for fashion lovers everywhere. The light and deep blue colors of denim pair perfectly with both blush pinks and magenta pinks. Why not embrace a denim on denim look for a laid-back and breezy retro style?

A denim jacket or a denim blouse tucked into some high waisted jeans is timeless yet innovative in its minimalist simplicity. You can create a cowboy inspired space-babe look or rough it up for a rugged downtown style perfect for happy hour and late night gigs.

55 Lovely Pink Hair Colors to Inspire

With so much knowledge under your belt, it’s high time to skim through these lovely pink hair colors from Instagram to find the right pick for you!

1. Bejewelled Raspberry Pink Hair

We love this flowing and bohemian raspberry and dusty rose pink hair color. The color melt is subtle and is infused with a dusty peach hair color that descends into piecey ends. A loose braided crown and a sparkling hair clip create an ethereal and romantic look fit for a dreamy fairytale princess. Shadowed roots feel organic and keep the look more relaxed.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

2. Shadowed Magenta Rose

A dusty and muted magenta and raspberry pink are given texture and attitude with a balayaged medium brown pigment and a charcoal root. This is a confident and bold pink hair look that is best rocked by a woman who is assertive and outspoken.

It is urban and perfect for a downtown, laid-back rocker girl silhouette. Pair with messy waves and a layer of dry shampoo for an appealingly undone look. A feminine top creates a delicate contrast.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

3. Charcoal Barbie Pink Hair

These barbie pink waves are luscious, outrageously feminine, and sumptuously curled. They are touchable and arcade game ready. This cupcake-esque color melt provides a striking contrast with an exaggerated charcoal root. Cascading waves add a dreamy and opulent feel to the color. This is punk rock perfection at its pretty pink finest.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

4. Dreamy Confetti Pink Hair Color

A dreamy and cool tone of feminine confetti pink? Yes please. This color-melted harmony will put you in a dream-like trance state. Shades of blush pink, creamy pastel lavender, and delicate lilac play nicely together and create a prismatic yet graceful aura. A gentle wave creates a bounce and infuses the pink hair color with a hit of volume. Pair with a leather jacket for an unexpected sweet-meets-sexy contrast.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

5. Ultraviolet Pink Hair

Grab your sunglasses, girls, this pink hair color is high-voltage and ultra radiant. Take no prisoners with a vibrant balayage of lavender, lilac, and magenta pink. A shock of black hair creates a rough and ready rocker girl feel. Messy spiral waves add a hit of breezy attitude to the silhouette. This animated shade is dynamic and dimensional – perfect for a well-rounded beauty.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

6. Lilac Pink Mermaid

This dreamy and ethereal shade of lilac-pink is an immaculate color melt that will appeal to fantasy lovers everywhere. A fishtail braid and a spiraling sectional of delicate waves infuse the color with a fanciful mood. Black roots create a compelling canvas on which the sweet pink hair pigments can shine. Hair extensions keep the look enigmatic and feminine.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

7. Confetti Unicorn Pink Hair

We love the confetti hair trend. It is light-hearted and exuberant and helps you cultivate a breezy image of relaxed luxury. This warm strawberry pink hair shade livens up a fair complexion, and an underlayer of candy green and lilac provides a sparkling addition to the mood. Feminine waves and a dusty blush ombre add an additional element of dimension.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

8. Soft Peach Ombre

This pink hair color is a delightful dream. We love the original reverse ombre and the light magenta roots. The cascading peach color melt is soft and alluring for a poetic finish. This warm shade is perfect for a medium to olive skin tone but it can add an injection of radiance to a fairer skin tone. The lustrous waves add a hazy and beautiful touchability to the look. An all-black outfit creates an intriguing contrast.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

9. Magenta Bob

Be a magnetic and intoxicating beauty with this spirited and voluminous bob. The choppy cut adds a bouncy dimension to your hot pink hair color. The shade incorporates a soft balayage of blush peach, lilac-tinged pink, and soft magenta. Crimpy waves are fiery and playful and add an animated energy to your beauty look. High-voltage makeup and a cute choker play up the artistic feel of this sassy short bob.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

10. Disco Princess Pink Hair

Sparkle throughout the day and night with this provocatively sexy pink color melt. The blend of denim roots, creamy peach, and shocking magenta creates a sensual and mesmerizing finish. The key to this pink hair is soft and touchable hair with a high veneer of shimmer and gloss. The unicorn vibes of this seductive style are achievable with some extensions and balayaged pink hair dyes.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

