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15 Best Fiber Mascaras for Short Lashes to Look Thick and Long

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  • Fiber mascara is essentially a regular mascara, except it is filled with nylon, silk, or rayon fibers that coat the lashes to volumize and lengthen them dramatically.
  • With fiber mascara, you don’t need to use falsies, and your makeup will look more natural.
  • You apply and take it off like any other normal mascara.

Makeup technology is constantly growing – and at a rapid pace – and improving classic products we know and love. Fiber mascara is one of these new and improved traditional cosmetic loves, which combines the simplicity of regular mascara but ramps it up by introducing falsie-like fibers.

Now there are dozens of unique fiber mascaras that can appeal to any lash-lover. From single tubes to full-on kits, fiber mascara is a diverse product that can be beloved by anyone. But with so many different kinds of fiber mascara options out there, we totally understand the overwhelming feeling it can create. This list can help you find the best one for you and get those short lashes thick and long in no time. 

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15 Best Fiber Mascaras to Buy 

Looking for a great fiber mascara but not sure where to start? Regardless of whether you want a great go-to for the mornings or a whole fancy kit for the perfect date night and everything in-between, there is one for every need.

Best Overall
Dior Diorshow Lash-Extension Effect Volume Mascara

Swipe it on for drama. The Dior Diorshow is a fiber mascara at the height of luxury. It was the winner of the Glamour Beauty Award in 2016, and it’s easy to see why. The tube contains an air-lock wiper that helps keep the mascara from drying out. Within this familiar Dior-encrusted tube is a formula that clings between lashes to create thick lashes without the clump. It also contains a wax texture to help build volume to as bold as you’d like.

Shoppers adore that this mascara creates super long and thick lashes but keeps them healthy. And it’s relatively easy to remove – without all the transfer to your cheeks! Thank the mascara gods! However, it is noted that the brush applicator isn’t the best, and it may take several coats to notice a difference. But once you build it on, it is a showstopper! Pick it up on Nordstrom or Amazon!

Best for a Natural Look
Tetyana Naturals 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara
Tetyana Naturals

Love a natural look? This mascara is for you! It contains a natural and non-toxic formula in a sexy rose gold and black tube that creates dark and truly stunning lashes. The formula has its priorities straight, as it focuses on thickening and creating softer, fuller-looking lashes while being great for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Beauty lovers adore the natural full-lash look this mascara creates and that it only takes one to two coats to create lashes for days. While the applicator is a bit funny to work with, it is easy to wash away with just some warm water. Give this mascara a shot, available on Sephora!

Best Vegan and Gluten-Free
Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara
Milk Makeup

Go natural with this mascara’s ingredients. It contains hemp-derived cannabis seed oil that helps fuse the formula to the lashes for thickness while pumping up your lashes with a double dose of volume. The oil also helps to hydrate your lashes and makes this mascara vegan and gluten-free.

But this mascara doesn’t just stop at great oils. Its heart-shaped fibers clamp onto your lashes for long-lasting volume and length while maintaining curl. Inside the sleek silver tube is a tapered, tree-shaped brush that hits every angle, and its soft and crisscrossed medium-firm bristles help create clump-free definition on your lashes.

Beauty lovers can’t stop talking about how it looks like they’re wearing falsies, but do note that the formula can become gloopy, thick, and clumpy over time. Go green with this mascara that you can purchase on Sephora or Amazon!

Best Value
Mia Adora 3D Pure Silk Fiber Lash Mascara
Mia Adora

Why settle for one tube when you can get a whole kit? This kit features two tubes, so this mascara can get the look you want. The first tube contains a paraben-free, non-toxic wet magnifying gel, while the second one contains tiny, dry green tea micro lash extensions. In three steps, by using the gel before and after applying the lash extensions, you’ll obtain the hot volume you’ve been looking for – without falsies. The separate eyelash comb helps to remove any clumps for a clean look.

While it may seem like a lot of trouble with multiple steps, reviewers love that it’s actually very easy to use, and that clean-up is a breeze. However, do note that applying loose fibers to your eyelashes may result in some flaking, so add an extra coat or two of the gel formula to keep them in place. Take the creative route with this mascara, available on Amazon!

