Hair » 53 Hottest Fall Hair Colors to Try: Trends, Ideas & Tips

53 Hottest Fall Hair Colors to Try: Trends, Ideas & Tips

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As November wraps us in its earthy, chilly embrace, the fashion world takes a decisive turn towards fall hair color trends and welcomes in the sexier, edgier looks of the autumn season. As the leaves turn brown, the days fade faster into darkness, and the nights get chilly, we yearn for not only a change of mood but an adoption of a warmer, more alluring aesthetic. As fall embraces the landscape around us, we long for it to transform our beauty routine and our hair, and we welcome the darker, moodier aspect of the seasonal evolution.

Balayage, lowlights, babylights, colormelt, and sombre (soft ombre) are the buzzwords of the fall season, and below we will guide you through this beautiful new world with tons of fall hair color ideas and inspiration and offer helpful suggestions to get your hair ready for the fall.

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53 Hottest Fall Hair Color Ideas to Try

How should modern women approach fall hair colors? The palette of your fall wardrobe should serve as an inspirational starting point for your hairstyle but should not limit your approach to fall hair color trends. Shades of caramel, chocolate, burgundy, crimson, and tan dominate fall clothing for a reason; they are cozy, sophisticated and romantic.

Fall clothing is all about warmth, effortless composition and rich texture. Take a cue from your sweaters and incorporate that fall mood into your hair. A cohesive, luxe, shiny mane complements the styles of fall and will take you the distance in looking polished and well manicured.

But this fall, a whole menu of delightful new hair colors and dyeing methods have gained beauty real estate next to more traditional shades. This fall, no hair color trends are hotter or more unexpected than rose gold hair, royal purple, crisp silver hair, and warm crimson.

Skim through 53 of the most amazing fall hair colors for blondes, brunettes and redheads below to find your new spectacular look!

1. Falling Leaves Colormelt

One of the prettiest fall hair colors to try, this is the perfect look for women who want to incorporate various trends into a singular look. Darkened roots, and a light blonde ombre warm the hair tones for the fall while maintaining the exuberance of laidback summer style.

The rose toned midlights create a gorgeous and unexpected color melt. To recreate this fall hair color, ensure you choose complementary shades on the color spectrum to create a look that is supple rather that garish.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Fire Hair Color Melt

2. Copper Mermaid

Redheads unite! This stunning fall hair color marries balayage with a rich copper dye. By creating a gradual look that begins with darkened roots and becomes more vibrant toward the roots we ensure that the copper and red tones look organic.

The contrast also allows the tones of your hair to steal the show. This stunning mermaid braid updo strategically gathers the hair to best highlight the deep copper and pumpkin spice burnt orange shades. The light wave allows this fall hair color to refract the warm autumn sunshine.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Copper Hair

3. Chocolate Caramel Lust-Worthy Locks

This is an exquisite choice for brunettes who want to embrace fall hair colors in a more conservative way. Caramel highlights are painted throughout the hair, and create a subtle contrast against the dark chocolate base. By placing more concentrated highlights near the face her hairstylist has created a soft, sophisticated look that flatters her skin tone and eye color in a delightfully understated way.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Chocolate Caramel Hair

4. Lilac Kool-Aid Fall Hair Color

The best way for daring women to embrace fall hair color trends? Try a new color entirely! This lilac and Kool-Aid purple dye take brunette hair to an original new height. Remain cognizant of the darker roots of this style.

Even with the introduction of bold new shades to our hair, fall dictates that we maintain the spirit of the season with deeper roots. This also ensures the look is more flexible and can adapt to different aesthetics and environments. An added bonus? You can let the dye fade out naturally without any growing pains.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Chocolate Pink Balayage Hair

5. Royal Plum Curls

Luxe shades of royal plum hair evoke the sensuality and intrigue of the fall. Supple sections of hair along the top layer have been treated to this sumptuous dye, while the natural color has been maintained on the under sections. The curls create a glamorous effect that showcases the fall hair color variations in this look. Pair this hairstyle with a grey trench coat, and a sexy plum lip for an urban femme fatale look.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Brown Pink Hair Color Melt

6. Fire and Ice Fall Hair Color

As sexy as a stiletto, this fall hairstyle is part comic book seductress, part rocker girl cool. The cherry red has a punk sensibility to it that adds flare to an all black fall wardrobe. This fall hair color is so effective because it does not require excessive dye to create an impact.

