Makeup » 2 Years Later and I’m Still Obsessed With the Naked Wild West Eyeshadow Palette

2 Years Later and I’m Still Obsessed With the Naked Wild West Eyeshadow Palette

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I bought Urban Decay’s Naked Wild West Eyeshadow palette when it officially launched in February 2021. Nearly two years later, my palette is still going strong (and so is my love for it). I’d say it’s the earthy-toned shades, a combination of subtle browns and bright pops of blue, that make me so attached to it.

From mild to wild

I can attest that the 12 hues in the palette truly range from “mild to wild,” as Urban Decay puts it. Whether you want a delicate, down-to-earth look or strive to make a bold statement, you can mix and match the colors however you’d like.  

On the left side of the palette, you’ll find six warm shades, including soft nude, neutral tones, and sparkly gold and silver — ideal for subtle daytime looks when used on their own. On the right side, you’ll find six darker cool shades, such as shimmer and matte browns, a deep teal, and best of all, a bright turquoise blue. These highly pigmented shades require a bit more application expertise, but the colors surely make a statement and are best for wild nights out.

The peaks and valleys 

I’m obsessed with Naked Wild West for its versatile selection of sparkly, rich, and subtle shades, which are incredibly blendable. I love the whole vibe of the product, where the blue-green, brownish-red, and gold colors on the palette cover match the shade range identically.

I wish the gold and silver appeared more intensely for monochromatic looks, though. I also find that the dual-ended brush prevents a high pigment payoff, so I usually avoid it. When I use my fingers, instead, the shadow appears heavier and more dramatic — typically the look I’m going for. Depending on your taste, you can opt for the brush included for something subtle, paint your lids with your fingertips for more intense results, or use an entirely different thinner brush for more detail.

Paint your eyelids like a canvas


If you couldn’t tell from the product name, this palette is meant to stir up imagery from the Old West (think cowboys, cowgirls, and nature), and each hue has a distinctly playful name to reflect that. The gold is called “Hold ‘Em,” the silver is “Cowboy Rick,” and the brick red is “Ghost Town” — you get the gist. The shades are inspired by California deserts and trees and the depths of the sky.

While I don’t see myself as much of a cowgirl, I find serenity in nature and love spending time outdoors. I’ve found a similar sense of calmness when using this palette, as I’ve been able to blend the shades to curate my own unique look that’s more reflective of me.

I primarily use the bright and glistening turquoise (“Bud”) on the inner part of my eyelids — from the crease to the halfway mark of the lid. I then add the sparkly gold (“Hold ‘Em”) to the latter half, extending the shade past my eye to create a dramatic yet soft-winged look. Next, I use the pale peach (“Standoff”) right underneath my eyebrow to blend softly and avoid harsh separating lines. I bring it all together by adding a thin line of bright turquoise eyeliner to my lower lid for an extra bold statement. Of course, I’ll finish off the look with a lengthening mascara, and sometimes I’ll add top eyeliner for a darker wing that follows the path of the gold shadow. 

This isn’t the only combination of Wild West shades I play with — but it’s my preferred one because of how striking the turquoise appears. It’s also very buildable, so I’ll often add more layers for extra vivacity when I’m feeling spunky. And I can confidently say that people always throw me a compliment when they see that radiant, sheer blue in the creases of my eyes and over my lids.

Rock your desired look

I highly recommend snagging Urban Decay’s Naked Wild West eyeshadow palette so you can create your own distinct look with the diverse shade range — whatever that may be for you. With earthy shades and bright metallic bursts of color, you can play around and do some trial and error to find what works best for you. Although this palette has been out for nearly two years now, it’s not too late to purchase it. Not only is it currently on sale (hurry up!), but come on, you also have to admit that earth tones will never go out of style.