11. Gothic Raspberry

Pink hair color is not merely for the sweet and girlish amongst us. It has major cool girl cred as well, and this look is proof positive. Black charcoaled roots and a blended black mid-length and root section create a stark contrast against a glossy raspberry pigment. The dye feels organically integrated with the base color, and loose waves allow the dimensions of the two colors to dance together.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

12. Baby Pink Creamsicle

Cupcake pink is one of the most appealing and desirable shades in the pink hair color fam. It evokes images of lighthearted fun and candy-gilded memories. This color melt is blended with strawberry, peach, and baby pink shades. The shoulder-length haircut is sassy and modern and makes it super easy to achieve optimum volume. A delicate wave helps you cultivate a relaxed and breezy aura.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

13. Bone Rose

This understated and muted grey-pink harmony is slightly goth and undeniably pretty. The toned-down baby pink hair color is soft and cool and refreshing. It is a beautiful alternative to the bright and vibrant pink hair shades that we have examined. It is immensely wearable and will endow any aesthetic with a trendy and urban energy. Pair with cool shades of makeup and a light highlighter to shine without trying too hard.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

14. Hot Flamingo Pink Hair

This supple style is sheer warmth and brilliance. The flamingo pink hair color is rich and full of body and depth. This glorious pigment is chock-full of dazzling dimension. We love the long and cascading sectionals of healthy and touchable hair. This warm shade will add radiance and vibrance to your complexion and can be muted with an outfit of blacks and greys. A deep bordeaux lipstick will round the look out.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

15. Sparkling Rose

Get ready for a romance-tinged night of drinking and dancing with this bouncy and fearlessly feminine bob. Striking purple roots melt with lilac hair shades and flamingo pink. Spiral curls add a playful and animated energy to the majestic tones of this cut.

The benefit of this look is that the lilac roots fade organically and help you transition as your roots grow out. Transport yourself to a fantasy world with a nude pink lipstick and winged liner.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

16. Baby Lilac Unicorn Pink Hair

Unicorns exist with this ethereal mane. The high-impact luxury and brilliance of the shine is owed to a dimensional melt of pink hair colors and a full head of gloss. The pastel goddess effect is achievable with a blush pink and lilac blended balayage. Soft and rippling waves inject the color with a veneer of luminous mysticism. Pair with a black choker for an intriguing tension.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

17. Baby Strawberry Dreams

This baby strawberry color achieves that elusive blend of being both highly pigmented and oh-so-soft. The blend of cool blush and warm cherry blossom colors creates a crowd-pleasing look that will flatter both warm and cool skin tones. The balayage is subtle and strategically blended, and a gentle curl keeps the feminine energy levels high. A shoulder-length cut adds fearless bounce.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

18. Lilac Pink Mermaid

Mermaids have long, flowing, immaculate hair and they evoke fantasy imagery of a land where dreams have no limits. We want in on that, and this pink hairstyle is your one-way ticket. The soft lilac purple and soft cupcake pink blend is enigmatic and alluring. Hair extensions will make this look achievable. Pair with a soft blush and long eyelashes to truly capitalize on the magical impact of this color.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

19. Cotton Candy Bob

This glorious and animated cotton candy pink hair color is so lust-worthy. It is urban, luminous, and delicately opulent. This is one of the It shades of the pink family. It feels very downtown and can lend your style an Indie insider aesthetic. The choppy pixie bob is fearless and sassy. The soft vertical wave is bouncy and decadent. Pair with a black turtleneck for a striking and confident silhouette.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

20. Flamingo Dancer

Conjure up images of tropical sunsets and champagne showers with this dazzling and scintillating pink hair color. It is all high-octane gloss and vibrant pigments. Blush pinks and lilac magentas get a glossy makeover with a deep shine treatment and a rich texturizing spray. Backcomb for some maximum volume and movement and enjoy the multifaceted energy of your alluring new hairdo.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

21. Evening Dream Girl

That mysterious and alluring It girl who everyone wants to be? This is her hairstyle. It incorporates soft blush pink hair colors and a smoothly straightened shoulder-length cut for a quietly confident silhouette. The striking lavender roots descend into the baby blush – an effective example of an organic reverse ombre. Pair with thick liner and bold brows for an enigmatic contrast.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