The pop of red need not monopolize your hair; it is most effectual when it is confined to a smaller section of hair. The ash grey ends of the hair create a fire and ice effect that embraces the fall and looks toward the winter.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Red Denim Hair Color Melt

7. Pumpkin Spice Peach

This fall hair color trend is a gorgeous option for brunettes and redheads who want to embrace the best of fall! Cozy and feminine shades of pumpkin spice, peachy, burnt orange balayage can be incorporated into the hair in a natural, understated way. This look is feminine and lush while emanating a low-maintenance vibe. Pair it with light waves, and a light brown smokey eye for an effortless autumn look

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Burnt Peach Balayage Hair

8. Delicious Latte Ombre Fall Hair Color

This look is the epitome of city girl trendsetter cool. Bronde is the perfect symphony of fall hair colors. While traditional knowledge dictates that brunettes go darker for the fall, this look upends the old rules and demonstrates that going lighter can be a gorgeous way to welcome the fall. Painted highlights of tan, wheat blonde, and icey white create a delicious latte effect that looks stellar when paired with a monochromatic, minimalist wardrobe of steel tones and clean lines.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Deep Blonde Balayage Hair

9. Vibrant Rapunzel Strawberry Locks

This Rapunzel take on fall hair colors is so lush that it looks edible! The foundation of this balayage look is the dazzling pastel shades of orange, cream, and strawberry. This is a beautiful light option for blondes who want to experiment with color or redheads who want to create more tonal variety in their hair.

The rich color melt is certainly a beautiful choice for its stand out appeal but it can also look subtle when styled appropriately. The key to this look’s success is smooth, vibrantly hydrated hair. Always remember to apply frequent hot hair oil treatments, and moisturizing masks, as hair can be more susceptible to dryness and breakage in the colder fall months.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Auburn Hair

10. Mermaid Goals Fall Hair Color

This is one of the most original looks we have seen yet for fall! While not suitable for every woman’s style sensibility, it is a playful option for women who love to take center stage. Light mint-painted highlights add an unexpected, and delightfully eclectic, element to a soft auburn base. The rotation of shades creates a mermaid effect, and the delicate pastel green and orange look luminous in the late fall sunshine.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Vintage Copper Green Hair Color Melt

11. Charcoal Modern Fall Hair Color

Fall hair gets a healthy dose of metallic in this sexy and alluring look. Charcoal greys, ice whites, and edgy silver combine to create an urban, sleek style. Sartorially, this fall hair color idea is hyper modern and urban and looks ultra trendy with sharp lines and leather accessories. Pair it with a choker and thick winged eyeliner for a punk rock fashionista allure.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Charcoal Grey Hair

12. Crimson and Blonde Dream

Cozy. Girly. Sweater weather approved. This style is perfect for crisp fall days in the park and for cuddly nights in. This is a stunning fall hair color idea for blondes who want to add a pop of color to their autumn hair look. Deep burgundy and cranberry highlights are an unexpected choice that complements the blonde look and epitomizes the earthy tones of fall. This loose chignon is youthful and feminine and allows the colors to stand on their own in an easy-going, effortless way.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Red Blonde Hair

13. Butter Blonde Deep Ombre

Extreme fall ombre has never looked so dazzling. Ombre is a versatile trend because it can be subtle or statement making and anywhere on the spectrum between these two extremes. By retaining the natural chestnut roots the blonde is given the space it needs to carry the look.

The key to achieving this fall hair color is by choosing a multi dimensional, buttery blonde shade. You will want a shade in the warmer family of blondes to create a sensual and touchable look that is edgy when straightened and luxe when curled.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Chocolate Blonde Ombre Hair

14. Strawberry Rose Gold Balayage

This sassy rose balayage hairstyle brings a colorful complexity to fall hair colors. The rose tone, when paired with darker natural roots, is extremely versatile. The rose tapers down to a delicious strawberry shade that brings a streak of vibrancy to cold fall days. It can look feminine and free spirited or punk rock cool depending on your personal aesthetic and beauty choices. We love this style with a cozy turtleneck knit sweater, and pale lips for a warm and inviting fall look.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Rose Balayage Hair

