Since we can newly see the shine poke through the winter clouds, it is almost blasphemy to speak of the fall 2018 fashion trends once again. However, with so many incredible styles to choose from and our preference for an early shopping spree in getting our wardrobes ready, the latest runway shows have served as absolute motivation. So many recurring trends as well as a few newcomers that are simply delectable! It is hard not to fall in love with each all over again.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends

This report will focus its attention on the overall trends where it comes to the clothing represented at the four major Fashion Weeks, including cuts and flow. Which of these gorgeous fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends will you be buying into for the upcoming season? From the futuristic to a throwback to the ‘80s, here are the top fall 2018 fashion trends to choose from.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Runway Fashion Trends: Contents

1. Full Coverage
2. Big Is Still In
3. Savile Row Style Men’s Overcoats
4. Layer Upon Layer
5. Keyhole Plunges
6. Broad Shoulders
7. Crops and Bandeaus
8. Huge Puffer Coats
9. Cold Shoulders
10. Side Slits
11. Romantic Ruffles
12. Flowing Capes
13. Cape Sleeves
14. Emphasis on the Underwire
15. Lingerie Inspirations
16. Glamleisure Suits
17. Sequin Suits
18. Two-Piece Pantsuits
19. Pretty Jumpsuits
20. Very Velvety
21. Lots of Leather
22. Shearling Everywhere
23. Silken Skirts
24. Feathery Texture
25. A Whole Lot of Transparent
26. Metallic Foil Fabrics
27. Sequined Clothes
28. Tweed Focus
29. High Shine Coats
30. Matching Outfit and Accessories
31. Statement Pockets
32. Tiered Skirts
33. Flared Pants
34. Furry Cuffs
35. Statement Sleeves
36. High Necks
37. Huge Statement Bows
38. Long Skirts with High Boots
39. Quilted Survival Clothes
40. Ode to the ‘80s
41. Zipping to the Future
42. Victorian Influence
43. Beauty in Folklore
44. Go Romantic
45. Western Cowgirls
46. Double Coats
47. Security Blankets
48. Accordion Pleats
49. Jellyfish Fringes
50. Leggings of All Types
51. Covered Up Shoulder Flash
52. Sexy Suiting
53. Ruched Skirts

#1. Full Coverage

One of the top fall 2018 fashion trends you notice on the multitude of runway shows over the span of each Fashion Week is the maxi lengths on models showing off nearly no skin. Most designers have opted for lengths past the calves, generally swishing below the ankle, many falling to the floor.

It is a long and lean look that has us really wanting to grab a Valentino crisp white dress suit, complete with a scarf around the neck that falls to bellow one’s knees. The colors that go with the long looks are spectacular, the lean working best with a bright white deal.

Matrix coats, leather dresses, long billowing organza in floral prints; nearly every trend was all about coverage, while each designer also tried to showcase the opposite, going for shirt skirts, tall boots, and even a few plunging necks. Modest and monastic is how fall 2018 is being described though, which means that you certainly do not need to be showing any skin at all if you prefer not to.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Full Coverage, Long & Lean Clothing

#2. Big Is Still In

There was a time for skimpy, but the fall/ winter 2018 runway trends are steering clear of that on. On the contrary, we are going for oversized everything once again this year, despite it already having dominated the catwalk for a few years now. Eye-catching colors and multiple layers make for looks that really stand out from the crowd, drowning you in the sheer size and lack of definition around your curves, even more so with the oversized coats.

We also have oversized handbags for fall 2018, such as the matching laundry basket style seen at Marni. Even the scarves are oversized to match with ankle-length broad shouldered overcoats as per Marc Jacobs. Though some of the Maison Margiela pieces remind us of tents with a human hidden inside.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Oversized Clothing

#3. Savile Row Style Men’s Overcoats

Get ready for classic Savile Row fabrics on men’s style overcoats as part of your fall 2018 fashion trends wardrobe. Large shoulders, boxy coupe, and lots of length make for some intriguing coats to pull over your lovely dresses come the cooler months once again.

It has swagger, it is lit, and it is rocking the style reports across the board. You can pair with a shiny black number that shows off lots of leg and cleavage as per Saint Laurent, with bulky boots as per Prada, with flowy skirts and futuristic gloves as per Calvin Klein, or over colorful leather as we saw at the Stella McCartney runway show.

