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Professional Eyebrow Treatments to Reshape Your Brows

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There are a lot of professional eyebrow shaping treatments that can give you impeccable brows. From the most basic brow wax to something more intense like microblading, it’s important to be picky when deciding where to get your service done. Below, we cover the different professional eyebrow treatments you might want to seek if you want to reshape your eyebrows.

Make sure to read reviews and look at before and after photos online before booking your appointment. Also, ask whether a consultation is included in the service, so you can have a chance to discuss and plan ahead with your eyebrow stylist or technician. 

Professional Hair Removal

If you’re not keen to tweeze your eyebrows by yourself at home, going to an experienced professional is a great idea. Some people have their eyebrows groomed professionally once a month or so, while others only come in for a shaping a few times a year and then maintain the results with tweezing at home.

  • Most salons offer eyebrow waxing, where wax is used to remove errant hairs and to shape the brows. Waxing is fast and easy, although it can leave the skin around the brows red and irritated for up to a day after the service.
  • Another popular option is threading, though there are fewer places that offer it. In this eyebrow treatment, a twisted thread is used to pull hairs out from the root. This process takes a little bit longer and can be a touch more painful, but it’s less irritating to the skin, and because of the straightness of the thread, it often gives a much crisper shape.
  • Finally, you can also ask a professional eyebrow shaper to use tweezers instead of wax or thread. If your skin is extremely sensitive, professional tweezing might be the best option, although it takes the longest.

Brow Tinting and Henna

Eyebrow tinting is great if your brows are a little lighter than you’d like them to be or if you have a few gray hairs in your brows. With tinting, the aesthetician will choose a special, eye-safe hair dye in the color that will suit you best and apply it to the brows usually before or after a hair removal service. At first, tinting might stain the skin a bit, so it looks a little as though the brows had been filled in, although the stain usually disappears after a day or two.  

Using henna instead of tint has become very popular in recent years, as well. Much like the tint, henna dyes the brow hairs, making them a little darker. The difference is that henna stains the skin more, so it also acts a bit like semi-permanent brow shading.

It’s a great choice for those who need both color and shape, although, keep in mind that it leaves a more shadow-like wash of color. The henna stays in the brows for a little longer than a normal tint, while the color on the skin can last for up to three weeks.

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Tattooing, Shading & Microblading

If you’re after more permanent results, you might want to have your eyebrows tattooed or microbladed. We recommend staying away from old-school eyebrow tattooing, which leads to very blocky-looking eyebrows. Instead, opt for shading/ ombre brows, feather strokes, or microblading.

  • Powder or ombre brow tattooing is a lot like traditional tattooing, but it creates a diffused-looking ombre brow. The result is brows that look softly made-up as though they were filled in with powder or well-blended pencil.
  • Microblading is a technique that uses a handheld, blade-like tool to create micro strokes over the skin. The result is very natural-looking brows. The pigment isn’t embedded very deeply in the skin, so it’s sort of a semi-permanent tattoo that can last from 6 months up to two years, depending on your age and skin type.
  • Then there is feather stroke tattooing. It uses a high-powered machine and gives results that are similar to microblading, though the strokes are a little less tight and close together. Its major benefit is that it tends to last longer than microblading. This technique can be combined with ombre brows for a really gorgeous look.  

Brow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is an eyebrow grooming technique that makes the brows appear fluffier and more fanned out. It’s a semi-permanent way of achieving the “boy brow,” and it can last for up to 8 weeks. With lamination, a perm-like solution is applied to the brows, which straightens out the hairs and also fixes them in place as though they had been brushed up with gel. It makes the arches appear higher and increases the width of the brows from top to bottom.

Brow Extensions

Finally, if you’d like your eyebrows reshaped in the most natural-looking way, you can try eyebrow extensions. Like with lash extensions, the technician glues little hair-like fibers to your skin, where you would like to have more eyebrow hair. This usually lasts for up to 2 weeks, but while you have eyebrow extensions in, you cannot touch your brows or apply makeup.

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