15. Bellini Popsicle Melt

Keep the vibrancy of summer alive in this delectable fall hair color. This color-melt ombre takes a dark brown base and overlays it with rich shades of burgundy, stunning fuchsia, and creamy orange roots. Braids of varying thickness and detail add texture to this multi-colored look making it a bold and girlish fall hair dream.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Fire Red Hair

16. Burnt Orange Shades of Fall

The perfect look for natural redheads, this fall hair color idea is carefree and has cool girl appeal. Tones of punchy red take the center stage in this style with pumpkin and creamy orange playing supporting roles. A soft wave takes the look into the everyday and lends the style a low-maintenance mood.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Orange Red Hair

17. Luscious Brunette Siren

This supple bombshell hair has the dual appeal of being provocatively feminine and intimately polished. The light mocha balayage adds dimension to a healthy chocolate base. Light waves add body and allow the varying tones to catch the light. Pair this fall hair color with a fur vest and turtleneck for a sophisticated urban take on fall or with a plunging dress for a polished screen siren look.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Caramel Balayage Highlights

18. Denim Blue Underlights

This fall hair color trend is the proof that a bold color can be incorporated into a natural base without being garish or juvenile. The foundation of this look’s success lies in the healthy gloss of the natural chestnut base. After summer a moisturizing hair toner or light glaze can create a fuller bodied and shimmery hair without the commitment of a full dye job.

The unexpected pop of blue underlights adds a playfulness to her conservative base and can be styled to blend into your wardrobe or strategically combined with cream colored sweaters for a touch of whimsy.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Denim Blue Underlights

19. Glazed Brunette Goddess

This look is the epitome of dazzling, dimensional fall hair color that refracts light and glows with luminous vitality. The bronde highlights and lowlights make this an approachable choice for blondes looking for an infusion of depth and for brunettes who want to give their hair a glossy refresh for the colder months.

Treating your hair to a deep mask or glaze prior to creating this look will ensure that your hair is luscious and the best base for the frosty blonde and caramel brunette melt. This multi-tonal look has the added benefit of flattering warm and cool skin tones, and looking polished against the fashion of fall.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Rose Gold Blonde Hair

20. Neon Peach Punch

A rock ‘n’ roll look that retains its playful, feminine vibe? Totally doable! This fall hair color trend embraces pastels across the rainbow. This neon peach and wheat orange color melt looks striking against black roots and adds a warm ray of light to colder fall days. Pair it with a black pea coat, and pale lips to keep all eyes on your candied hair.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Neon Peach Hair Color Melt

21. Bubblegum Babe

Barbie girls unite. This delicate and candy coated fall hair color will have cupid playing with your heart this fall season. Keep your roots dark for the most effective contrast with the hot pink dye. Braids and a spiral curl keep the look dynamic and fun loving.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Pink Balayage Hair

22. Latte Bronde Ombre

This is a soft and trendy take on three of the major fall hair color trends – ombre, balayage, and bronde. Embrace lighter pieces of blonde while retaining the integrity of your brunette base by keeping your roots and mid sections darker. This look works best when the caramel and bronde tones become progressively lighter near the ends.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Brown Blonde Balayage Hair

23. Supple Jet Brown

This deep ashy brown/ black fall hair color is alluring and sexy and beautifully complements cool skin tones. The faint silver babylights near the crown add a multifaceted tone to the hair, and the soft wave makes the dark and moody vibe of the color more approachable and delicate. This hair would pair beautifully with a cream knit sweater and dark eyes.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Ash Brown Hair

24. Blonde Braided Unicorn

Infuse the fall with a heavy dose of fantasy! This gorgeous, eclectic and ethereal style will turn heads regardless of what world you’re in! The dramatic fishtail braid updo is perfect for your next event, and the bleach fairy blonde fall hair color creates a luminous, babydoll effect.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Butter Blonde Hair

25. Crayon Box Babe

Go for the unexpected with this luxe and richly colored fall hair idea. Inspired by the shades of a desert sunset, this style is irreverent and statement making. Tones of deep pink and burnt orange play well on a base of jet-black locks. Pair this look with a sexy band T-shirt or black turtleneck to play up the energetic playful vibe of this style.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Fire Orange Hair