Lapels on the overcoats also look quite darling as seen at Fendi or given some waist definition with a leather belt as per Givenchy.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Savile Row Masculine Overcoats

#4. Layer Upon Layer

One of the biggest fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends is the 3-5 layer style, particularly when using oversized and deconstructed pieces as seen at the Marni runway show. Really, it is a wonder anyone is able to walk around with so many layers on.

Some even include a combination of pants and tunics, while so many on the runways throughout the Fashion Weeks simply appeared to throw on piece over piece. Some looked great, such as a Calvin Klein foil dress over a turtleneck statement sleeve sweater.

Others were not quite so tidy, appearing more like a pile was tossed onto a body. But one thing we know for sure is that you can play with layers all you want and still stay very much in style come the cooler seasons.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Heavy Layering

#5. Keyhole Plunges

First it was a deep plunge, then it was a deeper plunge; now, we are looking at keyhole plunges that both show off a braless chest and still manage to cover up enough to be appropriate for the cooler weather.

Coach combines the folklore heartland theme with some lovely keyhole plunges that are shorter than some of the others we come across, while Chloe makes sure we get a good amount of exposure, starting high at the nick and ending low on the diaphragm.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Keyhole Plunge

#6. Broad Shoulders

As part of the oversized trend going strong for the cooler months, large puffy sleeves and big shoulders are dominating the market. This includes the Marc Jacob number that reminds us of an olden detective movie in red.

Broad shoulders on suits are also a common sight these days, signifying a female strength we have generally always hidden. Dolan’s hot pink plaid design in an oversized fit seems to fit this category perfectly.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Broad Shoulders

#7. Crops and Bandeaus

Generally also paired with the cold shoulder trend, we see a whole lot of cropped pieces showing off some skin before a high-waist pair of pants or a flowy skirt comes into the mix. One of the top fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends from the runways, this look is hardly wearable in countries with harsh climates, but you can always wear your crop tops in winter when traveling to LA.

Whether we are looking at gorgeous evening numbers such as the Alice McCall black tiered skirt and crop spaghetti and off-shoulder top or a Philipp Plein shiny silver snow pant and matching bandeau ensemble, the focus is on a toned stomach, particularly around the rib section. We even have this one paired with a velvet sweatsuit, complete with emphasized underwire on the Jeremy Scott runway show.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Crop Tops & Bandeuas

#8. Huge Puffer Coats

It’s not just Yeezy who loves puffer jackets. If we have an oversized overcoat theme happening, this fall 2018 fashion trend fits in beautifully. Though we are not sure where it is heading, this year it appeared a lot more futuristic than in the past, with Christian Cowan bringing a metallic emerald green piece with side zippers and truly over-emphasized puffs.

Some even played with the collars, such as on Kim Shui’s floral creation. Some designers opted to bring back the true and tried puffer, a jacket that is beyond a doubt the best sportier and more casual coat you can get your hands on. Prabal Gurung’s shearling hooded oversized bomber looked spectacular in an amethyst hue.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Puffer Coats & Jackets

#9. Cold Shoulders

While it is not the most pronounced fall 2018 fashion trend on the runways, it certainly made enough appearances to warrant a high space on this list. Whether with off-the-shoulder or shoulder cutout style designs, many designers have been opting to keep this look going strong enough to have a quick comeback.

Prabal Gurung’s cutaway shoulders look great on plus sized models in mermaid silhouettes. We see a lot of strapless on the runways, as well as some off-the-shoulder designs.

Lots of cutouts can be found at the Eckhaus Latta runway show as well, one pretty sweet yellow hued dress in particular sticking out among the rest.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Cold Shoulders

#10. Side Slits

We might have found the center slits from a few seasons back to be rather awkward and uncomfortable, but the side slits are still going strong, particularly on the evening gowns presented on the Fashion Week runways for the fall and winter seasons.

From bright yellow dresses as seen on a pretty cold-shouldered maxi at Eckhaus Latta to Pamella Roland’s cape sleeve flowing gowns, side slits appear everywhere making it one of the sexiest fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends. One of our favorite styles was the high-neck tea-length dresses with high boots and a slit up the side of the skirts, bringing sexy to the modest looks.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Side Slits

#11. Romantic Ruffles

There is quite a bit of romance to be found in the ruffles trend for fall 2018, and we are quite happy to see them so prominent this year as well. Ruffled sleeves are the main focus, on both short and long styles.

