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Rose Brown Hair Trend: 23 Magical Rose Brown Hair Colors to Try

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Remember the rose gold hair trend that swept the beauty sphere a few years ago? Well, gold diggers unite: there is a beautiful and sumptuous new player in the hair game – rose brown hair!

The rose brown hair color offers a multidimensional and prismatic way of revamping your tired locks for the warmer months. Rose brown hair incorporates the dazzle and brilliance of rose gold with the depth and warmth of a brunette base. It is fierce and confident and projects a composed and polished aura. Rose brown balayage creates body and allows the tones of hair to capture and reflect the light to compelling effect.

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Tips for Dyeing and Maintaining Your Rose Brown Hair Color

Rose brown hair colors are immensely wearable for both natural brunettes and newcomers to the dark side. The most enticing aspect of the rose brown look is that it has major crowd appeal and can be delicately subtle should you prefer a less drastic change.

While rose brown is more visible on lighter shades of brunette, it is absolutely achievable for women with darker shades of brown hair. The best way to achieve the rose brown look with darker hair is to focus on the ends and create a subtle reverse ombre. You can then layer the rose gold-brown tones over the lighter ends.

Tones of raspberry and deep magenta are the perfect way to capture the spirit of the look, and they look absolutely magical against a dark base. Rose brown hair colors with cooler undertones do wonders to mitigate the redness and brassy orange shades that some brunettes are susceptible to.

Pioneered by Australian hairstylist Thi Thao Tu, the look involves bleach, Olaplex, and a spectrum of dyes to create a richly textured finish. Ensure your hair is in healthy condition before using any bleach on it. An assessment with a hairstylist beforehand is always a wise choice.

Maintaining your rose brown hair color is a pinch with an adequate and comprehensive care routine. Ensure you are protecting your hair against split ends with proper treatment and frequent mini-trims.

A hair care routine rich in moisturizing products that are specially designed for color-treated hair is a must. Rose brown hair should be treated like all dyed and balayaged hair with weekly hair masks and deep conditioning treatments.

Tips for Dyeing and Maintaining Your Rose Brown Hair Color

23 Best Rose Brown Hair Colors to Inspire

We know, you are already in love with this hair trend and are looking for the right source of inspiration to embrace the look. These 23 rose brown hair colors will help you choose the one style that will best match your personality.

1. Shimmering Spectrum Rose Brown Hair

This look encapsulates all that we love about rose brown hair. It is approachable, shimmering, and lusciously complex. A chestnut tan brown is warmed up with some light magenta to great effect. The rosey tones are not restricted to pink, however, and the look also incorporates shades of buttery silver and icey purple.

We love how the light wave creates a mermaid-esque appeal and allows the light to catch and refract the multidimensional tones. This look flatters women with any shade of brown hair and is a more full frontal way of playing the rose brown hair trend. Pair the look with a cute dress for a breezy and assertive summer look.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

2. Cascading Roses

This rose brown hair color is sumptuousness and lusciousness made manifest. Like a flowing river of silky and cascading locks, this look mesmerizes and intoxicates the senses. We love the fairy tale feel of the style. It is redolent of something a gorgeous fantasy princess would rock.

For women with shorter hair, no fear – this look is totally achievable with hair extensions and a healthy supply of rosey hair dye. We love how the shadowed roots create a tangible contrast with the magenta tones of the rose brown hair color.

The balayaged, ombre effect preserves the integrity of the roots while allowing the delectable color to be the main event. To achieve the delightful sheen ensure your hair is well moisturized. A soft wave enhances the crystalline qualities of the color.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

3. Desert Rose Brown

This is a sartorially welcome, hip-girl approved rendering of the rose brown hair look. We love the soulful shades of deep pink and burnt peach. They play delightfully against a medium brown backdrop and look energetic and playful with a casual wave.

This hair is perfect for an undone Saturday night look or a relaxing Sunday morning beach style. It demonstrates the sheer wearability of rose brown hair. It allows you to experiment with new shades in a safe and balanced way. It makes a statement but in a mass appeal kind of way. We love the fearlessly girlish bent of the look, as well.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

4. Smokey Quartz

We are loving this dark reimagining of the rose brown hair trend. It is perfectly suited to darker chestnut and chocolate shades of brown hair and it embraces the deeper and moodier tones that rose is capable of.