26. Caramel Macchiato Fall Hair Color

Embrace the lighter spectrum of brown hair with this caramel and sand delight. This fall hair color trend is a beautiful and subtle opportunity for brunettes to incorporate subtle tones of red into their existing brunette base. Large barrel curls add an effortless appeal to the style. Straighten your hair to show off the color variations and to achieve a sleek and cozy look for fall.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Caramel Macchiato Hair

27. Royal Plum Ombre Fall Hair

An intriguing way to add an exquisite dose of color into your fall hair palette, this look is easy to achieve for raven haired women and is a seasonal look that has the dual appeal of being understated while offering a revamp to monochromatic hair. This fall hair color idea is perfect because it allows you to experiment with color while maintaining your natural roots.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Deep Blush Pink Ombre Hair

28. Sultry Feminine Redhead

Shades of copper and amber play nicely with lighter butter blonde in this vibrant approach to red hair. For existing redheads, this look is easy to achieve with some champagne blonde highlights and balayaged tones. For blondes, this would be a flattering look that adds warmth while maintaining a sun-kissed, glowing aura. Pair this warm color with lightly tanned skin and a beige lipstick for a healthy and glowing look.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Gradient Copper Hair

29. Fall Fireball

One of the loveliest fall hair colors to try, this is a cocktail of color for a punchy fall look. Crimson red and wheat yellow blend together to create a volcanic look. It’s a good choice for women who approach fall as a time for a total revolution in their beauty and hair aesthetic. Wispy waves add a fun loving energy to the style and ensure that it looks sleek and polished enough for day-to-day wear.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Fire Orange Hair

30. Lava Locks

If vibrancy is the adjective you want to have applied to your hair, then this is the look for you. A dazzling array of sunshine yellow, tropical orange and sizzling red makes this one of the most beautifully styled fall hair color trends we’ve seen this season.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Neon Orange Ombre Hair

31. Cool Bronde Siren

Bronde returns! We mean it when we say this is one of the hottest fall hair color combinations of the season. It is natural, seductive and lush, and allows blondes and brunettes alike to experiment with life on the other side of the spectrum. This cool champagne blonde looks radiant in the light and delicious in the dark. Waves take the look to a stiletto-chic, glamorous level.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Blonde Balayage Hair

32. Autumn Leaves

Take a page out of nature’s book with this multi-tonal brown look. Like leaves falling from the trees, this fall hair color incorporates shades from across the brunette spectrum. Golden ombre dazzles during fall sunsets, and shades of copper and chocolate keep the look earthy and polished for everyday wear.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Copper Red Ombre Hair

33. Yellow Rainbow Rocker Hair

Shock your black locks with an energetic sunburst of dense dandelion yellow and lava orange. Not for the faint of heart, this look pops against a wardrobe of blacks and greys, and looks punk rock playful regardless of your aesthetic.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Neon Yellow Orange Hair

34. Coral Balayage Fall Hair Color

A luminous shade for blondes and redheads, the coral dye is delicate and subtle when interspersed with babylights of sand brown and light blonde. Paired with lushly moisturized locks, this warm and universally flattering fall hair color looks feminine and plush.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Strawberry Blonde Hair

35. Chocolate Cake Cool

Hair that is edible! This deep brunette style is luxe and covetable. A darker family of brunette shades like chocolate and chestnut meld harmoniously to create a polished look packed with sheen and shimmer. A hydrating toner or glaze will increase the wow factor by doubling the shine. With touchable waves, this fall hair color screams luxury.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Red Brown Balayage Hair

36. Sunflower Sweet

A sunflower blonde look that could have been plucked from the garden, this is one of the coolest fall hair color trends of the season! This true yellow is an unexpectedly popular dye trend this fall season because it pops against darker clothing, looks flattering with all eye colors and is rock ‘n’ roll while retaining a girlish charm. A chignon showcases the color contrasts.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Neon Yellow Fire Hair

37. Jet Black and Brown Balayage

Darken up your look with a seductive marriage of chestnut brown and jet black. This look perfectly exemplifies the lowlight trend of the season and looks sexy when mussed up and waved. This is an approachable fall hair color idea for women who want to add some dimension and depth to their hair in an understated and sophisticated way.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Chocolate Brown Balayage Hair

