Trends » Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends

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It’s time to ditch slippers and look beyond the comfortable sandals of spring and summer as we begin to enter the fall/winter 2022-2023 shoe trends. Of course, there are plenty of boots to get excited about and many comfortable slip-ons to wear on your fall walks, but who cares about the easy basics when we have exciting avant-garde additions?! Think of the extravagant patent leather detailing from some creative houses or the continuing adoration with sky-high heels.

Sparkling embellishments also played a key role in many of the fall 2022 shoe trends, with Nicola Brognano at Blumarine leaning into Y2K details, while Giambattista Valli, Fendi, and Tom Ford also created shoes that were perfect for a night on the town.

Though, if you’re interested in shoes that feature a bit more comfort and veer away from the category of ‘wearable art,’ there were track shoes aplenty and a plethora of puffed soles for those of you that have to do a lot of standing. And when rainy weather hits fall, it seems that we’ll all be more than covered with plenty of stylish rain boots coming out on the runways.

So as the temperatures drop, don’t expect your style to somehow become passé because if the fall 2022 shoe trends are any indication, then you’ll only look more stunning!

#1. Patented and Proofed

Shimmering patent leather was a surprise edition to multiple runways, as it’s been a few years since we last saw this trend. A classic detail that dates back to the 1950s, Miu Miu, Blumarine, Fendi, and Simone Rocha all felt the need to add a bit of extra shimmer to their footwear. Though, who’s complaining? Particularly considering that fall is a season known for its golden light, these shoes will certainly capture the sun’s rays in just the right way. 

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Patent Leather Shoes & Boots
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Patent Leather Shoes & Boots
Best Mules
The Attico Devon 115 Mule
The Attico

Are we obsessed with hot pink? Maybe a little bit, but it’s undeniably one of the most exciting colors in vogue right now. Case in point: these geometric open-toed mules from The Attico. The triangular platform heel is a fascinating touch that adds sophistication to the loud color. They’re statement-makers through and through and a worthy addition to any fashionista’s shoe closet. Shop for them at Forward!

Key Features:

  • Material: Leather
  • Origin: Italy
  • Heel Height: 4.5 inches

#2. Ready to Rumble

Just when we thought that this trend had been left in the spring and summer (along with 2008), it seems that gladiator shoes will continue to push themselves into the fall and winter shoe trends as well. But given their thick leather straps and details that were dispersed by designers, these shoes are an ultimate statement piece. So, if you’re interested in harkening back to ancient Rome, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Rick Owens will fulfill the gladiator within you.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Gladiator Sandals & Boots
Best Gladiators
Aquazzura Esvedra Lace-up Leather Sandals

With gladiator sandals, we think simple is better. These delicate tan sandals are lightweight and understated to fit any summer outfit. If you’re not into the chunky sandal look, you’ll probably like the ultra-thin soles.

They don’t offer a ton of support, but there’s also enough material around the toes and the ankle that they should be comfortable during most outings. The design is just sleek enough to help you fit in at most daytime events, but they’re also going to be perfect in more casual settings. You can find them on Net-a-Porter.

Key Features:

  • Material: Leather
  • Origin: Italy
  • Heel Height: 0.4 inches 

#3. Obscene Heights

This title is a reference not only to platforms, which continue to be a massive trend, but also to the height of many heels. Often working in tandem with platforms, designers from Chanel to Versace fell hard for sky-high heels. The silhouettes were often similar to Mary Janes but with a bulkier aesthetic. If you feel like investing in a pair of these ultimate heels, perhaps take a bit of unsolicited advice and check how your insurance covers falling.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: High-Heel Platforms
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: High-Heel Platforms
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: High-Heel Platforms
Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps

The Y2K vibes are strong with these Versace platform heels! Bright fuchsia, intense height, and just a hint of bling make them the perfect party shoes, especially paired with a short dress. We love the contrast of the chunky platform with the delicate satin.

These pumps make a big impact with their ‘more is more’ design, but they might actually be kinder to your feet than a dainty pair of stiletto pumps. Think about it: the platform under the toes means that the slope of your foot in the shoe isn’t too dramatic, while the chunkier platform heel offers more stability. Finally, that pretty strap with Versace’s iconic medusa hardware actually serves to protect your ankle. Find them at Forward!