Best Lengthening
Glossier Lash Slick

Love some length? Then this is the best fiber mascara for you! The Lash Slick comes in a cute baby pink tube filled with a water-resistant formula. It curls and lengthens lashes, creating a ‘baby extension’ effect with teeny-tiny fibers that stick to the lashes with flexible film-forming polymers. This mascara is great for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, as it’s non-irritating.

Shoppers love how it looks super-natural in a #Iwokeupthisway look. It’s perfect for those who would rather lengthen lashes than thicken them, but do note it can flake throughout the day. Lengthen your lashes with Lash Slick, available on Glossier!

Best for Soft Lashes
Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Let’s keep it flexible, shall we? This mascara contains olive oil to help keep lashes soft and synthetic, as well as natural waxes to create softer and more flexible coverage that prevents lashes from becoming brittle. Beauty gurus think it is great for creating thick and long lashes without clumping and that it works best with a second coat for more volume and length. However, it has been noted that if you sweat or cry often, this mascara can run down your face. Pick it up online on Nordstrom or Amazon!

Best Volumizing
Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara

Va va voom! We love that volume. Get it with one of the best Maybelline mascaras! Inside this dramatic purple tube is a kera-fiber formula that builds all the volume with none of the clumps. This mascara swipes on with a spoon brush that is flexible to lift and separate all of your lashes for a ba-bam eyelash look. In addition, it’s available as washable and waterproof and safe for those who rock contact lenses.

Shoppers love that this mascara comes off with little to no hassle and does not pull out your lashes as you clean them. To make this mascara even more amazing, wait for the first coat to dry before putting on a second coat to make it last longer. Give it a chance and purchase it at Ulta or Amazon!

Best for a Fanned Look
CoverGirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara

Want all of the length without sacrificing all of the volume? You are going to go crazy for this mascara. It may look cute in its bright teal tube, but underneath is a fiber-length formula that will get the job done. With a formula that boasts 400% volume and length increase, you’ll obtain that fanned-out look you’ve been looking for.

While the brush might seem skinny, shoppers have actually been pleasantly surprised to find that it works super well. They say it gets under the lashes and helps boost them to make them look longer. But swipe on with some care, as reviewers have also noted that all of your lashes can clump together if you’re not careful. You can pick it up from Amazon.

Best for Contact Lens Wearers
Lorac Cosmetics PRO +Fiber Mascara
Lorac Cosmetics

Go for the pro look with the best fiber mascara ever! This Lorac mascara comes in a professional-looking black tube. Inside is a formula containing nylon fibers that will make you thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to reach for the falsies and glue. The large brush helps to easily coat each lash from root to tip, all while adding dramatic curl.

Shoppers will be thrilled to know that it’s approved for contact lens wearers. The narrow tip of the brush is super helpful in lengthening the harder-to-reach lashes at the outer corners of the eyes, and it doesn’t flake away. However, it can go on heavy, so pay attention to putting lighter coats on and building up to your desired thickness. This mascara can be picked up from Ulta or Amazon today.

Best Two-in-One
L’Oréal Voluminous X Fiber Mascara
L’Oréal Paris

Why get one mascara when you can have two? The L’Oréal fiber mascara is a two-step system for volume and length. The first step is a lash primer to build volume and color, while the second step applies a fiber-infused mascara that steps up your mascara game. This double-sided mascara system packs a punch while being smudge-resistant that can be removed easily with soap and water.

This purple and black tube is filled with a formula that has shoppers hooked. They are thrilled that it can take thin, wispy eyelashes and turn them into a thick, luscious look. However, while this mascara’s multiple steps may not make it easy as a one-and-done swipe, it is important to be efficient while putting it on, or it may not work to its best extent. Try this one-two-punch mascara by L’Oréal and pick it up from Ulta or Amazon!

Most Unique Brush
Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara
Jane Iredale

Looking for a unique brush? This mascara is for you! While the formula is made of triple-length cellulose fibers, seaweed lipids, beeswax, and wheat protein for a voluminous, feathery look, the brush is a total standout, too. It features dual edges to curl, elongate, and reduce the splitting and breaking of the lashes themselves.

