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All the 15 Best CoverGirl Mascaras for Different Lash Effects

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Mascara is one of the most common cosmetic pieces found in makeup bags, and CoverGirl is one of the best and most widely known cosmetic brands in the industry. It is no surprise that CoverGirl mascara is one of the best in the industry, aside from being one of the most affordable.

This inclusive brand has over 25 different kinds of mascara, and many come in original, waterproof formulas, and a variety of shades – perfect for any mascara lover. But which one is best for you? We have rounded up the top 15 CoverGirl mascaras, as well as the history of the company and top facts of why you should choose CoverGirl. You’ll be so glad you went with Covergirl for your next mascara!

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15 Best CoverGirl Mascaras for Different Lash Effects

This list is composed of some of the best CoverGirl mascara options driven by different lash effects. Regardless of which mascara you choose, you can feel good about your decision, as all of CoverGirl’s products are cruelty-free.

Best Overall
CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

This is the best CoverGirl mascara for volume, as well as one of the best drugstore mascaras ever. Its funky orange tube contains a hypoallergenic formula in multiple shades. The patent-pending brush brightly matches and can swipe the volume-boosting formula onto.

This mascara is award-winning, and it’s easy to see why, as it provides no clumping or flaking and is easier to remove. It has been recommended to pair it with the CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner for a chic look. However, it is noteworthy to state that some state that the wand can make it hard to reach the smaller lashes, and the tube can dry out fast. It is available in original and waterproof. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Best Non-Clumping
CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara

Clump Crusher is the best CoverGirl mascara if you are looking for a brush to help keep those clumps away! The bright lime green tube contains a double-sided curved brush with a straight bristle edge to brush away clumps in a powerful swoop. This 20x volume-boosting formula comes in a variety of shades and is perfect for a natural look. Note that the mascara is unfortunately not water-resistant, but can come in waterproof. The brush separates lashes simply, and you’ll be so glad to have clumpless mascara. Check this out on Amazon!

Best Waterproof
CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion Waterproof Mascara

Tired of going to a sweet movie on a date only to have your mascara run down your pretty face? This CoverGirl mascara is perfect for anyone wishing for a waterproof mascara without sacrificing volume quality. This regal purple tube has an oversized brush that layers on the drama for fuller, longer-looking lashes. This long-lasting formula also comes in original for those who want something simpler, and it is known not to smudge. However, it is known to clump a bit and doesn’t help curl your lashes – so leave that to your eyelash curler! Pick up this four-star mascara from Amazon today!

Best for Full Lashes
CoverGirl Lash Blast Full Bloom Mascara

If you love soft, full lashes, then the Lash Blast Full Bloom is the best CoverGirl mascara for you. This lovely floral-inspired pink tube contains a mousse formula that is made with beeswax to create a soft but not brittle, natural look. Also safe for contact lens wearers, this one comes with a petal-shaped brush that helps keep clumps away as it creates full lashes. However, some reviewers have noted it can melt away easily, but it looks great when paired with the Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner and Eye Shadow Quad. You can pick up this bee-autiful mascara on Amazon today.

Best for Defining
CoverGirl Professional All In One Curved Brush Mascara

Sometimes you want to have a professional look but with a bold twist. The Professional All In One Curved Brush Mascara is the best CoverGirl mascara for defining your lashes. Inside its beautiful blue tube lies a curved brush and a hypoallergenic formula that helps to volumize, lengthen, and define your lashes.

This mascara is great for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. Do you prefer a straight brush or a waterproof formula? This mascara has its options for a non-clumping, easy-to-remove look. Do note that some reviewers believe that its formula can dry out fast but works amazing with the Perfect Blend Eyeliner and Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow Kit. You can pick up this highly-rated option from Ulta.

Best Volumizing
CoverGirl Peacock Flare Mascara

If you are the one who searches for the next unique wand in the mascara industry, check out the Peacock Flare Mascara by CoverGirl. It has a unique wand within its cool-designed teal tube. It has a feather-fan design to catch, coat, and separate each lash, lengthening, defining, and volumizing along the way. Its control grip handle allows swiping on a formula that doesn’t smudge. It has been recommended that the best way to remove this mascara is by using professional makeup remover, as it can be hard to remove. It is also available in a waterproof formula and can be found on Amazon.

Best Fiber-Infused for Volume and Fanned Lashes
CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara

The Super Sizer Mascara comes in a lovely aqua tube, and inside is an innovative Lash Styler that helps add volume and length by twirling it. The formula is available in both waterproof and non-waterproof styles and doesn’t smudge. However, this easy-to-remove formula has been known to get clumpy, and it can be a challenge to put on properly. But with some practice with the Lash Styler, your eyelashes will look amazing with 400% more volume. Pick up this innovative mascara on Amazon today!

Best TLC for Healthy Lashes
CoverGirl Flourish Mascara

If you are constantly looking for the healthiest options for your makeup, the CoverGirl Flourish Mascara will be one you will be amazed by. The dark teal tube contains a formula made with healthy oils from coconuts, avocados, and papayas. It has been said by reviewers that the formula can really help make eyelashes feel rejuvenated and conditioned, while also adding definition and volume.

It’s perfect to pair with the Lash Blast Amplify Primer, but it has also been known not to hold a curl and can flake, forewarning. However, your lashes will thank you for using a healthier mascara alternative. This mascara can be found on Amazon.

Best for Imitating Falsies
CoverGirl The Super Sizer Fibers Mascara

We all love a good falsie, but sometimes we don’t want to take time putting them on or having the extra weight on our lids all of the time. This is the best CoverGirl mascara for imitating that great falsie look we all adore. While similar to The Super Sizer Mascara – adding lots of luscious volume and having a Lash Styler wand to create that volume and length by twirling it – this version comes with built-in fibers in the formula to create a false-lash extension effect.