Key Features:

  • Material: Leather & Satin
  • Origin: Italy
  • Heel Height: 6.25 inches with 2.5-inch platform

#4. En Pointe

Similar to patent leather shoes, the pointed toe is starting to make a recurrence as the fashion set moves away from squared toes. Most of the shoes featuring a tight point were found among the boots of this season. So, whether you’re interested in the ultimate colorful statement from Marine Serre or a harsher metallic look from Balenciaga, just get a half size up to save room for your toes!

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Pointy -Toe Shoes & Boots
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Pointy -Toe Shoes & Boots
Mach & Mach Double Bow Pumps
Mach & Mach

Bring the bling to your next party with these opulent pink-tone shoes. These heels are quite dramatic, with a transparent upper studded with crystals and a fierce pointed toe. The star of the show is the glistening bow decoration over the vamp. Make sure to wear them with a leg-baring outfit to let the shiny, crossed-over ankle strap stand out.

Note – while we’re dubbing them ‘party shoes’ because of the intense level of glamor they add to every outfit, we don’t think they’ll be particularly comfortable if you like to dance. They’re available through Farfetch.

Key Features:

  • Material: Leather & Rubber
  • Origin: Italy
  • Heel Height: 4 inches

#5. Thigh-Highs to the Sky

There is something inherently seductive about the thigh-high boot. A continuing shoe trend that many can’t get enough of come fall, they pair perfectly with miniskirts and jeans alike. At Isabel Marant, the shape was slouchy and comfortable, at Balenciaga, the boots were skin-tight, and Bottega Veneta found adjusting the heel’s shape into blocks to be the ultimate power move. All of this only proves that there is a style of thigh-high for everyone!

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Thigh-High Boots
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Thigh-High Boots
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Thigh-High Boots
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Thigh-High Boots
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Thigh-High Boots

#6. Comfort King

Not for the faint of heart, this shoe trend is an ultimate power move. Perfect for those that are on their feet during the day, designers wanted you to feel as though you were walking on a cloud. This was the thought process at J.W. Anderson and Dries van Note, it seems, where comfort became crucial in the form of futuristic footwear.

Along with this look, furry shoes captivated designers as well. This soft look was promoted mainly at Altuzarra, Miu Miu, and Fendi, where shearling and faux fur made multiple appearances both inside and outside of shoes. And who said stylish shoes weren’t comfortable?

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Furry Shoes & Boots

#7. Stubborn as a Mule

A simplistic ‘90s silhouette making a major recurrence, the mule is a shoe that seems to be a cross between the undeniably easy slip-on and the ever-present high heel. A perfect addition to any outfit, designers at Bottega Veneta made the ultimate spin to these shoes, with puffed quilting that matches their infamous Jodie bag.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Mules
Chanel Mesh & Suede Kidskin Slingbacks

We could have recommended Chanel’s classic two-tone slingbacks, which will always and forever be some of the best designer shoes for women. However, we’re focused on the here and now, and these unique slingbacks are very representative of today’s fashion vibe.

The baby pink shade, the soft suede, and the low heel – these shoes emanate softness and comfort. They’re unique enough to make a statement without being loud or garish, and we think they’d be perfect for spring and summertime outdoor events. They’re sold directly by Chanel.

Key Features:

  • Material: Mesh, Suede & Leather
  • Origin: Italy
  • Heel Height: 0.8 inches

#8. Runners, on Your Mark!

The line between fashionable athletic shoes and athletic shoes, in general, has officially blurred with the collaboration between Gucci and Adidas. So, if you’ve been following the ‘that girl’ style trend closely, there’s no fall shoe trend that will excite you more than this one. With trainers galore and comfortable slip-ons, there seemed to be a stylish take on sneakers at every fashion house.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Sneakers
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Sneakers
Balenciaga Triple S Chunky Trainers

We think a pair of ultra-large, chunky trainers are the perfect designer shoes for women who want a dramatic lift even when dressed casually. Balenciaga has made big waves with their unique sneaker releases, especially the Triple S range of multi-tiered platforms.

The shade fits with today’s white sneakers trend, but the small logos printed all over the shoe add some color. The print also reinforces the branding in a way that isn’t too garish and actually fits quite well with Balenciaga’s ironic approach under Demna Gvasalia. They’re sold on Farfetch.

