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How to Wear Pink Lipstick

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We all grew up with those gorgeous dolls that wore pink lipstick amazingly well. Whether it was Barbie or any other type, that pink really was attractive, so much so that we would look for a similar hue among our mothers’ lip products. Sometimes it looked God-awful, though, and other times we felt like a superstar.

The ‘90s pop craze only served to increase our love for the perfect pink lipstick, with artists such as Britney Spears giving us some woefully sparkly dreams. Pink lipstick is basically the one color that every woman at some point in her life has desired to own a rainbow of shades of. How to apply and wear pink lipstick, though?

How to Apply Your Pink Lipstick

Once you have the right pink lipstick for your skin tone, you’re going to have to wear it the right way as well. That means following a few makeup tips and hacks to make that pink lipstick look perfect.

  • Always start by prepping the lips, moisturizing them, and getting rid of any dry patches that might affect how the pink lipstick will look at the end.
  • Makeup artists also recommend brushing on some foundation around the lips to prevent any color from bleeding out. This might be a problem with certain lipstick brands, especially if they are super hydrating.
  • Lip liner is another way one can prevent color bleeding while also giving an outline to color. We always seem to do better when borders are clearly defined. Perhaps that is due to playing with so many coloring books at a younger age?
  • Finally, when adding on the pink lipstick, using a special lipstick brush might come in handy to really get the pigment in there.
  • You can go glossy or matte, however you wish. Either way, go for a tissue blot before adding on any gloss in order to even out the color and really set it in.
  • Ombre pink lips will make those lips appear larger due to the light centering to the fullest areas. To get the ombre lip, you will need to first use a foundation or a lip eraser to give yourself a clean slate to add the pink pigment to. You may use a pencil to map out where the darker red, pink, and then orange will be added. Use only a good pencil for this, with dark red at the top, bright pink in the middle and darker orange lining on the bottom lip, all of it blended in for the best result. Again, you can play with gloss or leave it matte.
  • If you wish to take the opposite route and appear more natural, pick a sheer pink lipstick and keep the eyes natural. You will be more than happy with that perfect pink pout that is not loud and does not scream Barbie.
How to Apply Your Pink Lipstick

Pink Lip Makeup Tips and Hacks

As with any other makeup product, there are beauty hacks to consider when applying pink lipstick for a day or night out. A few things to consider:

  • Lighter pink lipstick shades make the lips appear fuller, while darker shades will thin them out. Choose what you will wear according to how you wish that pout to look.
  • Coral pink lipsticks can look great on any skin tone due to a caramel undertone. Enjoy it, no matter what your skin color is.
  • Berry pink lipstick shades look best on darker skin tones, cool or warm. Rich and vibrant, and with a nice gloss, these pink lipsticks are your best friend.
  • It is important to test the color before buying it. No matter how pretty it looks or matches your features, it just might not look as good when put on. Test the color in natural lighting for a more reliable conclusion.
  • If your skin looks dewy, it contrasts best with a matte pink lip.
  • Add shine once you use the simple pink lipstick, instead of picking up a pink lip-gloss from the get-go. Pearly or creamy finishes are also not as good as a nice matte finish to the lip product.
  • When applying a pale pink lipstick, make sure that your natural lip color cannot be seen before the application. Layer for good measure, pair it with winged eyeliner, and use other makeup products to enhance your features with a bit more color.
  • Finally, never wear a pink lip color that is by any chance lighter than the color of your gums.

What Makeup to Wear with Pink Lipstick

When figuring out what makeup to pair with your perfect pink lipstick, consider:

How to Pull Off Pink Lipstick
  • Always keep it simple. A pink lip color is nice and bright. You do not want to clash with strong eye makeup as well. So keep it balanced, particularly for the daytime.
  • This also applies to the blush, as many tend to overdo it, making it look drawn on. You want the makeup to appear blended and beautiful without adding in too much pink everywhere.
  • Do just the pink lipstick. It is bright and beautifully pigmented, giving your face that darling splash of color needed anyhow. Just keep the foundation on nicely blended in and the hair groomed nicely.
  • Add to your lashes. When you take this route, you should play up the lashes, either with a strong dose of mascara or by adding in the fakes. You want those eyes popping without overdoing on the makeup.
  • Play with colorful eyeliner. Okay, we know this keeps getting more colorful, but bear with us. There is a major trend for using brightly colored liners on your lids, particularly on the lower end. This looks incredibly good with a pair of pink lips, while a truly bold personality will mix in glitter with some bright liners, top, and bottom lids.
  • Brush on the white. Pink lipstick tends to make you look fresh, and particularly wakeful. White liner and shadow also have a similar effect. Combine them for a great spring and summery feel as well, making the eyes pop with barely any effort.
  • Bring on the blush. While we definitely do not recommend a blush and lipstick clash, we do say that matching the colors, particularly using the pink lipstick pigment on the cheekbones, is a very good idea. It makes you look incredibly feminine while still keeping to your fashion diva outlook. A definite must!

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