We get them in tiers on the Ulla Johnson catwalk, while it is bold and beautiful while greatly exaggerated at Bottega Veneta. Pretty peplum ruffles match up with the ruffled hem of the midi skirt at Brock Collection, the whole number appearing very attractive for a more conservative but fun audience.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Ruffles

#12. Flowing Capes

Another fall 2018 fashion trend that has been appearing regularly for the past few seasons is the long cape worn over billowy gowns, adding quite a bit of drama to the outfit and certainly standing out on the catwalks. It is a beautiful way to hide and show off the body at the same time, depending on the cut and style of each piece you include in your closet.

Noon by Noor adds a sparkling gold criss-cross belt for good measure, while Prabal Gurung throws the cape down from below the arms, effectively revealing the décolletage. Surprise capes appearing to one side are also found on the runways, with Christian Siriano’s red and pink combo gown looking incredible with its train in the back.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Flowing Capes

#13. Cape Sleeves

If you love capes but don’t want to have so much extra fabric added to your outfits, pick up a piece that sports cape sleeves instead. This fall 2018 fashion trend deserves a category on its own for the sheer beauty of its appearance at so many NYFW shows.

The flowing sleeves on Pamella Roland’s burgundy dress have us craving more events to attend, perhaps an opera or two? We find the look generally coupled with a side slit and keyhole plunge, also apparent on the Prabal Gurung runway, while Christian Siriano goes for a full blown cape sleeve for his 10th anniversary show, with a plunging neckline down to the naval and a side slit that’s more modest than most others.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Cape Sleeves

#14. Emphasis on the Underwire

Crop tops with underwire that really shows – meaning that one can easily forgo a bra, have been a top look on the New York Fashion Week runway especially. Alexander Wang brought this forward with an off-the-shoulder cropped and extra high-waist legging number, complete with a shearling finish.

The sportier looks featured this fall 2018 fashion trend very well, with Jeremy Scott playing it up on a hot pink tracksuit in velvet, and Dion Lee playing with translucent fabrics on sleeves and abdomen, shirt tucked into matching white jeans.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Tops with Visible Underwire

#15. Lingerie Inspirations

For the past few years, lingerie has been used either as outerwear in and of itself or as part of an outfit brought out onto the fashion runways. This year, we get quite a few bustier-style constructions on dresses that show off the beauty of a woman’s body.

Brock Collection’s show features some steamy black numbers, while Lanyu goes ethereal with its intricate boning. If you are looking for a strapless wonder to wear at your next black-tie function, Tadashi Shoji’s emphasized bodice complete with black seams over a shimmering gown should do the trick.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Lingerie Inspired Clothing

#16. Glamleisure Suits

Tracksuits and sweatsuits were all the rage on the fall 2018 runway shows, ranging from shearling coated polo rider style ensembles by Rosie Assoulin to sporting a visible underwire as per Jeremy Scott. The best way to wear this fall 2018 fashion trend is tucked into knee-high boots it appears, with the tops fully zipped and the drawstrings only partly covered over.

Shiny, velvet, matte and patterned; you can see all types of fabric used to create this sweet sporty chic fashion trend, with Alexander Wang simply making your gym session appear like the perfect runway show, shearling shoulders and all.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Tracksuits/ Sweatsuits

#17. Sequin Suits

Power suits are great, but what makes them truly unique is a sequin addition to the whole getup. There seemed to be one of such shiny creations at every show this year, with Tadashi Shoji’s rose gold version in a shimmering masterpiece grabbing quite a bit of attention.

Greta Constantine’s green sequin suit looked like it belonged to the Wicked Witch of the west, while a dark blue striped and sequined cinched-waist number caused quite a stir among the audience at Malan Breton. The disco ball look is even more intriguing on a mostly sequin suit as per Christian Cowan, bringing the Kira Kira app to life.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Sequined Suits

#18. Two-Piece Pantsuits

Cropped at the ankles, bright yellows, plunging necklines and everything in between can be coupled with the two-piece pantsuit fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trend we have come to love. From Bottega Venetta’s cheerful sunny look to the Marcel Ostertag glitter, the powerful woman with a sexy but stylish suit is back with a vengeance. If you are looking for something that is both toned down and stands out beautifully, Carolina Herrera has quite a bit to offer in that department.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Pantsuits

#19. Pretty Jumpsuits

Fitted jumpsuits are seen all over the runway shows really, from Brandon Maxwell’s bright sunny yellow spaghetti-strapped piece to the gorgeous floral print piece we fell in love with immediately from the Son Jung Wan collection. The single piece outfits add length to the look while smoothing out the frumps.