22. Washed Out Pink Hair Color

Pink hair need not be a show-stopper. It can absolutely be incorporated into a more understated silhouette. This sweet and wearable pink ombre look descends into a white blonde, which feels lively and refreshing. The straightened locks are everyday-ready and endow the hair with a casual and relaxed mood. This is a perfect look for women who want to experiment within their comfort zone.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

23. Moulin Rose Pink Hair

This sensual bombshell style is fit for the boudoir – or the backstage of a fabulous turn of the century cabaret. The thick and decadent waves are brought to life with sensuous blush pink and streaks of provocative magenta. Piecey ends give the look an undone and sexy bedhead appeal. Pair with bold lashes and a silk dress to capitalize on the dangerously glamorous potential of this pink hair color.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

24. Garden Party Fairy

Whimsical, ethereal, graceful. These words are the first to come to mind to describe this awe-inspiring and feminine pink hair color. We love the romantic and detailed fishtail braid and the playful swirl design of the bun. Undone waves and celestial antique hair jewels lend the look a mythical and princess-pretty mood. A leather jacket provides a daring and urbane contrast.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

25. Loft Party Pink Hair

Capture the energy of a late night, invite only warehouse party with this pared-down and muted grey-pink color melt. This look is minimalist at its urban and gritty best. We love how the charcoal roots and grey under-sections play host to a creamy and dusty blush pink hair color. This look is effective because it actually improves with wear. Run your fingers through and add a texturizing spray to create a nonchalant, hip aesthetic.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

26. Braided Magenta

It-shade magenta is given a new life with this messy and thick fishtail braid. Try back-combing to add some sultry texture to your hair. The key to this pink hair is a chunky and undone braid that feels romantic and carefree. Charcoal roots give the look an intriguing edge. Undone finger waves emphasize the relaxed glamour of the hairstyle. Pair with dainty jewelry for an antique and eccentric aesthetic.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

27. Shattered Cotton Candy Pink Hair

Fracture the boundaries of tradition with this baby cotton candy pink hair. A high-voltage gloss treatment delivers intoxicating and blinding shine. The color melt of icy pinks creates a cold as ice color that feels refreshing and futuristic.

A bob creates a compellingly cutting edge silhouette. A gentle finger wave is alluring and trendy without being overt. This is the look you will see on art school girls and gallery goers the world over come summer.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

28. Fruit Punch Pink Hair Color

This pink hair color is dazzlingly complex yet intriguingly wearable. The fruit punch magenta and fuchsia tones are perfect for livening up any look and brightening any complexion, particularly medium or olive skin tones. A shaggy bob and loose waves are full of exuberance and movement. Pair with a classic makeup look for a polished yet provocative spin on tradition.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

29. Spectral Show Girl

Embrace the ice cool appeal of a high-shine gloss and get ready to shine like a disco ball. This is color-melting at its painted best. Shades of deep lavender hair play with cupcake and rose pink to flawless effect. The dimensions of the pink hair color create the impression that the hair is literally dancing in the light. Pair with a pink lipstick and shimmering highlighter for a storybook fairy appeal.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

30. Comic Book Seductress Pink Hair

Comic book sirens can rock this look, so why can’t you? The thrilling shades of electric rose and deep fuchsia melt together in this wavy dream. The electric finish is crafted with a brilliant gloss that helps the pink hair colors stay illuminated longer. A midnight black root creates a seductive and sultry finish. Pair with a black dress for a fearlessly sexy nightwear style.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

31. Baby Unicorn Pink Hair Color

The sweetest and most delicate pastel pink hair color we’ve seen here! This ice cold shade of pastel blush is so crisp and soft that it makes the transition to pink feel more achievable than ever. The glazed blush will pair harmoniously with fair and medium skin tones. A middle part and fairytale curls are refreshing and innocent and create a compellingly romantic and youthful silhouette.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

32. Art Studio Rose

Studied and introspective, this dusty and muted blush rose is thoughtful and carefully crafted. A melt of painted light peach and pastel pink is understated and delicate. Curate your own artistic look with cascading curls and a sleek middle part. This pink hair is the perfect blend of studied and relaxed and it is polished and elegant enough for everyday wear. Pair with an urban uniform of denim and a minimalist silhouette for a truly forward-thinking style.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

33. Sharpie Pink Doll

Take innovation and originality to a new height with this dizzyingly delectable piece of hair art. Playful spirals create a tongue-in-cheek pink hair look that is sheer fun and edge. A neon fuchsia ombre is energetic and captivating. Finger waves are flirty and touchable. This look is a great example of how you can experiment with styles as your roots grow out. Embrace the roots rather than run from them!

