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15 Best Blue Mascaras for an Eye-Popping Makeup Look

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Giant, teased hair, rat tails, and faux beauty marks – the beauty trends of the 1980s encapsulated quite a lot of bold looks, with blue mascara at the forefront of many. Today, blue mascaras are once again cementing their place among iconic beauty looks.

And while basic black mascaras can elevate a look, there’s something about colored ones that take it to the next level. After all, makeup is art, and color is its expression, with blue being one with considerable pop. Which, though, is the best blue mascara?

Read on to find out which are the top blue mascaras on the market, which shade is perfect for your eye color, and how to slay the look with confidence.

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15 Best Blue Mascaras to Try

Volumizing, lengthening, curling, or plumping, whichever look is your poison and whatever price is your sweet spot, this list of the 15 best blue mascaras surely covers it.

Best Overall
Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara in Brightening Blue
Benefit Cosmetics

The more you layer, the more volume you build, and if this mascara’s 40,000+ positive reviews and an Allure Best of Beauty award title are anything to go by, it delivers! Talk about bang for your buck, indeed. The BADgal mascara offers up to 36 hours of coverage. It’s best to apply using gentle and precise strokes, and it’s recommended to wiggle its Big Slimpact! Brush to the tips of the lashes to get an even spread. Regardless of how much you layer, though, customers reported that it leaves the lashes feeling weightless, almost as if nothing’s been applied. Buy it from Sephora!

Best Non-Clumping
Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in 70 Blue Night

A high-precision wand that boasts leaving lashes plump and popping in a single stroke! Its bristles are of varying lengths, meaning that the short and long pieces work to separate and lift lashes, keeping them from clumping. This mascara’s formula works so well in providing thickness and length that it has captivated and held customers for over two decades! You can find it at Nordstrom.

Best Drugstore
ColourPop BFF Mascara in Blue Ya Mind

Vegan and cruelty-free, this popping blue mascara might just blow your mind with its volumizing formula. The curve of its nylon fiber brush is designed to cradle your lashes from roots to tips as it lifts and lengthens them. And on top of this, it’s only available for $8! Grab it at Ulta!

Best Fiber
Dior Diorshow Mascara in Blue 258

The formula for this iconic mascara was recently revamped to offer a conditioning effect to nurture soft lashes, which gives more shape and encourages hold – great for buildable coverage. The formula has also been enhanced to create depth along the lashes, leaving them with a rich show of blue. The tube itself features an airlock mechanism that keeps air from entering the mascara chamber, keeping the formula as fresh as possible. Buy it from Sephora!

Best Separating
Yves Saint Laurent The Shock Volumizing Mascara in Blue Underground
Yves Saint Laurent

The hourglass brush of this mascara leaves behind a brilliant denim blue hue as it spreads the formula evenly on the lashes, the curve coating and separating them. It isn’t waterproof but stays on for quite a long time despite also being easy to wipe off. It’s meant to be volumizing but users on Nordstrom have also claimed it does a good job of lengthening – that’s a win for sure! Grab a tube from Nordstrom!

Best Washable
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue

The spiral-like brush of this drugstore blue mascara allows for a smooth application. The formula itself is conditioning and works to enhance the length of your lashes. This Royal Blue mascara leans on the darker side of the color but will definitely bring attention to your eyes, all the while not breaking the bank with Maybelline’s $6.99 price tag. Grab the shade at Ulta or Amazon!

Best Curling
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara in Think Ink 50
Marc Jacobs Beauty

Enjoy the whole shebang with this curling, volumizing, lengthening, shaping, and defining mascara. The formula runs a bit thicker (making one coat look like three according to one reviewer!) but further works to enhance your lashes with its use of a combination of essential oils along with vitamins B5 and C. Find it on Net-a-Porter!

Best for Lash Growth
By Terry Mascara Terrybly in Terrybleu
By Terry

If longer, thicker lashes are what you’re after then this product offers it. This mascara’s serum facilitates lash growth, allowing you to achieve greater volume, length, and thickness than now. The pointed end of its thick brush allows for deeper coating, giving you the desired eye-popping look. Find the shade Terrybleu at Nordstrom!

Best Lengthening
NYX Professional Makeup Worth The Hype Colored Mascara in Blue
NYX Professional Makeup

This volumizing and lengthening $8.50 mascara might actually be worth the hype! It allows for good build-up with its tapering brush designed to reach even the smallest of lashes. The bristles are also designed to properly separate the lashes and leave an even coating, minus the clumps. Find it on Ulta!