They are not meant for every body type, obviously, but the designers have certainly worked in enough beauty to warrant buying at least one such masterpiece for your upcoming season’s wardrobe.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Jumpsuits

#20. Very Velvety

Fall and velvet go together like a horse and carriage it appears. It has been on the market as a top trend for years and despite some opinions about overstay, it is a fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trend staple one can easily buy into and fall in love with all over again. Jeremy Scott paired velvet with crop tops and emphasized underwire, creating a rather intriguing silhouette. Prabal Gurung really had fun with purples and velvet, featuring two capes flowing behind the model.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Velvet Clothing

#21. Lots of Leather

Yes, leather is huge for fall 2018 and looks great in real and faux. We must opt for the more matte designs though, as well as the incredible looks that have been combined with showing off some legs.

Saint Laurent, anyone? Black leather dresses appeared all over along with the Matrix coats, with an Alexander Wang model sashing down that runway in a leather mini dress complete with circular, zipper-trimmed pockets. It is the ‘80s meets Matrix with the long black leather coats especially, appearing especially foreboding while oozing pure sex appeal.

Christian Siriano even walked his ladies out in nothing but some funky, deep black and high shine leather coats. Leather skirts and pants are no less common, but the emphasis is definitely on the coats.

As for the dresses, Miu Miu gave us the short and sassy, Loewe was all about the irresistible ankle length, while Hermes ensured we get some shirt dresses in leather as well.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Leather Clothing

#22. Shearling Everywhere

The coats are the best shearling accents on the fall 2018 runway trends, complete with lots of texture and available in both real and faux. Designers really played up the style, playing with stripes and patchwork and even some appliques. Tailored or oversized, the shearling pieces seen on a myriad of catwalks were simply spectacular.

Stella McCartney ensured you could see all that one wears underneath, while Calvin Klein seemed all up for coverage. As for Luis Vuitton, we love the creativity thrown into these pieces.

The best part about this fall 2018 fashion trend is that you can wear it however you like. Long or short, cinched waist or oversized, bedazzled or plain and simple; you decide. No matter what, it will look amazing!

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Shearling Coats & Jackets

#23. Silken Skirts

It was the midi and maxi dresses that utilized this fabric for the most part, and we loved every second of it. It was an old meets new trend, with Adeam featuring a two-tone yellow dress that brought the Middle Ages to the 21st century in gorgeous silk.

Though one of the biggest silk showstoppers on the runways was by far the robe-like dress at Hellessy that made the wearer appear like a woodland nymph goddess. High necks, statement sleeves, long dresses and matching footwear all made us fall in love with the silky texture of the Pyer Moss creations as well.

Of course, silk is not only seen on skirts, but also on whole ensembles, whether they be short tunics as per Richard Quinn or in a gusto of patterned layers as seen on the Marine Serre runway. Some really classy looks in silk can also be found in the Celine collection for the fall season.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Silk Clothing

#24. Feathery Texture

Fun feathers are also among the repeated trends we see on the fall 2018 runway, making the wispy accents a much-coveted item on our list. White feathers on a black-and-white mini dress add just the right amount of detail to bring it to life, while the feathery fringes of the sparkling Pamella Roland party dress have us thinking that despite cold shoulders, we will be rocking the cooler months with ease.

By far though, we love the feather details on the blue Son Jung Wan vest that matches white nicely with the flared floral print pants underneath.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Feathers

#25. A Whole Lot of Transparent

Whether what we are seeing is fully transparent or simply translucent, there are so many items in this fall 2018 fashion trend that we can choose from. The futuristic clashes with the olden Victorian, ruffles and lace add a more innocent conception to the sexy bustier designs. We see this trend on most all runways in one form or another, but it is good to know that we get a bit more coverage this year than we did in 2017.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: See-Through/ Transparent Clothing

#26. Metallic Foil Fabrics

The future is here, and the fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends are full of interesting designs made of foil-like metallic fabrics. Mylar-like leather and similar iridescent, seemingly holographic materials made the models appear simply out of this world. It appears that alien is what the future holds, with a very techy aspect to it.