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

34. Neon Angel

A punk rock princess’ waking dream! We love the reverse ombre and dimensional balayage at play in this look. The neon fuchsia roots feel unexpected and original for a captivating modern pink hair look. Creamy and delicate curls of cupcake and blush pink add a mesmerizingly sweet mood to the style. Long and healthy locks are the ideal canvas for this glistening and gorgeous ‘do.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

35. Cosmic Pink Hair

Make waves across the universe with this galactic shade of glossy pink hair. A cool and icy overlay gives the look a celestial starburst appeal, while a short haircut concentrates the color for maximum impact. A dark root provides a canvas for the shade and acts as a contrast to allow the polychromatic shades to be their graphic best.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

36. Cotton Candy Fairy

A soft and dainty light and creamy pink hair color that is perfect for first timers to pastel shades! This carefully crafted color contains babylights of buttery pink and popsicle peach for a delightful color melt. A shoulder-length cut feels fresh and youthful. This is a wonderful color for blondes or light brunettes who want to experiment with a graceful and elegant shade of pink.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

37. Strawberry Picking

This glistening strawberry shade is warm and inviting. The ripples of the wave allow the soft pigments to sparkle. A color-melted combination of blush shades keeps the look approachable and dynamic. This is a beautiful pink hair color for women with medium to olive skin tones who want to embrace a more wearable shade of pink.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

38. Bohemian Siren Pink Hair

Understated shades of pink hair have just as much intrigue and seduction potential as their brighter counterparts. This enigmatic shade of dust blush is enigmatic and helps cultivate an aura of mystery and quiet elegance. A chubby fishtail braid is bohemian and feminine, and a loose wave helps cultivate a gypsy-at-heart mood. Pair with dainty jewelry for an Instagram-approved silhouette.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

39. Braided Flowers

This is a delicate and feminine hairstyle that will tone your pink hair color down and ensure effortless elegance. A stunning braid is demure and detailed for a pretty and envy-inducing style. Craft the ultimate in coquettish charm with the delicate candy floss pink shade and undone waves. This style is the perfect go-to for shoulder-length hair.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

40. Radiant Barbie Girl

A Barbie doll look for the masses! This sleek and glossy mane is urbane and upscale – perfect for happy hour trysts and office intrigues. The smooth and radiant finish feels polished and elegant, while the blush cupcake shade of pink hair is light-hearted and flirty. This is one of the most crowd-pleasing pink hair colors and it can feel both breezy and lushly graceful. Pair with a denim on denim look for an urban unicorn feel.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

41. Cupcake Flower Pink Hair

This is a dreamy and delicious icy cupcake rose shade that is playful and bursting with girlish joy. The shades of white-pink are on-trend and unflinchingly flirty. Pair with a crisp fuchsia lipstick and a glowing blush for a vibrant and healthy day-to-day look. Babydoll waves create a storybook princess mood. Finger waves add gorgeous texture.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

42. Diamond Rose

Sleek, glossy, and radiant, this cupcake rose pink hair color is lush and elegant. The melted shades of pink are as scrumptious as a dessert and as touchable as a bundle of silk. A dark root gives the look an appealing halo effect. Bouncy, loose waves can be achieved with braids or old school curling pads. The key to this look is well-moisturized and glossy hair, so invest in a hydrating spray to keep your hair angelic and refreshed.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

43. Rose Golden Pink Hair

Gold diggers, unite. Rose gold hair has been having an extended moment, and there’s no sign of an expiration date on the enticing color. This creamy pink hair color incorporates the dazzling undertones of molten gold and shimmering ice pink to create a cool and prismatic final product. A retro wave infuses the color with a hit of alluring feminine glamour. Pair with bold bordeaux lips for a sultry evening look.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

44. Underground Pink Hair

Dusty pink is endlessly seductive and provocative – without trying too hard. This dusty and muted blush pink hair color feels urbane and elegant with just the right hint of bad girl attitude. Dark roots and an understated blush ombre create texture and depth. A bombshell blow-out and soft waves create supermodel volume and bounce. This is the ultimate city girl evening style for women who want to incorporate pink without all the frills.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

