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When we talk about hair chalks, we talk about a dynamic class of temporary hair color tools, which are meant basically for beautifying the hair by improving its color. With an alternate name of hair crayon, we use these color-adding objects on the hair to add extra appearance. If used properly, hair chalks are vibrant and deliver a resonant quality. Now, are you ready to know how to use hair chalks?

How to Use Hair Chalk: DIY Hair Chalk Dyeing Tips

In this article, we have compiled all the useful hair dyeing tips on how to use hair chalk to bring the mesmerizing effect you deserve as a woman. And, worry no more about the use! You can get them now if you’ve been contemplating before. If you have them already, it’s time to fetch them and add color to your hair till it becomes more adorable.

Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Chalks: Contents

What Is Hair Chalk and How Does It Work?

Hair chalk is a temporary hair color solution you apply on dry or wet hair to get the perfect touch of color. It’s a perfect hair makeup product for embracing a wild neon or pastel hair color trend for a day, as hair chalk is easy to wash out with shampoo without causing damage to your mane.


Well, hair chalk works like temporary hair dye – simple as that. For anyone who is familiar with hair dyes, hair crayons should be a piece of cake, and they are even easier to remove.

Depending on the type, hair chalks are creamy or powdery. So when you pick one, make sure it is the type that will give you the bright color you desire. If they don’t bring out bright hair colors, however, it means you need this article more than others.

5 Best Hair Chalks to Get a New Bold Temporary Hair Color

Hair chalks out there come in various forms and colors. How do you know the one (or ones) to pick? Which ones will bring out the bright, bold you? Check out 5 of the best hair chalks that we recommend – the gorgeous ones!

1. Splat Hair Chalk

This is the exact type of hair chalk for you to appear like a beautiful mermaid for a complete day. Although it gets off pretty fast, it stays like glue when you add it to dry hair. In a single touch of color, your hair will transform into beauty. The advantages are clear: it is easy to handle, easy to use, and – most essentially – easy to wash. You can get your favorite color from Ulta, or Amazon.

Best Hair Chalks/ Hair Crayons: Splat Hair Chalk

2. Sugar Streak Pastel Hair Color

Do you want a rich color formula for your hair? Well, we’ve found the Sugar Streak hair chalk for you. This is a set of temporary hair colors that gives your hair the utmost brightness. Not just that, they come in a reusable tin – 12 different colors, which enhance your hair appearance with their rich color formula. You can get this pastel hair chalk color set from Khol’s.

Best Hair Chalks/ Hair Crayons: Sugar Streak Pastel Hair Color

3. Brite Liquid Hair Chalk

No cruelty. No stress in removing. This is a liquid form of hair chalk enclosed in a tube-like container. Does it fit any type of hair? It answers, “Babe, whether you have black, brunette, blonde, red, or whatever hair, I’m an easy way to mix up your hair color.”

More or less, it doesn’t discriminate against hair type or color. It’s easy to apply but way easy to remove. It makes your hair sparkle like the sun to a newly relieved blind man. It’s available through Ulta in six different colors.

Best Hair Chalks/ Hair Crayons: Brite Liquid Hair Chalk

4. L’Oreal Blue Hue Liquid Chalk Temporary Hair Makeup

In terms of quality, this is not your typical hair chalk – it beats them down. Do you know this can withstand rain? Yes, it does – this is the specific rain-resistant hair chalk I was talking about. It does rigorous brushing, combing and even ironing. When you honestly think that is enough, it blends and appears bold on color-treated hair. You have something liquid to color your hair with a perk of ease and quality. Get it from Amazon!

Best Hair Chalks/ Hair Crayons: L’Oreal Blue Hue Liquid Chalk Temporary Hair Makeup

5. NuMe Hair Chalk

What we have here for you is an award-winning hair chalk available in six bold colors. It has won an award as one of the best DIY hair chalks thanks to the vibrancy it provides! So, you have six vibrant colors to choose from – red, orange, green, blue, purple, and pink. It is easy to use, and intentionally made for applying them yourself. Just get them from Amazon and start using!

Best Hair Chalks/ Hair Crayons: NuMe Hair Chalk

Types of Hair Crayons

When you want to dye your hair with chalk, it is better to consider your hair type. Only blondes can choose widely. Hair crayons come in different forms, and here we discuss all the hair chalk types that exist and explain how to use hair chalk for each hair type.

Best Hair Chalks: How to Maintain Hair Chalk Color

Hair Chalk Sticks

These are solid temporary hair dyes you can use on both wet and dry hair. Hair chalk sticks are small and dry sticks that usually come in a set. If the set contains six sticks, each is of a different color.


