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8 Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks You Should Consider Getting

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Backpacks are great for any time of the year, and Louis Vuitton backpacks seem to be particularly perfect if you want to flaunt your fashionista factor. Although Louis Vuitton has always specialized in luggage and small accessories such as designer bags and clutches, it has been recently experimenting with backpacks, too, delivering some staple styles that are already legendary.

Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women
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Quickly scoring the best places in any fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe, Louis Vuitton backpacks have been gaining immense popularity recently, and we cannot wait to see how the label will develop and upgrade its backpack section in the years to come.

Since buying any designer accessory item comes with bittersweet feelings, mostly because we are always afraid the staple might not be actually original, below you’ll find our little vademecum on how to buy authentic Louis Vuitton backpacks. But first discover a way funnier list of the best Louis Vuitton backpacks for women to invest in!

Best LV Backpacks for Women: Contents

8 Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women

Perfect for instantly elevating your day-to-day and fashion-week-ready looks, these Louis Vuitton backpacks are the most iconic designs you should consider getting!

1. Louis Vuitton LockMe Backpack

Crafted in leather and refined by exquisitely minimalist aesthetics, Louis Vuitton’s LockMe backpack comes in various versions and is definitely one of the most acclaimed by our beloved fashion enthusiasts.

While the regular size is perfect for any daily life activity, the Mini version is not only undeniably cute but is also suitable for the fun days (or nights) spent out wandering with friends. We recommend the total-black LockMe backpack if you are specifically looking for a go-with-everything accessory that could easily transition from day to night!

Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women: Louis Vuitton LockMe Backpack

2. Louis Vuitton Sperone Backpack

If you have ever wondered what kind of Louis Vuitton backpack that cool girl at school or work was wearing since it really seemed everyone loved/ had it, good chances are it was a Sperone backpack. Less rigid and minimalist than the LockMe, Louis Vuitton’s Sperone backpack is roomier, fresher, and definitely more casual chic, with its structure being perfect for either a hippy-inspired look or a simpler urban-chic one.

Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women: Louis Vuitton Sperone Backpack

3. Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack

Say “hi” to your next travel companion! Among all Louis Vuitton backpacks, Palm Springs is the most structured and rigorous in its silhouette, a day-to-night, London-to-Paris kind of backpack. As with Louis Vuitton’s LockMe, the Palm Springs backpack comes in a plethora of styles (among which the ones featuring the fashion house’s iconic soft Monogram canvas are the most popular), and sizes, too. As for now, Louis Vuitton’s Palm Springs mini backpack is the hottest in town.

Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women: Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack

4. Louis Vuitton Clapton Backpack

We get it. Your personal style is cozier and slightly Nineties-inspired, and small designer backpacks are your thing. Well, don’t worry! Of course, Louis Vuitton has got your (literally) back, too. With adjustable straps and a top handle that allows you to carry it in different ways, Louis Vuitton’s Clapton backpack is feminine, practical yet not too cumbersome, and most importantly will look like meant to be with all of your mom jeans.

Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women: Louis Vuitton Clapton Backpack

5. Louis Vuitton Hot Springs Backpack

Yes, exactly, this Louis Vuitton backpack is like the Palm Springs but hotter. If you rule the city and are always looking for new ways to experiment with fashion and surprise your friends, Louis Vuitton’s Hot Springs backpack is the way to go (and if you have one or a few vinyl skirts, it is time to use them!).

Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women: Louis Vuitton Hot Springs Backpack

6. Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack

An update of the historic Montsouris model, the newest Montsouris is one of the greatest fashion investments for anyone who’s expanding her luxurious accessories collection. Spacious and elegant, it truly emphasizes the fashion house’s long history of it-bags and must-have clothing items, not to mention the fact that we could easily consider it as the poster child for the perfect Louis Vuitton accessory staple.

Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women: Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack

7. Louis Vuitton Sorbonne Backpack

Available in different colors, Louis Vuitton’s Sorbonne backpack is equally urban-chic and feminine, filtered through a clear Parisian-inspired lens that makes everything even more iconic and covetable. Being able to treat oneself to this backpack should be the dream of many women.

Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women: Louis Vuitton Sorbonne Backpack

8. Louis Vuitton Josh Backpack

Those who are familiar with Louis Vuitton backpacks and accessory items, in general, might be puzzled this time around, as the Josh backpack is available in Louis Vuitton’s menswear section. Well, that’s true, but playing with fashion, especially with proportions, is something we really appreciate. Whether your style is more androgynous or you are just looking for something utterly spacious to carry your office stuff for the day, Louis Vuitton’s Josh backpack won’t let you down for sure (plus, it is flawlessly minimalist and soigné!).

Best Louis Vuitton Backpacks for Women: Louis Vuitton Josh Backpack

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Backpack

With the shadowy market in fake fashion blossoming day after day, spotting counterfeit Louis Vuitton items can be tricky and actually difficult. Most backpacks, handbags, and Louis Vuitton belts look exactly the same as the house’s original accessories, especially when coming from second-hand/ vintage boutiques (some of which also happen to be credible and famous).

So, how can one spot a fake Louis Vuitton backpack? Here’s what you have to check (also, if you are thinking about selling your original Louis Vuitton backpack, check everything off of this list before putting it on Depop or any other website!).

Check the Material and the Structure

Unless otherwise stated in the future, Louis Vuitton backpacks are made of cotton and high-quality leather. The first thing you should do is smell the backpack. If it smells like leather, that’s a good sign!

Check the hardware, too. Louis Vuitton’s hardware is plated brass throughout, while the straps are made of cowhide, not plastic. In addition, the backpack never comes with the straps wrapped in plastic. If after a few weeks or months the straps don’t get darker because of oxidation, good chances are the backpack is not original.

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Backpack

Check the Stitching and the Inside

Needless to say, any Louis Vuitton backpack lies under the umbrella of luxury fashion, meaning that each detailing, material or embellishment is top-notch. The same goes for the stitching, which in any Louis Vuitton backpack comes in a single, unbroken line. Over-stitching and any other type of stitching are signs of fakes!

Monogram Louis Vuitton backpacks never feature a lining inside, but just a high-quality suede material.

It’s Louis Vuitton, Not Luis Vitton

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake Louis Vuitton backpack is check for misspellings. Look at all the logos, emblazonments or prints – if it is not spelled correctly, it is undeniably a counterfeit.

Now It’s Time to Examine the Monogram

Unless it is a solid-colored backpack, most Louis Vuitton backpacks feature a monogrammed canvas. If you are trying to spot a fake backpack by its monogram, always keep in mind that Louis Vuitton’s monograms go from left to right and are perfectly symmetrical.

Most Importantly Check the Brand Identifiers

As with any other Louis Vuitton bag, backpacks come with some serious identifiers, too.

First and foremost, every Louis Vuitton backpack comes with a signature date code and stamp. At the center of the backpack, there’s an identification placard.

With every backpack comes also a dust cover (usually made of flannel or cotton), and an authentication card. If you are buying a second-hand backpack or are actually trying to sell yours, make sure there’s the authentication card, as without it the backpack loses its monetary value.

When checking the identifiers, look for the manufacturer’s country of origin. So far, Louis Vuitton has been manufacturing its backpacks and bags in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States. If you are a reader from the future who’s about to by a Louis Vuitton backpack made in Finland, head to and check if Finland just got added to the countries the fashion house manufactures its backpacks in.

How to Spot a Fake LV Backpack

Last But Not Least, Watch out the Price

It might sound stupid but check the price. If it’s new and costs less than $1000, it might be counterfeit (or stolen, which is no good sign). If you are buying from a second-hand store, compare the price with other accredited vintage e-commerce or online stores to make sure it is not too low (we all love a good bargain but if it is too good to be true, something might be up).

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