38. Chestnut Goddess

This luxe look is easy to achieve and imparts your hair with a glamorous, jet-setting appeal. Small sections of hair have been treated to caramel highlights. The strategic placement of the highlights gives the hair a complexity and depth it would otherwise lack. This is a beautiful fall hair color for women who want their hair to look luxurious without consistent salon visits.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Caramel Brown Balayage Hair

39. Deep Purple Fall Hair Color

One of the fall hair color shades of the season, this royal burgundy blends in well with brown and raven hair and adds a deep vibrancy to the hair. Choosing a darker shade is a safe approach for women who are skeptical about adding pigment to their hair because it can easily mimic the tones of your natural hair. Lightening up the color slightly near the roots adds an understated element of trendiness to the style.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Purple Pink Hair

40. Ice Queen Cool Fall Hair Color

Silver and ice white are two of the It shades of this fall. They create an urbane, razor-sharp sex appeal and perfectly reflect the edgy, moody atmosphere of fall. Curls allow the multi-toned hair to reach its pinnacle while a straightened look would create a stark and modernistic look well suited to a look of leather jackets and chunky combat boots.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Grey Ombre Hair

41. Copper and Amber Delight

This is a soft and natural way to incorporate the earthy shades of fall into your new hair color. A sandy brown base looks effortless and smooth while pieces of brandy copper add dimension and flair to the fall hair color. Style with loose waves for cozy sweater weather!

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Deep Rose Hair

42. Jet Grey Color Melt

Unexpected and futuristic, this steel grey color melt is one of the coolest fall hair colors we’ve seen this season. It is statement making without being try-hard and it is an approachable way to add color to a natural base. The chestnut brown and steel grey shades work with the sartorial aesthetic of fall and look disarmingly hip with an intricate updo or chic demi-chignon.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Vintage Brown Denim Hair Color Melt

43. Fuchsia Ombre Fall Hair Color

Ombre is not the exclusive domain of brunettes and brondes! A gradual deep dye allows a bold color like fuchsia to be approachable and delicate. This look serves as a reminder that you do not need an edgy or counterculture aesthetic to embrace unexpected fall hair colors.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Rose Pink Hair Color Melt

44. Ash Blonde Beauty

Ash blonde is the perfect tone of blonde for women with warm skin tones. Treating your hair to a platinum ash balayage is a beautiful way to conservatively transition your hair from summer to fall. This shade in particular looks gorgeous on women with brown eyes and darker features and proves that blonde is a more dynamic and complex color family than traditionally believed.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Ash Blonde Balayage Hair

45. Lollipop Blonde

This is a seamless color-melt of brown, copper and sunshine blonde, which is shaping up to be one of the most original and popular fall hair color combinations of the season. Pair this cheeky blend with intricate updos for a fashion-forward look that is strikingly unique.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Fire Yellow Red Hair

46. Rose Gold Glamorous Fall Hair Color

Rose gold is so versatile and need not be restricted to highlights and roots. Paint your entire hair with a warm rose gold hair dye that is both feminine and alluring. This fall hair color idea combines shades of peach hair, apricot, petal pink and strawberry to create a multifaceted and angelic style.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Rose Peach Hair

47. Shimmering Chestnut Waves

Natural, earthy and supple, this look is super approachable and polished for women with all skin tones. Highlights of hazelnut brown are a low-maintenance way to achieve maximum richness and depth. Style this radiant fall hair with a wardrobe of pastel pinks and lilac purples for a cozy and ultra-feminine appeal.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Chestnut Rose Balayage Hair

48. Vibrant Purple Balayage Fall Hair

Royal purple can be incorporated into entire hair from roots to ends in a smooth and tasteful way. This style is perfect for raven-haired women with cool skin tones because the purple is vibrant but not overwhelming for lighter skin. This particular shade of purple is almost frosty in appearance and adds to the warm and moody aesthetic of fall.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Gray Purple Balayage Hair

49. Caramel Fall-Kissed

Sun-kissed hair doesn’t need to die with the end of September. It can be warmed up and glazed for the new season with stunning results. Keep the effortless vibe of the beach alive with butter blonde and caramel highlights. The painted gold shades are warm and alluring and flatter warm skin tones flawlessly.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Caramel Blonde Balayage Hair