A shadowed root descends into a cool and crisp smokey rose balayage. The result is urbane and sophisticated – a perfect way for career gals to embrace the trend. A finger curl creates a sassy finish and a shoulder-length cut increases the movement and body of the look. Pair with a V-neck dress for a compelling and enviable silhouette.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

5. Royal Purple Rose

Rose brown is by no means a strictly delineated color trend. It embraces shades that chart the spectrum. This look is proof positive. A lilac purple is incorporated into the cool rose overlay and plays enigmatically against a deep brown base. The painted highlights allow the shades of purple, pink, and brown to dance and meld harmoniously.

Keeping the root dark showcases the color variations of the dyes and creates a hypnotizing silhouette. A sleek and bouncy blow-out is a hyper-feminine finish. Consider this your rose brown evening look for the summer!

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

6. Hint of Rose

Loving the spirit of the look but getting cold feet about the whole commitment thing? Girl, you’re not alone. If the rose brown hair color is still not subtle enough to fulfill your hair whims, try this playful and sparse way of wearing the trend.

Painted highlights of deep magenta allow you to wade into the water, so to speak, and embrace change on a more comfortable level. This is a perfect choice for raven hair, as it calls for sectional dye and allows you to maintain the integrity of your natural roots.

A subtle painted balayage is noticeable but blends in appealingly. A curl emphasizes the tonal variations.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

7. Auburn Rose

Here is another example of the range of rose brown hair colors that acceptably fit within the broader family of the trend. If blatant pinks aren’t your color of choice, don’t fret. This beautiful auburn shade falls more on the orange-peach side of the spectrum and it contains all of the magic and shimmer of a traditional rose brown look.

This balayaged look creates a deep contrast between the dark brown and the surface auburn dyes. This look grows out and fades out nicely, as well, making it the perfect choice for women who want a low-maintenance look with major payoffs.

A sleek blowout creates a dimensional, polished feel. This is a beautiful look for the office or the beach – take your pick.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

8. Berry Rose

Royal purples and berry shades blend into a magical and ethereal colormelt in this dashing hair look. This full-on plum hair color is perfect for women who want to embrace more color in their summer hair look.

This rose brown hair shade is rainbow-approved yet wearable and polished. The colormelt between the brown base and the purple rose tones feels organic and understated. A gentle wave allows the contours of the color to reach their full dazzling capabilities.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

9. Apricot Rose

An ombre look for those so inclined, this supple and relaxed rose brown hair shade is a perfect transition for newcomers to the trend. A sunflower apricot shade is a warm way of playing the trend and it allows you to maintain darkened roots. The contrast is breezy but sophisticated.

This style grows out beautifully and as the colors fade they take on a traditional ombre feel. A gentle wave is perfect for nailing the stylish, relaxed vibe at the heart of this style. Bonus? The colors are dark enough that they can be edged up with a wardrobe of blacks and greys.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

10. Ash Rose Brown Hair

Pink is not all girliness and sugar sweet. This look exists to prove it. We love the smokey, edgy tone of the style. This muted rose brown hair color is understated but complex and rich, but never flat. This is the perfect rose brown hairstyle for women who like to rock a darker and more mysterious aesthetic.

A chestnut brown root descends into a pile of luscious ashy plum-rose tones. The balayaged ombre is wearable and polished for a sophisticated spin on the trend. Spiral curls create a luscious and evening-ready style that beckons for warm summer nights. Pair with a choker and some smokey eyes for a sultry spin.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

11. Peaches, Roses, Chocolate

Why settle for one color? This magical and playful dye is uber feminine yet breezily urbane. It is the perfect style to trial for women who love staying on top of trends. Piecey color painting creates an ombre style effect. The shades blend tones of peach, pink, and smokey blush. The dark brown peeking through the dyes creates a compellingly brazen feel. A gentle wave ultimately enhances the light-hearted and dreamy mood of the look.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

12. Midnight Rose

This rose brown hair color is a luscious and polished way of playing the trend. The tone of this look is on the colder side of the spectrum making it a striking way of incorporating some pink into your hair. When paired with a darker brown base the dye takes on a plum sheen. Some strategically placed painted highlights impart the hair with dimension and body. The gentle curl enables the contours of the dyes to achieve maximum brilliance.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

13. Disco Night Rose Brown Hair

Seductive and enticing, this gradient balayage is romantic and enigmatic for those long summer nights. We love the charcoal roots and the painted highlights of deep plum. The balayage is so effective in this look because it is more concentrated along the ends. This creates a fierce look chock-full of movement and fullness. Pair with a deep purple lipstick and a black dress for a mesmerizing and evocative aura.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