From Calvin Kelin to Raf Simons, we find some fine tunics and dresses made of foil fabrics, while Area brings in beautiful iridescence, turning you into a lovely deep-sea pearl. Sies Marjan even matches oversized handbags with the coats.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Metallic Foil Fabrics

#27. Sequined Clothes

It is the stuff of the future. Silver gains a major foothold alongside the black and top colors of the year. Christopher Kane certainly had the right idea with large sequin armor-style designs appearing on its runway, while Paco Rabanne gave us enough glitter to light up the night sky on skimpy pieces that left little to the imagination.

As for Halpern, let’s just say that asymmetrical skirts, side slits, single-shoulder designs combined with dark silver sequins are quite the attractive combination. The high shine is nearly all you might be wearing next season, so choose your outfits carefully.

From what we can see though, Balmain takes home the prize for the shiniest ensemble. The sparkle and shine is even more to our liking when it appears as if we have stepped out of a disco ball and into a disco club. From cocktail dresses to wrap dresses and handbags, we even get two-piece suits in this fall 2018 trend appearing on the runways.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Sequined Clothing

#28. Tweed Focus

We see a lot of plaid among the fall 2018 print trends, yes, but it is the tweed fabrics that bring the ‘80s in with gusto. Marc Jacobs, and Chanel, Adam Lippes, and Miu Miu; so many styles, so many creations and so many ways to wear tweed this fall 2018.

Tweed coats look incredible, while matching tweed sets, plumped with tulle as seen at Altuzarra, give us some flight of fancy. As for one of the best combinations? Think leather and tweed jackets worn over short slit skirts and starched white collar shirts as per Matty Bovan! Or you can go schoolgirl style and wear it with a few oversized layers in between.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Tweed Clothing

#29. High Shine Coats

While the extreme shine can be found just about on everything, it is the coats with the dominatrix edge through patent leather that really capture our attention. Even Simone Rocha bought into this fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trend, while Mary Katrantzou gave us some pastels among the deeper, more exciting colors on the runways.

The fall 2018 fashion trends seem to be placing quite the focus on a glossy finish, with both latex and leather making the cut. Fendi even has shoes in a matching high shine coating, while Moncler really does wow with its creativity in design. If you prefer an added glittery texture, go for Victoria Beckham though, while the truly eccentric would only choose Jeremy Scott in this.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: High-Shine Patent Leather Coats

#30. Matching Outfit and Accessories

For the most part, we find a whole lot of matching dress and shoes on the runways, with handbags and sometimes even eyewear at least matching up in color if not print and style. Adam Selman’s zebra print creation looks amazing when you have all pieces of the outfit present in their matching designs.

You know you have this fall 2018 fashion trend pinned to the tee when you combine iridescent pearl-like coats with huge duffel bag style handbags, all in the same material, as appearing on the Sies Marjan runway. Some designers like Marc Jacobs even opted to have hair dyed to match the clothes, definitely beating out all other contenders in this category.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Matching Clothing and Accessories

#31. Statement Pockets

One of the fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends that go overlooked year after year is the one that has to do with pockets. No one really focuses on them. Until they are made into statements.

This year, we get some pretty unique pocket additions, including zipper-trimmed circular looks as per Alexander Wang, color-contrast pockets by the dozen becoming a great way to make a statement by Jeremy Scott, and looking pretty interesting as part of the short, oversized and puffed up shearling coat we are presented by Son Jung Wan.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Statement Pockets

#32. Tiered Skirts

If you want to add volume and flow, then opt for a tiered skirt, particularly in black, that is rocking the fall 2018 runway trends, bringing in lots of bounce. Pair it with a crop top or wear it on a ruffled skirt that is complemented with a pretty leather jacket – it’s up to you.

We even see the high-low silhouette appearing in this trend on the Cinq a Sept catwalk. It looks lovely, without a doubt, and worth buying into for both a casual and evening outfit.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Tiered Skirts

#33. Flared Pants

If we are thinking ‘80s, we are definitely thinking flared pants. Son Jung Wan paired a blue blouse in plaid with a rather shiny flare pant, complete with a floral side show. This is one of those love it or hate it fall 2018 fashion trends that can look really good if done just right, emphasizing the curves while balancing out the legs.