50. Dark Night Beauty

A go-to look for women who want to embrace fall without a new shade, this fall hair color is polished and understated for women busy with school and work. The faint ash brown balayage is universally flattering and allows women with darker hair to add depth without bold colors or extensive highlighting.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Dark Ash Brown Hair

51. Golden Hour Locks

Welcome the fall sunsets with this sandy blonde and copper color-melt balayage. A beautiful choice for redheads who want some tonal variety in their hair, this fall hair color trend is sassy and energetic. As it fades, the color variation retains its complexity and looks heavenly as winter approaches.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Pumpkin Hair

52. Color-Melt Wonderland

This fall hair color is a delectable melding of deep purple, jet black, and golden blonde shades. The loose waves play up the fun factor and add body and complexity to the look. This innovative color combination looks beautiful against jet grey and black clothing, and cream-colored sweaters.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Fall Leaves Balayage Hair

53 Fruit Punch Pin-Up Fall Hair Color

Infuse your hair with energy and vibrancy with this bird of paradise inspired look. The key to this look is deep, bold dyes of crimson and sunset orange. This fall hair color is for women who love color and embrace the opportunity to add a rainbow of shades into their hair for an original fall look. Pin the hair up loosely to showcase the tonal contrasts and to give the style a dose of fruit punchy femininity.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors, Ideas and Trends: Neon Sunset Hair

Summer to Fall Hair Color Transition Tips for Blondes, Redheads and Brunettes

Before you choose the best fall hair color for you, we need to provide you with the insight and knowledge to make the best decision, regardless of the shade of your locks. Summer is a time for sun-kissed streaks and beachy carefree styling. To transition your hair from summer to fall the key ingredient is warmth.

As the temperatures get colder, we want our hair to get warmer. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, from applying strategically placed lowlights to using a glossy hair glaze to deepening your base shade. Ombre and balayage are sexy and approachable ways to incorporate multidimensional shades and depth into your hair without making the transition to an entirely new color.

Dial up Your Hair Care Routine

Summertime can be rough on your hair regardless of its color. At the end of a season filled with beach days and late nights, your hair needs extra moisture and nourishment. Prior to transforming your hair color, put your hair through an intensive week of TLC.

Your hair may be dry from sun exposure and will require a mask and moisturizing treatment before it is salon ready. Turn the experience into a pampering session, and you will reap the rewards with a healthy harvest of beautifully lush and shiny hair. A clarifying, moisturizing shampoo should be incorporated into your hair routine in the weeks leading up to your hair treatment to remove excess dirt and product buildup.

Keep in mind that hair care does not end with your shampoo and conditioning routine. Prepping your hair with heat protectants is vital; we wouldn’t advise curling or straightening your hair without using one. We also love moisturizing leave-in hair serums and mists for 24/7 protection and nourishment.

Ensure that you are properly hydrating and protecting your hair at all times as the chillier weather of fall can also take its toll on hair in the form of dryness and dullness. Should you choose to dye your locks for the new season, well-nourished hair retains dye better and will promote growth. Dry, poorly cared for hair will foster dead ends and will preclude your dye from achieving its maximum lustre.

How to Choose Fall Hair Colors for Skin tones

Consider Your Lifestyle

After you have gotten your hair fall color ready, consider your lifestyle to ensure the transition is seamless and thrilling rather than stressful and overwhelming. When choosing the fall hair color trend that will suit your needs, and your aesthetic, best keep your lifestyle and schedule in mind. How much time do you have to dedicate to creating the perfect look?

Some of the looks we’ll show you may require several hours of salon time to achieve flawlessly. Some looks require re-coloring and touch-ups every 4 to 6 weeks. Do you want a dramatic new look or a simple and subtle upgrade? How will your new color complement your wardrobe and makeup preferences?

Keep these considerations in mind when choosing a new hair color for fall. For fall hair, many women want something polished yet low-maintenance. They are busy working and attending school and want a hair color that goes the extra mile in cold weather.

Consider Your Skin Tone

When it comes time for your anticipated appointment, keep your entire beauty look in mind. Hair doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the right shade can elevate your skin tone and makeup routine, while a poorly chosen shade can wash you out and look unappealing with your features.