In terms of use, they consume time in comparison to others. To use them faster, you will need water. Hair chalk sticks normally last 2-4 shampoos, and they are easy to remove with clarifying shampoo and conditioner.

Hair Chalk Tints/ Compacts

These are like eyeshadow palettes that you can use on both dry and wet hair. Unlike the aforementioned hair chalk sticks, hair chalk tints are slightly more expensive. They are usually more beautiful if used properly. Meanwhile, achieving the deserved beautiful look is simple. You just have to read and follow good guides.

Hair chalk compacts are easy to use, but that depends on the design. Some come in the form of easy-to-use applicators that look like a pen, while others come in a clamp. This ensures they are handled and used with ease.

They last 1-3 shampoos, and can be easily washed off with shampoo and conditioner.

Hair Chalk Spray

Hair chalk spray is the easiest to use. Spot the part of your hair you want to add a mix of color, and then, spray directly.

Hair chalk spray is used only on dry hair and provides a vibrant color usually for 1-2 shampoos.

Of course, they are more expensive than the hair chalk sticks and hair chalk tints. If you are looking for a single color and want to add it really fast, then this is the best choice you can opt for.

Liquid Hair Chalk

Although not actually hair chalks, liquid hair chalks are temporary hair dyes that last the longest – usually 2-10 shampoos. You can use them only on dry hair, and there is a special foam or sponge applicator coming in the set for an easier usage.

To speed up the removal process, you can apply hair oil before washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

How to Choose the Best Hair Chalk for Your Hair

Some hair types are selective of hair crayons. Or, rather, some hair chalks are mindful of which hair to make bright. It is just the way it is. Here, we are going to guide you on picking the best hair chalk color that will blend and make your hair always vibrant.

Add a touch of blue, red, brown, and green. On another day, combine more colors than the rainbow – just as you please. But your hair type and hair color have to agree. Tricks exist to keep your hair vibrant.

Hair Chalking Tips for Brunettes

To make your hair as vibrant as that of a blonde with hair chalks, you need to get your hair wet. Depending on the type of temporary hair dye, you can also dip the chalk in water to get the same effect. Either way, you need a little extra effort rubbing the chalk on your hair to bring out that sparkling beauty.

How to Remove Hair Chalk

Hair Chalking Tips for Blondes

Hi, blondes, you can use any type of hair chalk! Almost all hair chalks are ravishing on blonde hair. But caution, applying the hair chalk on wet hair will make the chalk’s color last longer, maybe longer than you want them to be.

So, keep your hair dry often before applying the colors. To reiterate, they can really stay long if your hair is wet before applying the hair chalk.

While hair chalk can stain blonde hair (not always), it’s not permanent – after a few washes, any stain will come out.

Hair Chalking Tips for Redheads and Color-Treated Hair

It’s like your hair is familiar with the process. Your hair will relate to hair chalks fast enough. It is more like rubbing a bar magnet with small pins, and each color sticks and stays on your hair. You can use a flat iron or a curling object, then some hairspray to finish things on the hair surface.

Hair Chalking Tips for Black Hair

It’s like the inventor of hair color never thought of beauties with black hair. But hey, let’s fix that for you. Choose bright hair crayons. If the brightness is below what you want, chalk your hair with a white color first, and then chalk the color of your choice over. Leave your hair unconditioned, as it will let the color stay intact on your hair.

What You Shouldn’t Use Hair Chalk for

If you want to dye your hair to get an entirely new color, you are changing your look and not adding a blend of new color. Therefore, you might want to opt for real hair dyes. Hair chalks aren’t favourable for this case because coloring your entire hair or a large part of it will take a long while with hair chalks.

How to Use Hair Chalk: DIY Hair Chalk Dyeing Steps

The process is easy. Not because of some magic, but because we are going to walk you through. Hair chalk is the queen of the mermaid look.

Have you ever had a bad experience coloring your hair by yourself? Sorry about it, but you don’t want to mess it up again. And that’s why we are here – to make you rock hair chalk colored hair like a celebrity.

But first, what are the things you will need?

• Hair chalk (we recommend soft pastel chalks, as they cost around $5, and oil pastel chalks are more difficult to wash off)
• Hair shampoo
• Water (strictly for brunettes and black hair)
• Wide bottled comb
• Straightener (flat or curling iron)
Dry shampoo
• Gloves

Be cautioned – some hair crayons are toxic. Therefore, we recommend you choose wisely. To make a good choice, seek advice from the customers. Or, attentively read the types of hair chalks above to select safe hair crayons.