Reviewers love that it goes on simply, does not clump, and is easy to build for a thicker lash look. Note that the stick can be a bit touchy, so maneuver it with care for your best look. Available in three colors, this is the best fiber mascara for a well-rounded look and can be bought on Dermstore or Amazon.

Best for Curvy Lashes
Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara

A wavy brush for curled lashes – this one is curvaceous! Within a silver and purple tube lies a double-curved lifting brush. It teams up with a fiber-infused formula that is available in washable or waterproof that is safe for both sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The sexy brush holds onto your lashes as it swipes the mascara from root to tip so every single lash is coated, curved, and beautiful.

This mascara really stays put, shoppers say, and adds a bunch of volume and length, but can dry fast. It’s important to not layer it too quickly, however, so the mascara doesn’t clump like crazy. Curl it big with this mascara by Maybelline. Pick it up from Ulta or Amazon!

Best Nourishing
LashFood Lash Extensions In a Bottle

Who would have thought a tiny bottle could do so much? The LashFood mascara does just that – doubly so with two bottles attached to one collection of brushes. One side of this black tube offers extending fibers with a conditioning white base that makes the nylon fibers stick with no problem to your lashes. The second side contains a sealing mascara that keeps the fibers in place as well as lengthens those beauties. With a nano-peptide complex, your lashes will be nourished around the clock and appear healthier.

While beauty gurus say it can take a number of coats to make your lashes look like falsies, they love that the mascara conditions them like no other. Put this mascara on with care in order to create beautiful individual lashes instead of making them clumpy. Give two-mascaras-in-one a shot today! This mascara is available on Amazon.

Best K-Beauty
Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

Some mornings you just need some caffeine. Fortunately, with Lash Alert, you can get your caffeine through your mascara. In this bright blue zero-waste squeezy tube is a botanical-infused fiber mascara formula that will get your eyes open. Caffeine for stimulation, arginine for repair, biotinoyl tripepetide for regeneration, biotin to thicken are some of the great ingredients in this mascara. The brush is also great to curl and volumize, as it has a full-contact helix design.

This mascara is perfect for the morning after a late night on the town. While it isn’t waterproof, shoppers appreciate that it can withstand tears and rain. Just do note that it seems to be a wetter mascara and can flake away after some time. Try this energizing mascara today, available on Ulta or Amazon!

Best Formula
Touch In Sol Paper Pusher Stretch Fiber Lengthening Mascara
Touch In Sol

Want a fiber mascara made with something different? Something – dare we say – innovative? This mascara is crafted from paper fibers from Hanji Paper that is made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree – and this is just one of the many natural ingredients it is made of. Others include carbon black and black food complexes like black beans, blackberries, black sesame, blackcurrants, as well as centella asiatica, calendula, chamomile, and chaste tree.

Beyond the great ingredients, shoppers also love that this mascara creates long lashes without a spider-eye effect and goes on smoothly with a small, contoured wand. Do note that this mascara is not waterproof but does come off easily with warm water, so it doesn’t irritate sensitive eyes. However, it can flake over time. Try this innovative mascara today, available on Amazon!

What Is Fiber Mascara? 

So, what exactly is fiber mascara anyways? Fortunately, not that different from your normal mascara – but with some added benefits.

If you are someone who loves a big, bold lash look but has shorter, lighter lashes or someone who only likes to save the falsies for super-specific cases – and just maybe hates glopping on the flue – or someone who doesn’t like the heavy feel or almost-fake look of falsies, fiber mascara is a perfect option for you. 

Fiber mascara has all the color of regular mascara but also contains super tiny silk, rayon, or nylon fibers that help to add length, volume, thickness, and pizzazz to your lashes that will make falsies even jealous of your drama. And another great note: fiber mascaras look totally natural in comparison to falsies. 

Swipe on some fiber mascara to create a defined look that will make your eyes look more open and make you shine.

What Is Fiber Mascara?