Hair color is foundational to the composition of your best look. A harmony between your eye color, skin tone and hair color will result in the most flattering and engaging image. Be mindful of whether your skin is cool or warm toned. Certain tones within the blonde, brunette, and red families suit certain skin tones better.

  • For cooler skin tones a bluer based blonde like wheat, champagne or a light strawberry and a warm caramel ombre will look beautiful and flattering. Women with cooler skin tones, and an edgier aesthetic, will also look stunning with a stark black, icey blonde or silver.
  • Warmer skin tones suit chocolate shades or deep golden highlights. Women with both dark eyes and a warmer skin tone will look most alluring with deeper shades of chestnut, striking ombre, chocolate caramel balayage, and dirty blonde.

And remember: whether your skin is cool or warm, don’t neglect your eyebrows! Should you dye your hair, you must be cognizant of how it complements your brows. We encourage you to lightly dye your eyebrows or change the shade of your eyebrow gel to create a more composed look.

Summer to Fall Hair Color Transition Tips

Creating the Perfect Fall Hair Shade

When conveying your dream fall look to your stylist, use your words! Words like dimensional, warm, reflective, subtle will evoke the image of a beautiful shade and will ensure your hairstylist can create the color you want.

A trip to the hair salon for a fall hair color transition need not be a drastic change! Foregoing a wholesale dye for a light gloss or glaze, a delicate painting of highlights, or a dose of warm lowlights are perfect options for women who take a more conservative approach to color but want to embrace the sumptuous trends of the fall season.

Lowlights are an effortless and supple way to darken the overall tone of your hair without committing to an entirely new shade. They add dimension and richness to hair and can make thinner hair look fuller and livelier. Lowlights are also a low-maintenance way to play with the shades of autumn without bidding farewell to your sun-kissed hair.

For a sexy, current look, dye your base level a few shades darker and add balayage highlights throughout. This approach is perfect for women who approach the transition as a multi-step process. This also ensures that your hair looks consistently healthy, balanced and harmonious.

Dyeing the wisps of hair that frames the face a few shades darker will provide contrast and flatter your skin tone as your tan naturally fades in advance of fall’s colder weather.

Consider Hair Extensions

An innovative option for women who want a new look without any commitment? Hair extensions! Ombre, and balayage hair extensions have become popular in recent years and they are a beautiful way to change your look without a visit to a salon! We love them as an option for women who want versatility or women who prefer to avoid hair dye or exposure to any hair treatment.

Hair extensions are also a low commitment way to try out new shades for indecisive women who want to experiment with fall hair color trends in a pinch!

Summer to Fall Hair Color Transition for Blondes

Blondes have more options than ever for transitioning their hair to fall. They can choose a natural, simple dye or a gorgeous pastel hair color that will add vibrancy to colder fall nights.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors for Blondes: Tips

Blondes looking to go warmer can transition beautifully into the autumn with darkened roots. A tapered, shadowed root allows your hair to have a break from bleach and dye and creates an effortless, hip-girl aesthetic. Natural blondes will look stunning with brunette underlights.

Blondes can incorporate streaks of lighter brown in a natural way by taking pieces throughout their hair and dyeing them a supple caramel shade. Simply dyeing the layer of hair nearest the nape will create a sleek look that is still easygoing and delightful for cozy Sunday mornings.

Adding varied tones of blonde hair color and brown throughout the hair creates a rounded depth and richness that the hair may lack in summer when most women seek out the lightest, beachiest tones possible. A blonde mane rich with tonal variety catches the golden autumn light in an alluring, radiant way.

For blondes who want to retain their color and shy away from the addition of brunette shades into their fall hair color, there are a variety of luscious blonde shades that add warmth and look aesthetically harmonious with the sartorial demands of fall. While the ashier blonde shades of summer look less vibrant in the fall months once the seasonal tan begins to fade, a simple tonal transition can work miracles.

Blondes can mitigate dullness by choosing a warmer tone of blonde, like champagne or butterscotch. Even some strategically placed ice blonde highlights can warm up the complexion and create a supple and multifaceted blonde fall hair look.

