Makeup » Purple Shadow Makes Brown Eyes Pop, According to Makeup Artists

Purple Shadow Makes Brown Eyes Pop, According to Makeup Artists

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My TikTok “For You” Page never ceases to provide me with helpful beauty advice and intriguing DIYs. While scrolling through my favorite app, I found a video from makeup creator Mar (@hey.its.mar) that suggested people with brown eyes ditch neutral eyeshadows if they want their eyes to truly pop. 

Instead, the content creator recommended experimenting with different shades of purple.

As someone with brown eyes, this immediately aroused my curiosity, ultimately challenging everything I thought I knew about selecting an eyeshadow palette that complements my skin tone and natural eye color. I became eager to see color theory in action! 

I found myself going down a rabbit hole, watching video after video of beauty creators taking their makeup to the next level with intricately designed eyeliner and shimmering glitter looks with purple shadows.

After my social media binge, I reached out to Makeup Artist Lauren Purvis to find out why the theory works. She explained that purple eyeshadows not only make brown eyes appear wider but it also brings out the truest brown in the iris of people with various skin tones. Adding shades like greens and golds can also make brown eyes stand out. 

Choosing the right palette

Inspired by all the looks I saw on TikTok, I headed to my makeup drawer to grab my 35L Ultralavender Artistry Palette. It’s a limited-edition palette by Morphe that features an array of beautiful hyperreal colors, including purples, pinks, and plums in matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes. 

To accompany the new palette, Morphe released a soft-focus cream blush, radiant pressed highlighter, lip plumper trio, and a monochromatic face and eye brush set, which all played into the futuristic purple aesthetic I was going for. 

Testing the color theory

Honestly, limitations in my makeup skills caused me to try the look more than once. I tend to stick to neutral eyeshadows for my everyday look, so experimenting with colors proved to be a bit of a challenge, especially since you have to master the art of blending to ensure your look doesn’t go from glam to over the top. 

In my first attempt, I tried creating a purple smokey eye that Purvis suggested. Let’s just say a smokey eye isn’t exactly my strong suit when it comes to makeup. While the look was fantastic during my daily meetings on Zoom, it looked too intense for daytime wear.

For my second go-round, I decided to recreate my everyday look, but instead of my signature nude and gold shadows, I opted for the purple shades in my new Morphe palette. I used Keys Soulcare Truly Becoming Multi-Benefit Serum, the OLAY Niacinamide Moisturizer, and the Milani Cosmetics Glow Drops to prep my skin before applying makeup, ensuring it was fresh and moisturized. To cover up any redness and subtle hyperpigmentation, I went with the Essence Cosmetics Keep Me Covered Concealer

I prepped my eyes with Milani Cosmetics’ Primer before I swept the color Double Clicked across my eye as the base. I used the shade Amethyst Dimension in the inner corners as my highlighter. I completed the look with the Blush Balm from Morphe topped with Revlon’s SkinLights Prismatic Highlighter, Lash Amplifying Mascara from Ami Cole, and the Generation Lavender Plumping Gloss topped with the Big Bang Glow Gloss for the sparkle. 

Purvis advised adding lash extensions for a more dramatic kick. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any on hand, but I agree a flirty lash is just what you need to stand out during a night on the town — especially in the spring. 

Try something new

I typically do a minimalist look that makes my eyes glisten but not exactly pop. So, I loved that this technique made me step out of my comfort zone, making my eyes twinkle. I’ll use purple whenever I want to command attention. (Hello, birthday glam!)