45. Dazzle Me With Pink

Prismatic and multi-tonal hair eluding you? Time to give this rich and dynamic pink hair color a spin. We love the ballerina Barbie doll appeal of the sparkling pink waves. This look is the best proof that magenta and blush pink are a duo that knows no bounds. A feminine and youthful fairytale curl helps cultivate a sensual and alluring silhouette. Pair with a white slip dress to let the painted dimensions of the color shine.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

46. Melting Roses

This mind-bending color melt is a trip. The soft painted rose, flamingo, and pastel blush pigments are prismatic and intoxicating. The result is a pink hair color that incorporates various tones to create density and texture. A choppy bob and a messy wave feel youthful and down to earth. The ultimate everyday style to pair with both casual and elegant looks!

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

47. Bedroom Rose Pink Hair

This is Sunday morning hair at its vivid and vibrant best. A bold rose and cupid pink color melt is feminine and alluring when paired with undone and mussed-up strands. A balayage of creamy baby pink adds a flirty mood to the color. The result is an inviting color and a beachy texture perfect for lazy days and wild nights. Pair with rocker girl jewelry and bold cat eyes for a festival-ready silhouette.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

48. Fuchsia Flavor

A sexy, modern, brazen bob meets high-energy neon in this original look. We can picture this being the choice for downtown culture vultures the world over. It feels low-maintenance and effortless and exudes a relaxed energy. The brighter-than-the-sun neon fuchsia is fresh and assertive. Painted babylights of lighter rose add dimension and keep the look from feeling flat. A charcoal root imbues the pink hair color with a sleek edge.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

49. Flawlessly Flamingo Pink Hair

Tones of magenta and fuchsia marry to create this provocative and energetic mane. The painted highlights and babylights are harmonious and delightfully blended. Softer shades of apricot pink hair provide dimension and personality to the style. A soft and relaxed blowout adds appealing volume. Pair with an all-pink wardrobe for a dizzyingly fearless modern look.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

50. Dreams of Mermaids

From the depths of a fantasy ocean comes this intoxicatingly flawless style. We almost did a double take at this one – there’s simply nothing wrong with it. The flowing creamy baby pink is warm and inviting and evokes images of ethereal and timeless feminine beauty. A chubby fishtail braid and a messy bun create a sculptural and compellingly detailed finish. A loose wave will have you in a trance-like state of mind.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

51. Spring Flowers Pink Hair

Pink hair evokes the serenity and the eternal wisdom of the natural world. This blush pink and tulip hybrid is soft and delicate and reminds us of a field of blossoming flowers. It feels sunny and energetic but it also retains a calm and understated aura. This is the ultimate everyday pink hair color that can be played up or down. Sweet waves and a bob cut keep the look dreamy and youthful.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

52. Girl at the Rock Show

This is the ultimate cool girl look. It takes confidence and courage to pull off, sure, but the rewards are high-impact and seductive. The shades of vibrant lavender and cotton candy pink hair blend into a graphic and creative look. A glossy toner will help you achieve the blinding shine that makes this look so desirable. A messy and unstraightened finish is relaxed and nonchalant.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

53. Indian Summer Pink Hair

Keep the warm and sunset-tinged shades of the summer alive all year round with this dazzling peach and flamingo color melt. The rich pink roots feel fresh and vivacious and contrast harmoniously with the soft buttery peach and apricot ends. Thick retro curls keep the look polished yet playful. The result is a glam and wearable everyday pink hairstyle that is ultra feminine.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

54. Electric Blossoms

The vibrant tones of this lilac-pink hybrid are sheer electricity. This vivid color melt is not for the faint of heart. The reverse ombre of lilac roots and cupcake pink locks is like a high-voltage shot to your beauty silhouette. Spiral curls create body and volume and endow you with a pop sugar rocker girl vibe. Pair with a black dress for an original evening look.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

55. Cotton Candy Princess Pink Hair

Feel like fairytale royalty with this sumptuous and lavish cascade of flawless finger waves. The dreamy and mesmerizing shade of cotton candy pink hair is creamy and chock-full of illuminated tones. The key to this look is a monochromatic base, so keep those roots in order, gals. Extensions make this look achievable to the mortals among us. A loose curl capitalizes on the unicorn vibes of the pink hair color.

Pink Hair Colors Ideas: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink

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