Reviewers have noted it is great for hooded eyes, and it is easy to remove with soap and water, but it can get clumpy and be a challenge to put on. As you practice with the Lash Styler wand, you will create amazing lashes with a false-lash look without needing to use a tube of glue. You can pick up this aqua tube on Amazon.

Best Clump-Free, Volume-Boosting
CoverGirl Clump Crusher Extensions Mascara

Great volume and clump-free formula don’t have to be mutually exclusive. This bright green tube is the best CoverGirl clump-free formula with a volume-boosting technology. Much like the Clump Crusher Mascara, this mascara has a curved, double-sided, straight bristled-edged brush to create full volume for your eyelashes but contains a clump-proof fiber-stretch formula. This mascara creates amazing volume due to the extensions technology to make lashes look fuller, but it has been known to flake and dry out quickly. It can be paired beautifully with the CoverGirl Lash Blast Amplify Eyelash Primer for a bold look. Purchase this four-star mascara on Amazon!

Easiest to Remove
CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Mascara

Don’t you hate it when after an awesome day in makeup, your great look just won’t come off – even when you scrub it? Yeah, we hate that too. This one, however, is the easiest-to-remove mascara for when you want something that stays, but you don’t have to reach for the rough washcloth. This purple tube is also smudge-proof but removes quite easily.

The other best part of this mascara is that while it darkens and defines, reviewers have noted that it doesn’t give ‘raccoon eyes,’ as well as is great at accentuating lashes. But forewarning, this mascara is not waterproof. Pick up this great mascara on Amazon today!

Best Vegan One-Coat
CoverGirl Exhibitionist Waterproof Mascara

This silver tube receives the gold for being the best one-coat CoverGirl mascara. It creates defined and full lashes in just one coat with its bristle brush-tipped wand. It is waterproof, and while it does not have flaking or smudging, it has been known by reviewers to be a runnier mascara. While it is useful to create bold lashes in one swoop, reviewers loved that the mascara can build with a second coat for a more dramatic look. Love the simplicity of a one-coat mascara? Order this vegan mascara from Amazon!

Best Pigmented, Smudge-Proof
CoverGirl Full Spectrum Lash Ambition Mascara

Smudge-proof, flake-proof: what more can you want? It’s all included in the Full Spectrum Lash Ambition Mascara. This black tube comes with a classic hourglass-shaped brush for curling your lashes long. Reviewers love how intense its color is and that it helps to accentuates lashes. However, the formula has been known to clump some, so keep an eye on that. Enjoy this well-rounded mascara by CoverGirl today and pick it up from Amazon!

Best for Corner and Lower Lashes
CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara

Hate reaching for your inner corner and lower lashes? Instead, reach for CoverGirl’s Total Tease Mascara and its best comb for those hard-to-reach spots. At the end of the pink brush, there is a teasing mascara comb that is available at the top, which is used for these challenging spots. The combination of the comb to grab clumps and a thickening formula creates a full, voluminous look.

Reviewers love how this CoverGirl mascara is buildable and good for those who prefer a “drier” mascara, however, they also did review that it is not waterproof, and the brush can be difficult to use the first couple of tries. But as you become a wand master with the Total Tease Mascara, you will be creating amazing looks in no time. Pick up this mascara from Amazon today!

Best Long-Lasting
CoverGirl So Lashy! blastPRO Mascara

If you adore mascara but have unique lashes, you have come to the right place. The So Lashy! Mascara is a lovely purple and black tube that contains an Easy Breezy Tip – a ball tip – to help reach and maneuver those unique lashes like those in the corner of your eyes.

This CoverGirl mascara creates a dark, bold look that’s full of volume, long-lasting, and is great for a variety of lash types. While it comes in original, you can also purchase it in a waterproof formula. Practice makes perfect with this brush, but it will create an amazing look you will love. Choose this mascara and order it from Amazon!

A Brief History of CoverGirl

CoverGirl was initially launched in 1961 as a part of the Noxzema Chemical Company, which is best known for creating cold cream. The brand was established in order to sell medicated makeup products like pressed and liquid foundations to girls and young women. CoverGirl sold the idea of contouring as an advertising campaign during the 1960s, as it was inspired by contouring used in the theatre.

The brand has been using spokespeople since the early 1960s. Jennifer O’Neill was the first CoverGirl spokesmodel at the age of fifteen. Since then, many celebrities like Queen Latifah, gymnast Shawn Johnson, and more have represented CoverGirl.

CoverGirl has always pushed the boundaries of the makeup industry by being the first major cosmetics company to sign a black woman and a male spokesmodel as well as hiring a vitiligo model.

The brand has changed a few hands since the early 1960s. In 1989, Procter & Gamble Purchased the brand as they purchased the Noxzema Chemical Company, then the Noxell Corporation. In 2015, the brand switched hands again and is now owned by Coty. In 2018, CoverGirl stopped testing on animals and became officially certified by Cruelty-Free International.

CoverGirl History & Facts

Today, the brand contains a variety of products, including mascara, lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow.

Top Facts About Why You Should Choose CoverGirl

  • CoverGirl is famous for its approved cruelty-free products.
  • CoverGirl products are affordable without compromising on quality.
  • The online site has a variety of helpful how-to videos.
  • They offer a variety of products from foundation and primer to eyeliner and lipstick.
  • Their slogan has been revamped to reflect on the modern idea of what makeup is and who it is for with “I Am What I Make Up.”

Photos via CoverGirl