Best Pigmented
Sephora Collection Volume ON Mascara in Navy Blue ON!
Sephora Collection

The short bristles add volume and curve, which further accentuates the bright hue of this rich, blue mascara. Rather than a swooping vertical motion, gently zigzag the wand to create a plump look. And for those with dark lashes, dab on some primer ahead to really put the blue to good use. Buy it from Sephora where over 7,000 people have rated this highly!

Best Strengthening
Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara in Navy
Jane Iredale

This golden-cased navy mascara offers a smooth, versatile application with its dual-sided brush – one side short, the other long, both providing solid coverage. It leans a little towards the thick side, which presents a feathery look of volume and length, all the while remaining largely flake- and clump-free. Buy it from Amazon!

Best Volumizing
L’Oréal Voluminous Original Mascara in Cobalt Blue
L’Oréal Paris

This is the best volumizing blue mascara with a jumbo brush meant for thickening. It gives solid buildable coverage, working to thicken lashes up to five times their original look. The formula itself contains panthenol and Ceramide-R to condition lashes, resist clumping, as well as any flaking. The striking blue hue of the package is an accurate reflection of the rich shade you’ll find on the bristles. Get it from Amazon!

Best Long-Lasting
Guerlain Maxi Lash Volumizing & Curling Mascara in 04 Marine

The spiral brush of this particular mascara allows for a fine walk between volume and curl. Roll the brush as you apply to give a little lift, leaving little room for clumps. The color does fall more toward the grayish hue of blue but still retains its warm tones. The texture of the formula is also a big hit among many of this mascara’s reviewers, and you can grab one yourself from Nordstrom.

Best Vegan
Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara in Deep

Vegan and water-resistant, this navy mascara contains a rich, nourishing formula that consists of a combination of coconut oil, vitamin B, and kelp extract. These not only undoubtedly smell great but also offer a hydrating effect, as each of the aforementioned ingredients holds moisturizing benefits. The color translates into a deep, navy blue that you can find at Amazon.

Best Splurge
Sisley Paris Phyto-Mascara Ultra-Stretch in Deep Blue
Sisley Paris

Curled and lengthened eyelashes are what this blue mascara offers. It’s also suitable for those with sensitive eyes – ophthalmologist tested – as its active ingredients feature a combination of vitamin B5, rice, castor, and wheat, to name four. The brush is of an hourglass shape, which is great for volume and lift. You can buy it from Nordstrom.

What’s the Best Blue Mascara Shade for Your Eye Color?

If you’re new to the world of blue mascaras, it can be daunting to find the shade that complements your eye color the most. After all, as this list covered, there are a fair amount of shades to choose from. So, rest assured, no matter your eye color, there’s a shade for you!

How to Choose the Best Blue Mascara for Your Eye Color & Skin Tone
  • For the most eye-popping result, brown- or dark-eyed folks should play with the deeper, warmer hues of blue mascaras like the Chanel and L’Oréal mascaras, for instance, to play up the warm tones of their irises. Though, any blue shade plays well, as the bold contrast creates a dramatic impact.
  • Those with blue, green, or gray eyes, on the other hand, can play around on the wide color spectrum. The lighter hues of their irises, though, play best with bright or pastel shades like the Benefit Cosmetics mascara.
  • Smokey blue mascaras, like the Diorshow option on this list, work best for all, according to celebrity makeup artist Tasha Brown.
  • And if you’re wondering about your skin tone, blue mascaras do bring out the most contrast against cooler complexions but a rich, warm hue suits warmer skin tones, similar to matching shades to eye colors.

How to Wear Blue Mascara

You’ve got the shade, now here are a few blue mascara tips and tricks to keep in mind when applying:

How to Wear Blue Mascara
  • If you simply want to toe the pool before diving into the trend, keep it subtle by using your regular black mascara and then applying a coat of blue mascara on top for just a hint of color.
  • Want the color while still keeping it low-key? Simply apply the mascara to the tips of your lashes or just the outer edges.
  • For an extra pop of blue, use blue eyeliner. Though, if you’re blue-eyed, this might get a bit too matchy-matchy, so opt for a dusting of pale eyeshadow (nude or peach) instead to get the same result.
  • And if you want your eyes to be the star of your look, put on neutral shades everywhere else – lip, blush – to draw focus to your eyes only.
  • For an even base, dab on some primer before applying blue mascara. If you have darker lashes, it’s best to always use a lash primer to bring out the blue color on your lashes.
  • That being said, buy brighter shades if you have dark lashes, as the color will be dampened when you apply.
  • For the boldest, most dramatic look, go all out! Paint your lashes (top and bottom) blue and dot on some blue eyeliner as well.

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