Fall can also be the perfect time to experiment with trendy fall hair colors like silver, and ice blonde. These are perfect options for blondes who want to add a dimension of edginess to their fall aesthetic. Sleek silvers and crisp grey are an industrially sexy approach to fall and create a lust-worthy minimalist silhouette.

Pastels like light purple, baby pink, and pumpkin spice are making a big statement this season and add a whimsical ambiance to your hair and look eclectic against the darker wardrobes of fall.

A trendy, playful and alluring way to approach fall hair colors that have the added impact of being delightfully unexpected? Rose gold highlights! This trendy look has its adherents across Instagram and the blogosphere and is a gorgeous way to incorporate light shades of luminescent tone into your blonde mane.

Summer to Fall Hair Color Transition for Brunettes

Traditional wisdom has always maintained that hair should get darker as the days get colder. Brunettes have long heeded this wisdom, choosing moody shades of chestnut and black to usher in the fall months.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors for Brunettes: Tips

But who needs to follow a strict color by seasons approach to hair dye? When fall hair sensibilities are becoming more expansive, and style gurus are advocating an entirely different approach to seasonal hair, we can throw the old rules to the wind. This fall season, brunettes are encouraged to welcome lighter shades of brown, and sand for an alluring latte of caramel, hazel, and chocolate tones.

Balayage highlights reach their trendy pinnacle in the autumn approach to brunette hair. Adding in soft highlights of blonde to frame the face creates a dreamy, elegant look that is perfectly suited to fall fashion, and sweater weather.

Soft ombre locks are a graceful approach to fall hairstyling for women who want to incorporate evocative but subtle fall hair colors into their beauty aesthetic. Create a sexy, confident, urban look with dark chestnut roots that evolve into a lighter caramel and finally a cool blonde.

Lowlights are another approach to the ombre trend for brunettes who want a more balanced tone throughout their hair. Lowlights of caramel, and sand blend into an existing brunette base and create a sophisticated, multi-tonal look.

For brunettes looking to go lighter, celebrity hair stylist Rita Hazan advocates dyeing your hair a few shades darker initially. Though it may seem counterintuitive, it will create a richer base and will allow the lighter color to adapt more seamlessly and cohesively. The lighter honey or blonde highlights will meld more meticulously when painted on a glossy base and will look more intentional.

For black haired beauties, who want a subtle change, chocolate, and cinnamon highlights add dimension and vitality to raven hair. They have the additional benefit of being low-maintenance and they fade out in a subtle way. No re-dyeing required!

This season’s royal purples, and crimson reds look striking and spectacular with a bold fall aesthetic. Black is a beautiful base on which to incorporate bold fall hair colors in an alluring and beguiling way.

For non-brunettes looking to join the dark side, the options are enticing. Making the transition from blonde or red to brunette is low-maintenance and one of the simplest and most effective ways to embrace a stunning fall hair color.

Brunette shades flatter all eye colors and can enrich and add brilliance to both warm and cool skin tones. Brown comes in a spectrum from light sand to deep dark chocolate; ensuring that every woman will find her tonal home in the wardrobe of brunette hair shades.

Summer to Fall Hair Color Transition for Redheads

Redheads have more flexibility with their hair than tradition would dictate! This year’s fall hair color trends enable redheads to go light or dark. A light copper hair color is a deep, rich way of maintaining the vibrancy of your natural red hair while incorporating the mood of the fall season into your look.

Autumn/ Fall Hair Colors for Redheads: Tips

Deep copper provides a luxe shine to your hair and sexy appeal to your look. Aim for a single process hair dye treatment if you prefer a lighter, more natural sheen of color or if dyeing is a new experience for you. A double process treatment is more suitable for women looking to make a pronounced transition with a deeper shade.

While a warm, deep amber can be an alluring – and more traditional – approach, do not shy away from adding light blonde highlights or sandy lowlights to create a supple, energetic look that radiates health and shine. Warm golden blonde, and caramel brown tones can add a textured appearance to red hair.

Blonde ombre is a big trend for redheads this fall and allows women to create some dimension in their hair without limiting themselves to the traditional palettes of ambers, and copper. As we will see in some of our featured looks, redheads are encouraged to embrace pastel tones, and buttery blondes for a playful and feminine transition into fall.

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