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Waterproof Mascara Guide: How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

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The best-known use of eye makeup is the kohl of the ancient Egyptians, of course, that had some very practical uses as well. Today, eyeshadows, liners, and mascara especially are the stable of a woman’s makeup case. Waterproof mascara is the most practical of the eye makeup available, ensuring you keep that sultry look of yours in rain or shine while wet or dry. It is also one of the more interesting beauty inventions that are just perfect for the summer days and nights.

Learn everything about waterproof mascara, what it is and when to use it, the differences between waterproof and water-resistant mascara, as well as how to remove waterproof mascara safely without causing any damage to your eyes and lashes.

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What Is Waterproof Mascara and When Should You Wear It?

Waterproof mascara is essentially the dark liquid used on your lashes that does not smudge or run when water touches it, making it the perfect piece to use when you know you will either cry or be around a lot of water. It is especially good to have during the colder months.

What makes this type of mascara waterproof are the waxes used in the making of the product, with beeswax, candelilla wax, and carnauba wax. While protecting the added ink from moisture, waterproof mascaras slide on nice and thick, often having the same effects as non-waterproof versions, including lengthening darkening, moisturizing, volumizing, etc.

The best options of waterproof mascara are made of no-water formulas to do their job in an optimal manner. The less water contained, the better the waterproof aspect of the product generally.

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Waterproof mascara is not something you should wear on a daily basis, though. However, there are times when it is amazing to wear, particularly since you do not need to worry about smudging and running in humid or wet conditions.

Waterproof mascara is perfect for a rainy day, as you can imagine, as well as those days you expect to sweat a lot. Special events that may bring tears to your eyes should also be protected with it. Any other time you might expect to come into contact with any amount of water, just grab that tube of waterproof mascara.

What Is Waterproof Mascara and When Should You Wear It?

Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof Mascara

While at first glance they both may seem to be the same, water-resistant and waterproof mascaras are different. The difference lies in the resistance to water each offers. While wearing water-resistant mascara, your mascara will easily run when your lashes get wet, which shouldn’t happen with waterproof mascara.

Water-resistant mascara can handle exposure to water to some degree without being fully waterproof. It can stay put through tears, but definitely not through rain or a dip in the pool.

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Waterproof mascara, on the other hand, is completely water-resistant with serious holding power, easily handling any exposure to water, be that tears, sweat, rain, or water.

Since waterproof mascara can also be slightly drying to lashes, it’s a great idea to save it for special occasions and instead opt for either a regular or a water-resistant mascara on a daily basis.

Is Waterproof Mascara Bad for Your Eyelashes and How to Prevent Damage?

While you definitely should have waterproof mascara in your life, you have to be careful. You should not be using it every day because the ingredients do not hydrate for the most part.

They do not include the meadowfoam, seed oil, or argan oil found in the regular formulas of top brands. It is preferable to let your lashes breathe between uses. Keep waterproof mascara for rainy and emotional days if you can.

In order to prevent damage from your waterproof mascara, use a conditioning primer first, coating it beautifully before swiping on the product of your choice, starting from the base and wiggling to the tips.

Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof Mascara

As to the question of whether or not waterproof mascara is bad for your lashes, the answer is not so black and white. It all depends on how you use it. If you make sure that you have used a primer, have an oil-based powerful makeup remover, and are careful in the process of removing your waterproof mascara at the end of the day, you will have very little if not nothing to worry about.

If you want your mascara look to last longer, layer waterproof over the regular mascara. This also makes it easier to remove afterwards, giving you less trouble with the makeup remover.

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How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

Now, we already mentioned that you have to be careful in removing waterproof mascara to prevent irritation and lash loss. How exactly do you go about doing that?

  • Think commercial makeup removers with an oil base (not water since that will manage to do nil damage to the mascara), and definitely of the hypoallergenic sort, even if you do not have sensitive skin.
  • In order to properly remove your waterproof mascara, you will need cotton balls, makeup pads, and/or Q-tips to do the job right. Hypoallergenic makeup wipes might also come in handy, as well as a clean and damp face cloth.
  • Close the lids and rest the pad on the lashes for a few seconds before gently wiping down towards the tips and repeating, using fresh pads as needed until it is all clean.
  • When closing your eyes, keep the cotton ball on the bottom side of the lashes where you have applied the mascara and gently apply pressure for around 30 seconds to dissolve it better before removing your waterproof mascara carefully by slowly moving it in a soft wipe. You neither want to pull out your lashes, irritate your skin, or cause an eye infection.
  • Q-tips are great to remove the mascara from the roots of your lashes. You can also use a sponge and Q-tip to clean it off by placing the sponge underneath the lashes, dipping the Q-tip in oil or makeup remover, and gently rubbing it on. It offers a beautifully smooth look at the end this way.
  • Finish up the process by washing your face with lukewarm water and moisturizing before bed.
Waterproof Mascara Makeup Tips

Other Removal Methods

Other ways of removing waterproof mascara include:

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  • Baby shampoo is an unexpected waterproof mascara remover, particularly since it is generally a fairly safe option to utilize; the lack of fragrance and a hypoallergenic solution ensure you won’t be getting any irritations. Regular shampoo is a huge no-no, though. Use a very small amount and apply it to your lashes with a damp cotton ball before using a cotton pad to wipe away the shampoo with the mascara. Wipe gently until it is all clean.
  • Baby oil is equally effective as the baby shampoo and is often used alongside the more natural oils in helping remove the stubborn mascara you put on that day. However, most specialists recommend you stay away from this one due to its inclusion of petroleum jelly.
  • Cold creams are an interesting choice as well to use in removing waterproof mascara, as well as the rest of your makeup. It should be rubbed carefully onto the lashes after washing your face and patting it dry. Wipe away gently, without pulling on your lashes.
  • As a last resort, you can use petroleum jelly like Vaseline to remove the mascara, but it is not ideal for your eyes. It does keep you hydrated and soft, though.
  • In terms of natural makeup removers, olive oil comes in pretty handy. The fact that it is oil should already say that it will work on a waterproof formula. It helps break down the mascara, making it easier to wipe off. Just use a finger to rub some of the oil onto the lash lines, coating them completely before wiping off. Use a clean and dry cloth at the end to get rid of the oil residue.
  • Coconut oil is another great natural product that breaks down the waterproof properties of the mascara and then leaves your lashes beautifully hydrated. Just dab on some of the coconut oil and gently wipe. Do what you would do with the olive oil.
  • Almond oil mixed with water and witch hazel has the ability to clean up waterproof mascara without stinging your eyes. The solution requires you to combine two tablespoons of witch hazel with two tablespoons of almond oil and two tablespoons of water, shake it up and apply it onto the lashes before wiping it off. It can last up to 6 months before you need to make a new solution.

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