Now, we assume your hair is ready for hair chalk coloring. If not, a little preparation will get the hair ready for chalking:

Brush your hair to prevent tangles.

• Wear gloves to prevent stains on your hands.

• Brunettes and those with black hair can dip a little strand of their hair in water – not the entire strand, just the length you wish to color.

• Picture the style you want when you finish.

Time to color, so, relax, and take it slowly, having fun as you go:

1. Choose the lightest shade of hair crayon colors first (this won’t be necessary if you are adding one color).

2. Use your thumb to glide the chalk down the length of your wet (remember, blondes, keep it dry) strand of hair.

3. Rub the chalk in a downward direction only; don’t rub it to and fro.

4. Use the curling iron to go over the strand as you add more layers; this will add beautiful waves to each strand.

5. Wait, and let the hair air dry.

6. Once you have applied all the hair chalk necessary according to you, brush it through to blend and smoothen the color.

7. Comb the chalked part to remove knots.

8. Use hairspray and straightener to add a finished look and to seal the color.

9. Style your favorite hairstyle.

How to Use Hair Chalk: DIY Hair Chalk Dyeing Steps

Some Hair Chalking Tips

It’s that easy, but we have some tips for a better appearance. You know we are not just coloring hair here, but we are making beauty and coloring a queen. Here are some hair chalking tips to bring out the best:

• Flick your hair at intervals to know which parts are left out.

• Always start chalking clean hair devoid of any styling products, like gels, oil or hair spray.

• As you chalk a section, use as many colors as you like; for instance, you can use three colors on each strand, but ensure you do a color before the other one.

• Twist each strand as you color.

• Don’t finish it with straighteners unless the wet hair is completely dry.

• Clean your straightener if it’s malfunctioning (off it, let it cool and clean it with a clean cloth).

• For anyone who wants the color to be really bright – especially those with black hair – chalk each strand white before adding other colors.

• Use hairspray, do not use a towel to dry your hair.

• Don’t chalk your hair wearing silk.

Safety Tips

• Choose non-toxic hair crayons.

• Wear protective clothing to prevent the crayon’s dust on skin and the clothes.

• Wash your hair or cover your pillow with a towel before lying on the bed.

• Some choose oil pastel hair chalks, but they are a little toxic; therefore, it will be advisable to choose other types of hair chalks.

• Cover the floor around to make it easy to clean.

How Long Does Hair Chalk Color Last?

The temporary hair color lasts up to two days. Depending on some factors, however, they can get off in a day. To know the duration of the color being intact in your hair, you should know some things. The tips below make the hair chalk last longer:

• Add water before chalking.

• Use straighteners such as flat irons to seal the color.

• Use the right type of chalk according to your hair color.

How to Maintain Hair Chalk Colored Hair?

This depends on how long you want to keep hair chalk on your hair. Fairly, you can keep it for days, but be careful not to keep hair chalk on for too long, as it can get messy and tacky.

• If you are preparing for an event that will happen in the evening, for instance, color your hair in the morning. This will allow it to dry and be firm before then.

• Don’t let hair chalk color stay for too many days – three or less is fine.

• Even if you are using a specific rain-resistant (pardon the neologism) hair chalk, stay out of the rain after chalking.

Types of Hair Chalks: Temporary Hair Dyes

How to Remove Hair Chalk

We know you are waiting for how to wash hair chalk off. We told you they are often easy to wash off. So, it’s here.

The best way to remove hair-chalked colors from hair is by air-drying your hair for about three days. Rest assured, this will not cause any damage to your hair. However, you should ensure your hair is properly air dried on the first three days.

You can also wash your hair with shampoo. But, before you begin to wash, here are some facts you need to digest:

• The washing process is easier when the layer of the hair chalk is one and not many.

• It will take more time and shampoo to wash three or more layers of hair chalk.

• You should have used a shampoo and conditioner to wet your hair before chalking.

• For a bleached hair, more shampoo and washing will be required. This is because the bleached hair would have demanded more hair chalk to color.

• Drying your hair in the air for the first three days will remove the hair chalk.

Now, it’s time. You are ready to bring back your hair to its original color. So, let’s wash that hair chalk off. But wait, let’s prepare your hair for washing:

• Brush your hair to remove as much hair crayon as possible. This will also remove any knots or split ends.

• Choose shampoo that has sodium content below 0.25.

Once these points are digested, washing is straightforward: just wash the air slowly and completely with the shampoo. Gently condition your hair and use hair masks to nourish the hair after the hair chalks.

Avoid chalk dyeing your hair too often, as it’ll strip your hair of its natural moisture and make it look dull.

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