Fiber Mascara Benefits 

If fiber mascara and regular mascara are so similar, then what’s the point of trying it out? Fiber mascara actually has a lot of great benefits, some of which include:

  • Looks natural in comparison to falsies
  • Is great for those with short, lighter lashes or for someone who wants a mascara with some push
  • Easier to put on than falsies
  • Similar to put on like regular mascara but with added benefits of fibers
  • Creates great volume, thickness, and length thanks to fibers
  • No need to cut, glue, or tape to achieve lash greatness
  • Can sometimes come with a primer
  • There are a wide variety of options in color, fibers, single tube to a full kit, and more
  • No need for lash extensions
  • Can save time (and money)
  • Unlike with falsies, doesn’t have to be precision perfect 
  • Goes on with a couple of simple swipes
  • There are plenty of options on how you can use fiber mascara, such as full-on glam with both top and bottom lashes or just at the corners for some added length

How to Use Fiber Mascara

While putting fiber mascara on is no different than swiping on regular mascara, there are some tips and tricks to try to keep your makeup lasting longer. 

How to Use Fiber Mascara
  • It’s important to start off with a clean canvas whenever you are putting new makeup on. You don’t want to leave any bit of yesterday’s makeup on your face! Remove any excess makeup with your favorite makeup remover or wipe as well as clean your face with your go-to face wash
  • Once your face is fresh and clean, it’s best to start with your eyes, so if any fibers do rain down on your cheeks as you apply your mascara, you can easily clean it up.
  • The first step is to curl your lashes with a lash curler. This is great for those with straight eyelashes, as it can help enhance your lashes for a beautiful curl. To use a lash curler, you want to take it and place it as close as you can to the base of your eyelashes without going too close to squeeze your eyelid.
  • When you close the clamp, hold it for a couple of seconds. You don’t want to hold it down for too long to create a crimping texture – just long enough that your lash will get some curl. Do this for the inner and outer lashes as well as in the middle. This will create a lovely full-lash curl effect.
  • Before going straight to your fiber mascara, it is best to apply a primer coat first. Depending on which one you go with, some come with a primer already. If yours does not, opt for your normal fiber-free mascara as the primer instead. Coat your curled lashes from root to tip with your primer or fiber-free mascara to create a great even base.
  • Now for the fun part! Take your fiber mascara and run it from root to tip on your lashes to add some volume and length. Add as many or as few coats as you’d like for your desired look. It’s best to look down and not up so the fibers fall on your cheeks or beauty counter versus getting in your eyes. For some added drama, add the mascara to both sides of your lashes – and don’t forget the outer and inner corners of your eyes! 
  • Once you have coated your lashes with your desired amount of fiber mascara, finish it off with a last coat of primer or fiber-free mascara. This will help keep your fiber mascara in place and keep the fibers from shedding over the course of the day (or night). 

This wasn’t so bad, was it? Definitely not. If you can put on regular fiber-free mascara, you can definitely become a boss babe at handling fiber mascara. 

How to Take off Fiber Mascara 

Don’t you just hate waking up with raccoon eyes and leftover makeup stains all over your pillow? We don’t care about it either. Fortunately, fiber mascara is not much different from removing your regular go-to fiber-free mascara. 

Fiber Mascara Benefits
  • Start with your favorite makeup remover, cleansing oil, cream, balm cleanser, or micellar water. Saturate your cotton pad with your remover choice before closing your eyes and holding the pad on your lid for five seconds – or five Mississippis. Your choice. 
  • Wipe the pad downward after the time is completed. This should remove most of the mascara from your upper lashes – and keep them from being pulled out. 
  • Do the same thing – hold for five seconds, wipe down – for your lower lashes. If you have to, try folding the pad in half to help form to your lower lashes. 
  • Most of the mascara should be removed at this point, but don’t forget your lashes in the corner of your eyes! Just remember to keep on wiping the mascara from the eye and away. 
  • If your mascara is a champ at holding up, and you need to repeat this process, hold down your pad for 20 seconds before wiping away. This should help grab even more mascara in fewer swipes.
  • And lastly, if you have some mascara residue along your lower lash line, take a cotton swab and dip it into the makeup remover before carefully wiping it away from your eyes. 

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