Juicy Couture plays with this trend, which is more of a micro trend this year, adding flare to textured trousers and paring with turtleneck sweaters and long Matrix coats. You can always pick a matching print ensemble from Diane von Furstenberg instead, though, elongating the body and flattering your curves.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Flared Pants

#34. Furry Cuffs

While shearling gets its own category, the cuffs need to be mentioned on their own, since they appear so much. Furry accents in general are a common sight, but the texture of the furry cuffs adds depth to a Cinq a Sept patterned coat, for example, or a Prabal Gurung white knit top.

We even see furry throws over the shoulders to offset the color of the furry cuffs as per Tanya Taylor. They are fun, sassy and give that “oversized” appeal even to a tailored piece on the catwalk.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Fur Cuffs

#35. Statement Sleeves

We have mentioned cuffs, we have mentioned shoulders, but we have not yet mentioned sleeves on their own. They are a pretty interesting addition to the fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends, grabbing attention with the differing textured, colors and patterns. Even a play on proportions is seen throughout the Fashion Weeks.

Fuzzy sleeves add fun and warmth to your tradition blazers and coats, such as that major moment we noticed at Noon by Noor. Shearling scarves and fun yellow bell sleeves sans the print seen on the rest of the jumpsuit jumped out from the Son Jung Wan show, while the sleeves puffed up intriguingly on an exaggerated camel jacket found at Eckhaus Latta.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Statement Sleeves

#36. High Necks

There are two opposing fall 2018 fashion trends in this area. Where we see a whole lot of strapless and plunging necklines, we get just as many, if not more, high necks, particularly in turtleneck. This includes Pyer Moss silky dresses, Prabal Gurung keyhole cape dresses, fur-trimmed Son Jung Wan jumpsuits, translucent black Cinq a Sept blouses and so much more.

High necks are often paired with long skirts and tall boots as well, giving the silhouette a taller, more statuesque appeal. Even high round necks look lovely, bringing the emphasis onto the other fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends that really stand out. This includes Calvin Klein’s metallic foil layers over billowy shirts and pants.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: High-Neck Clothing

#37. Huge Statement Bows

Bows are lovely on anything. Large bows just look incredible. Large bows on skimpy dresses all in futuristic silver as seen on the Christian Cowen show? Now that turns heads with ease!

These statement bows make the ladies look like presents under the tree that you simply must unwrap. There is a certain sex appeal to it while also managing to stay classy. Statement bows on waist-defining belts bring about a touch of wistful innocence as we see on one particularly pretty red dress on the Brandon Maxwell runway, while a strapless dress with a huge bow on the chest, worn over a matching fuzzy sweater is a pretty bold move by Ulla Johnson.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Big Bow Embellishments

#38. Long Skirts with High Boots

Minimalist and monastic, this fall 2018 fashion trend is certainly appealing to quite a large chunk of the population. While we do see quite a bit of skin these days, we are also treated to the opposite effect, with high necks, long skirts, and tall boots among the most sought after ensembles in the world of beauty. While you can stick to traditional muted colors paired with black, it looks even more exciting when you combine long skirts with patterned and brightly colored boots instead.

Zimmermann’s silken designs are quite magnificent, while Tibi’s pink numbers bring cotton candy to mind. Pairing this style with high slits as seen at Rosie Assoulin definitely ups the glam factor.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Long Skirts with High Boots

#39. Quilted Survival Clothes

It was New York Fashion Week that brought in quilting as a fall 2018 fashion trend, combining sass, sexy and survival in one gorgeous outfit. Tibi’s sports meets formal suit design grabs our attention from the start – its quilted texture only adding to its flavor.

Quilted safety blankets were also toted around on stage from time to time, but mostly we saw the quilted look. From Colovos pants to Derek Lam skirts to some sexy Prabal Gurung numbers, this trend really brought in the cozy feel.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Quilted Clothing

#40. Ode to the ‘80s

Many of the fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends presented on this list can actually fall into this major decade category. We are moving heavily into the 1980s this year, just as in the past one. From bolder shoulders to lots of black leather, it is glam and a power silhouette that rocks this year. It is the ‘80s meets modernity, which attracts us greatly.

From the Highwaymen on the Marc Jacobs runway to the Saint Laurent sex appeal, flared sparkle pants at Christopher Kane to the broad shoulder ending in tiny waists as per Miu Miu, it is the ‘80s in full fashion. We even see age-specific fall 2018 accessories and hair that matches this particular era.