Key Features:

  • Material: Leather
  • Origin: China
  • Platform Height: 2.5 inches

#9. All for the Ankles

As platform Mary Janes continue to be the shoe style that is highly prominent in both Milan and London, many designers went to add a bit of extra detailing around the ankle strap. With an air of 2000s nostalgia, Versace added chains of pearls rather than a leather strap around the ankle. This was a cue followed by Simone Rocha and Molly Goddard as well, proving that the simple elegance from a dangling chain is a detail for shoes that was certainly needed.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Shoes with Ankle Embellishments
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Shoes with Ankle Embellishments
Jimmy Choo Aveline 100 Sandal
Jimmy Choo

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, these dreamy and slightly unusual bridal shoes could definitely tie your look together (pun absolutely intended). These simple white sandals are elevated (figuratively) with a large, white mesh bow over the vamp of one shoe and behind the ankle of the other. Literally, they’re quite elevated thanks to a thin stiletto heel – you could wear them all the way to the altar, but you may want to switch to something else come dance time. They’re available at Forward.

Key Features:

  • Material: Grosgrain, Mesh & Leather
  • Origin: Italy
  • Heel Height: 4 inches

#10. Wedging Their Way in

There’s no need to fear falling when it comes to wearing a good pair of wedges because the chunky heel will provide the support you’ll most certainly need. Whether made with wood, cork, or even raffia, designers such as Prada, Fendi, and Tom Ford created many covetable options that are sure to become your new staple come fall and winter.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Wedges

#11. Paging Degas

At Miu Miu, satin ballet flats proved to be the elegant choice of footwear for models, while both Proenza Schouler and Khaite created a more modern version of the simplistic ballet flat. Infinitely comfortable and excellent for meandering around new cities when you travel this winter, this 2022 shoe trend is something to get excited about.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Ballet Flats

#12. Schoolgirl Cool

Considering that academic styles were a massive fashion trend for fall and winter, it comes as little surprise that Oxford shoes have found their way into the fall 2022 footwear trends. Polished and preppy, this style of loafer could be found on the runways of Louis Vuitton, Erdem, and Tod’s, with each having a slightly different twist on the shoe. Case and point; the fact that Louis Vuitton managed to create peep-toe loafers!

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Oxford Shoes

#13. Well, Well, Well

It seems that I owe rain boots an apology. For years I’d avoided this style of boot because I always found it completely unfashionable, however, it seems that the fall/winter 2022-2023 shoe trends completely disagree with me. From wellies at Chanel to Loewe’s slouching options, designers at multiple fashion houses seem to want to keep your feet warm, dry, and fashionable on rainy days.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Rain Boots
Bottega Veneta The Lug Boots
Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta’s chunky boots are a memorable winter footwear option. They feature an oversized, chunky sole that’s very much in line with current trends. The upper is slimmer leather with pull-tubs, which is a little more classic. They add an edgy feel to any look, so they’re perfect if you’d like to add a tougher vibe to your autumn or winter look.

They do require quite a bit of wearing-in before they feel comfortable, so if you do pick them up, do so well in advance of any long outings. You can get them at Forward.

Key Features:

  • Material: Leather & Rubber
  • Origin: Italy
  • Heel Height: 2.5 inches with 2.5-inch platform

#14. Giddy up

The Western chic look isn’t going anywhere this winter but rather only becoming more popular. With cowboy boots becoming an Internet-based fashion trend in the last couple of months, designers at Chloe and Missoni decided to give us what we wanted: designer boots! Now it’s just up to you if you’d like to style them with the Kate Bartlett-approved look of a miniskirt or the expected look of wide-leg jeans.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Cowboy Boots

#15. Fantasy Heels

Designers always try to show their flight of imagination through creative shoe designs, and most of the time, they put the focus on architectural, fantasy heels that are going strong for fall, too. From Fendi’s logo-carved heels to Balmain’s sporty touches to Dior’s comma heels, there is no shortage of unique heel shapes for the upcoming colder seasons.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Shoes with Fantasy Heels
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Shoes with Fantasy Heels

#16. Y2K Shoes

With all the Y2K craze conquering the runways, it is no surprise to see Y2K shoes take center stage, too. So, whether you are looking for the ultimate disco-ready sparkly pair of heeled sandals or just the cutest, comfiest flats to take to the streets, the fall 2022 shoe trends have you covered. For Cinderella-worthy shoes, check out the Genny, Germanier, and Blumarine collections, while Coperni, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Jason Wu also have covetable options to snag.

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Y2K Shoes
Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Shoe Trends: Y2K Shoes

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