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How to Apply Nude Lipstick Flawlessly

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Once you have picked the right shade of nude lipstick for your skin tone, you definitely want to master your makeup application skills and learn how to apply your nude lipstick flawlessly! These are the tips your should follow!

Choose Wisely

The first, and easily the most important step to applying nude lipstick correctly is to choose the right shade! If you apply it perfectly but aren’t using the right color, all of your work will be in vain – so make sure to think and buy the best nude lipstick carefully based on your unique skin tone!

Apply Your Other Makeup

You’ll want to apply your nude lipstick as the last step of your overall makeup routine, so you’ll want to start by applying the rest of your makeup – foundations and contour are crucial to the success of your nude lipstick! The same can be said about your use of blush.

Since many of the nude lipstick shades rely on the natural hues that come up from your skin, you’ll want to make sure to highlight your features, or at least account for the skin tone change when you’re deciding on what lipstick color to wear.

One of the best reasons to try out nude lipstick is that it gives you the perfect excuse to try out eye makeup styles that are made to pop. You’ll quickly see that a smoldering smokey eye becomes much more intense when you use nude lipsticks, since there’s no pop of color to take away some attraction.


Prep your lips for your nude lipstick. All lipsticks have chemicals in them, so if you want to keep your lips at their peak level of healthiness and suppleness, you’ll want to regularly treat them with things like rose water or other lip ointments.

Using substances like this twice a day will be enough to have your lips looking stunning all the time! This is great, because nude lipsticks will look even better on flawless lips, since the shades really just bring attention to them and draw from your natural beauty.

Using concealer is a common beauty practice already, and it’ll become your best friend if you’re trying to pull off a totally chic and subtle nude lipstick look. Find the perfect shade of concealer to match your skin tone and apply it to the area around your mouth as well as your lips themselves.

Substitute in a lip primer if you have it, or if you’d rather not use concealer directly on your lips. Using this will result in a smoother application with a more neutral color, since it’ll take away some of the natural redness of your lips and prevent the lipstick from becoming uneven due to your lips’ crevices.

(Optional) Prime with a Lip Liner

This next step isn’t totally necessary, but it’s certainly a smart and lovely choice when you’re attempting to try out nude lipsticks. After successfully priming your lips, creating a proper base for your nude lipstick can be super easy and smart in the long run of your day.

When choosing your perfect shade of nude lipstick, make sure to look for a lip pencil in the same shade as your natural skin color; get one with a creamy formula, and fill your lips to create a great base for your actual lipstick.

This step helps your nude lipstick to last for a longer period of time, while also adding in additional definition. With the subtle nude colors, definition will be one of the most striking features!

After applying the lip liner, you might want to pop on an additional foundation layer. That way, your nude lipstick will be able to cling to the creamy lip pencil base you created.

Plus, if there’s any additional lip color trying to peek its way through you can make sure to mute it; nude lipstick can be easily undermined if some of your naturally red- or pink-tinted lips are coming through!

Apply Your Nude Lipstick

Now you can finally get to that luxurious new nude lipstick you carefully selected for yourself! You can just apply it like normal, but, as a small tip, you might try using your finger – either for the initial application or for smoothing it out after!

You’ll find that your lips will be even smoother and suppler, and the nude lipstick might even last longer because of it. It’ll fit better into the tiny crevices of your lips, so it’ll look sleeker and be more ingrained for longevity.

Choose Your Final Texture

After the nude lipstick is applied, the final step will be to decide what type of texture you want to stick with. Some nude lipsticks can look super chic when they’re matte, but if you add in some gloss it’ll be even more of a prevalent makeup statement and is a safer bet all-around, since it’s way less likely that your nude lipstick will come across as costumey or dated (no one wants to bring back that ‘90s brown lipstick!).

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