Even the high Versace platforms take us back in time so perfectly. If you have leather jackets collecting dust, fall 2018 is the perfect time to take them out and sport the beautifully black look with grandiose.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: '80s Fashion

#41. Zipping to the Future

A recurring theme every year, it seems for the past half-decade at least, we are faced with a throwback decade complemented with a futuristic finish. The fall/ winter 2018-2019 runway trends simply continue with this tradition, bringing in the transparent plastic and cinematic sci-fi feel alongside the florals and glitter and padded shoulders. Bright colors, sleek designs and lots of silver are part of the futuristic look, not to mention the vast number of neon accessories.

House Margiela takes this to a whole new imaginative level, as per usual, while even Calvin Klein throws in some wonky headgear. Transparent plastic pants anyone? Balmain has you covered!

We simply love the Says Marjan looks though in this category and expect to see some of that aluminum silver Tom Ford on the red carpets. Needless to say, it is a fall 2018 fashion trend that allows for immense amounts of creativity. Have fun with the shiny and silver combinations for the fall and winter seasons, and you will certainly be the belle of the ball.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Futuristic Fashion

#42. Victorian Influence

We have seen this trend for some time now, and the fall/ winter 2018 fashion runways are no less full of the Victorian beauties that we have come to adore. This includes lots of lace, beautiful broaches, and so much more. Lots of ruffles also come into play, while the lacy gowns scream romance from far away. Ulla Johnson’s emphasis on tiered sleeves, fluttering skirts and even matching shoes gives us a good idea of how Victorian we really want to get.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Victorian Fashion

#43. Beauty in Folklore

If you loved your grandmother’s patchwork masterpieces, you will certainly be grabbing a few of these folklore designs for your fall 2018 wardrobe. This includes floor-sweeping dresses, quilting, and crochet, as well as textured knits, and shearling jackets or accents. High necks and long dresses along with over-the-elbow gloves cover up while showing off personality and style.

Calvin Klein’s designs are some of the best in this category, with Etro bringing immense beauty to the runway with its ethnic prints and fringed ends. It appears thick tights and sexy pumps also go well together as per Sacai, while strategically placed cutouts offer the sensuality with the conservative cover-up.

We must say that the Isabel Marant and Chanel coats in this category are simply to die for. The folklore fashion, with a bohemian twist, is perfectly adaptable to any situation.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Folklore/ Ethnic Fashion

#44. Go Romantic

While we see bold, bright, and downright dark looks, oversized and skimpy, long and monastic in design, one of the fall 2018 fashion trends we can really enjoy is the romantic form to the flowing dresses. Paris was a hothouse for this trend, with the more romantic fashion houses winning in this category.

Valentino, Elie Saab, and Giambattista Valli also joined in their ranks with some of the loveliest pieces on the runways. White and lace combinations appeared at Leowe, complete with scarves and extra-long sleeves, while we went slightly more Victorian with Elie Saab.

Valentino florals are quite romantic as well, with the bell sleeves and pleated patterns making one appear to be a garden fairy. And what fabric screams romance more than silk? Louis Vuitton gave us some pretty incredible designs in this trend.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Romantic Clothing

#45. Western Cowgirls

New York or Paris, we saw quite a few Wild West-inspired ensembles make it onto the stage as part of the fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends. Isabel Marant dedicated a good chunk of her collection to this particular trend, while so many others also opted to bring in fringe, stand-out yoke detailed shirts and some lovely buckskin.

Rustic metal belts and animal print scarves came into play in London, while Milan wasn’t far behind with some fun rodeo looks. We especially liked Pyer Moss’ ode to the black cowboys.

But if we had to pick some gorgeous Western-style pieces, we would go with Alberta Ferretti’s jumpsuit, the Coach leather jackets, or the David Koma Western meets the office professional suits.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Cowgirl Fashion

#46. Double Coats

If you thought multiple layers were going to get toasty, you should check out the double coat fall 2018 fashion trend. It feels like instead of choosing which coat to wear, you throw on both instead. You won’t have to worry about a heating bill with this trend, that is for sure.

Play with textures, play with lengths, and even play with bright and bold colors. Check out Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, Roksanda, Givenchy, and Lemaire to figure out which look fits you best. We have to say though Calvin Klein’s leather jacket over crepe suit jacket combination is a stellar composition.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Double Coats

#47. Security Blankets

All four Fashion Weeks have been full of this rather unusual trend. Think warm blankets you get under to hide away from the world and warm up your soul, but carried around on public transport. It has a rather homeless feel to it sure, but at least you can feel nice and secure wherever you go.