14. Dancing Rose Brown Hair

The shades in this style positively dance in the light. The combination of rosy pinks and light peach create a harmonious balayage. The colors blend seamlessly into the brown base, proving that brown and rose are a color match made in heaven. The look has a subtle icy cool overlay to it, making it a strikingly alluring way of playing the trend. A gentle curl and a voluminous bob create an exuberant silhouette.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

15. Baby Pink Rose

A polychromatic delight! We love how this rose brown hair color incorporates lighter baby pinks with dreamy peach tones. The light tan brown hair is the ideal canvas for this enchanting look. The glistening pink colors look stunning in the golden hours of the sunset. We love that this style is unapologetically feminine. The appeal of this look is that it is elegant yet playful. It is the perfect sartorial statement for urbane beauty lovers.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

16. Luminous Unicorn Rose

One of the most elegant rose brown hair colors we have seen, ever! If bold colors are out of your comfort zone, we can guarantee this look will appeal to you. This dreamy and ethereal blow-out is beyond polished and refined. It is a cosmopolitan take on the rose brown trend.

Painted highlights are a subtler form of balayage and allow the colors to melt into the brunette base. If you’re currently rocking shorter hair, don’t fear! Some extensions can help you achieve this look. Pair with pearl earrings and a mauve lipstick for a seductive silhouette.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

17. Charcoal Rose Brown Hair

This look is proof that the rose brown hair trend plays nicely with darker shades of brown. Rose embracing the dark side? We’ll take it! The purple-tinged rose color is cozy and warm, making it perfect for a supple and pretty look. The rose brown shades incorporate deeper berry colors and lighter blush shades. The result is a multi-dimensional look that absolutely shimmers when paired with a light curl. Pair with nude lips and rosy blush for a super feminine silhouette.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

18. Delicate Rose

This rose brown hairstyle is intoxicatingly subtle and oh-so-polished. This romantic and amorous style invites visions of evening dinners for two and lush sunsets. We love the loose spiral waves and how they take a shaggy shoulder-length bob and turn it into something festive and girlish. The deep medium brown color plays delicately against the balayaged magenta overlay. This is the perfect look for professional and sophisticated women who want to keep their new hair look understated.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

19. Rose & Fade

This ethereal and romantic rose brown hair shade is heavy on hipster street cred and consists of a messy hair look injected with tones of rose. The bohemian styling gives the look a relaxed aura. This look is perfect for women who prefer a down-to-earth silhouette. The faded rose shades are barely perceptible, which makes it super approachable for women who want to dip their toes into a new look. The silky magenta tinge of the color blends beautifully into the dark brown hair.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

20. Burnt Blush Rose

This color is nothing short of dynamic and prismatic. The darker tones of ashen blush and faded raspberry are a moodier, sophisticated spin on the rose brown hair trend. The tapered root and plum-pink balayage have a romantic and alluring aura. The very faint grey overlay tones the color down and makes this an immensely wearable, dare we say neutral, variation of rose brown. A straightened style allows the colors to capture the eyes. This look is the ultimate in polished beauty.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

21. Passionfruit Rose Brown Hair

Here you have a creamy, breezy, and inviting style for the spring and summer. The deep raspberry tones are warm and will pop against a silky summer tan. The shadowed charcoal roots make this an approachable look for deep brunettes or raven-haired gals. The choppy and layered shoulder-length bob is playful and on-trend. It also makes styling a pinch on hot summer days. Perfect beach hair has never looked so deliciously enticing.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

22. Smoke Screen Rose

The pale smoked blush blends super harmoniously with the chestnut brown color and creates a sleek silhouette. Faint tones of pale mauve warm the look up subtly but keep the cool integrity of the look intact. A soft wave emphasizes the colors and creates a mysteriously alluring appearance. We can definitely envision this hairstyle being a go-to for summer music festivals or grungy yet trendy underground gigs. Pair with a choker and deep lips for a dazzlingly seductive style.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

23. Metallic Rose Brown Hair

The long hair for this look shows the complete magic of rose brown hair colors. The color blend is flawless and ethereal, showing the shine of subtle strawberry copper notes incorporated in the darker brown hair. The root has been kept dark, while the entire length displays a gentle ombre effect with soft rose touching the hair ends.

Rose Brown Hair Trend: Rose Brown Hair Colors Ideas

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