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How to Choose the Perfect Pink Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

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To this day, no matter how much we age, pink never loses its pull on us. It is only once we get to a certain point in our lives though that we begin to think about pink lipstick shades and matching skin tones, quickly discovering that we were doing it all so very wrong till now. So, how to choose the best pink lipstick color for your skin tone?

While pink is one of the loveliest and freshest colors we can use, it is not the easiest to pull off. Reds, berry, and purple lipstick shades are much easier to play around with, despite the perfectly “Legally Blonde” feeling you get with the former beauty.

Everyone can pull off pink, though, no matter what they think. One simply needs to match the skin tone to the pink lipstick shade. The best way is to match it perfectly with your undertones.

Before you go for that pink lipstick, though, remember that the most important step is getting used to seeing yourself wearing color, particularly the bright and bold. You might need to wear it a few times to get used to yourself in lovely pink lips, pastel, or on the darker side. Once you are able to wear the lipstick with confidence, there is very little you cannot pull off with ease.

Best Pink Lipstick Shades According to Skin Undertones

To determine whether you are of a cooler or warmer skin tone, check out the veins on your wrist. Blue- and purple-tinged veins point towards a cooler undertone, while green- or olive-tinged veins mean you are of a warmer coloring. The former will have a reddish or bluish tint to the skin itself, while the latter is more on the yellow, peach, or green side.

If your skin follows neither of these rules, you are most probably of a neutral undertone. This means your veins are a blue-green combination, and the skin tinting is neither on the blue nor on the yellow side. This also means you can wear just about any pink lipstick shade and pull it off with flying colors.

Then, there is the olive undertone, which is more neutral but with a touch of grey. Deep berry pinks look best on those with olive undertones.

Remember that cooler skin tones look best in cooler-toned pink lipsticks with blue and purple undertones, such as lavender, magenta, purple, blue-toned hot pink, and rosy pinks.

Warmer skin tones look great in warm-toned pink lipsticks with orange and yellow undertones, with coral, nude lip colors, and peach as the top choices.

Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Fair/ Light Skin Tones

It is the soft and sheer or those with crisper pigmentation that you are aiming to pick up for your lips here. You will most probably have reddish undertones, and a peachier shade is what will help neutralize it and remove the blotchy look.

Flowery pink lipsticks are a great option for fair skin tones as well, particularly rose and lilac tints.

Those with fair skin with yellow undertones should consider picking warmer pink lipstick colors, like coral pinks.

Fair skin with blue undertones will look best in a blue-pink lipstick, popping you out with a bubblegum or candy look. Nice and sweet with the fairest of them all!

Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones, especially with an olive tint, are the best for pink lipstick. Most any shade can be pulled off here, outside of pink lipsticks with blue undertones.

Since you are of a warmer hue, the cooler pink lipstick shades might wash you out. Watermelon pink is an interesting hue to opt for or even a nude pink lipstick that gives you the perfect au naturel appearance.

Orange and coral pink lipstick shades are a great option for a complementary finish. Deeper pink lipsticks are also something to look into, depending on your personality and the outfits you are wearing on that particular day.

How to Choose Pink Lipsticks for Skin Tones

Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Olive Skin Tones

If you have an olive skin tone, that is a medium skin tone with yellowish-green undertones, you should steer clear of red-based pink lipsticks. Instead, darker shades of pink with some touches of purple will bring out the best in your skin tone.

Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Darker Skin Tones

The darker the skin, the brighter and bolder the pink lipstick can be for the best complimentary look. Shades in the magenta family are for the more daring at heart, especially when you move into the fuchsia category.

Deep blue-pink lipsticks, as well as red or purple tones are the way to go. Lighter, purple-toned pink matches a softer personality. No ashy colors, though, and certainly no neutral pinks.

Other Factors to Consider

In addition, you’ll want to take your hair and eye color into account too when looking for the perfect pink for your skin tone. For instance, if you have a cool undertone yet warmer hair and eye colors, warmer pink shades might look good on you, and vice versa. Go for the shades that most dominate in your look.

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