Puffed sleeping bag style security blankets appeared on the Maison Margiela runway, while Stella McCartney ensured we are wrapped in beautiful layers, blanket matching the clothing, at their show.

We even got security blanket dresses appearing on Off-White and Poiret catwalks, while both Alexander McQueen and Lemaire threw it over their shoulders like a cape. It might be a strange style, but looks very warm and cozy from our standpoint.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Security Blankets

#48. Accordion Pleats

Remember your grandmother’s accordion pleat dresses you simply loved to try on? Those lovely pieces that made you feel oh-so-feminine? Yes, they are back with a vengeance and look pretty amazing on the fall/ winter 2018 runway shows.

You can wear the accordion pleat look on more than just skirts though. We see them on Valentino trousers as well, but it is certainly the dresses and skirts that swoosh across our gaze and capture our attention.

No matter the fabric used, no matter the opacity, these pleats have bite and look pretty amazing when layered over pants or worn with fuzzy sweaters. Once again, it is an ode to the ‘80s that we so love.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Accordion Pleats

#49. Jellyfish Fringes

There is fringe and then there is jellyfish fringe. While buckskin and the Wild West sound great, a tassel of trailing tentacles could actually be more of an interesting trend to work with for designers everywhere.

That is exactly what artists such as Christopher Kane, Richard Malone, and Ports 1961 were thinking of when they put together some fascinating creations that landed on the Fashion Week runways. It certainly does give a rather futuristic feel to the typical animal prints that have been all the rage on the runways for years now.

Rhinestone string dresses from Gucci anyone? On the other hand, Prada’s designs look like we can be using recycled plastic for high fashion soon enough.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Jellyfish Fringing

#50. Leggings of All Types

The athletic trend seems to be going strong in all spheres, particularly when we look at some of the more glamorous looks that double over as sporty and comfortable. It also falls into the 1980s style category, bringing in sequins and animal prints as well. You can wear leggings with anything from a simple tee to a tuxedo.

Some designers went for the original take, while others strived to make an environmental comment with their intriguing designs and prints. If you plan to wear leggings to a club, go with a Tom Ford look; if you prefer to combine warmth with comfort, it is Victoria Beckham you simply must turn to.

R13 offers some environmental love, while Alexander Wang gives you high waists and underwire crop tops, perfect for a sexy gym session.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Leggings

#51. Covered Up Shoulder Flash

During the summer days, it is only natural to bare a shoulder or two to soak up the sun. Come fall and winter, the cooler weather requires one to cover up as much as possible. This has given birth to the single shoulder layer over a high-neck sweater, effectively creating a fun and sassy but still highly professional look.

Combining the ‘80s flash dance shoulder with the trending modest and monastic style brings for a look that rocks it with plaid as on the Marc Jacobs runway, goes great with high contrast coloring as seen on Rosie Assoulin, and with way too many oversized layers as per 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Covered-Up Single-Shoulder Clothing

#52. Sexy Suiting

We have all types of suits that we have already mentioned that kept making an appearance all over those catwalks. However, it is the sexier-cut designs that really need their own category, ranging from cold shoulders to strategic slashes above emphasized underwire bra effects.

Business really meets pleasure with this fall 2018 fashion trend, with the pieces definitely more suited for a night out instead of the office. Asymmetrical necklines, very short hemlines and funky sleeves all added to the look’s intrigue.

We are in love with the Alexander Wang and Cuchnie et Ochs pieces that fall into this category, though Jonathan Simkhai also did a pretty good job here.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Sexy Suiting

#53. Ruched Skirts

One of the most flattering fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends from the runways we are happy to see back is the lovely ruched skirts that hugged your body like a glove and still managed to make you look amazing. This fall, ruching down the sides of midi dresses and across miniskirts is all in and you can really use it to elongate your frame as you wish.

Balenciaga’s pieces will cover up any muffin tops and pouches, while Saint Laurent’s minis have us wondering just how much can be seen if we stare down the stairs. We absolutely love the longer Miu Miu floral dresses, though! However, the top piece in this category has to be Balmain’s futuristic silver ensemble.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Trends: Ruched Skirts/ Dresses

Photos via Vogue