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Milan Fashion Week will always continue to have an air of excitement regardless of what the season is. Spring is always about renewal with a debut of stunning details and a slash of practically glowing color combinations. Shaking off the dead of winter with bold rather than soft pieces was a lot of fun to watch, but the spring 2018 fashion trends that merged and solidified during the course of Milan Fashion Week are vibrant, fun and inspiring, to say the least.


Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week


#1. Fanny Packs

Women’s clothes are notoriously created without pockets. Apparently, the desire for a slim and trim silhouette means that pockets are a negative, since using them will cause the material to stick out. Enter purses, and the resurgence of the fanny pack. The monogrammed Gucci fanny pack showed up several different times during Milan Fashion Week.

Fanny packs are always showing up at festivals, with different variations making their presence known each week. At this point the arrival of the fanny pack as one of the major spring 2018 fashion trends from Milan Fashion Week (also from New York Fashion Week) again shows that women need travelling storage space that complements their outfits. These were not just worn at the waist, they also graze the hips or are worn draped across the shoulders.


Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Fanny Packs

#2. Printed Shoes

The printed shoes made a huge impact during Milan Fashion Week, especially in the Versace print resurgence, on the Salvatore Ferragamo runway with the snake print style, and even the Marni show had a touch intricacy on the shoes. These are shoes that work with the designed ensembles, but they can each elevate the simplest and chicest ensemble.

There were several different types of printed shoes from knee-high boots to kitten heels and stunning Dolce & Gabbana slip-ons. This is one of the boldest spring 2018 fashion trends from Milan Fashion Week that will instantly brighten up even the most boring look.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Printed Shoes


#3. Robes

Robes were an unexpected delight that came out of Milan. This particular spring 2018 fashion trend is sure to rip through the new season where a light outerwear will become more necessary as spring turns into summer.

They were light and fluttery with bold incredible patterns and rich, lively spring 2018 colors. These robes brought the drama to Milan Fashion Week that we didn’t even realize we were missing. Often they billowed back in bright full colors with incredible embroidery or patterns across the Roberto Cavalli, Vivetta, and Alberta Ferretti catwalks.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Robes


#4. New Neutrals

Neutral colors will always get play on the catwalk, but the newest neutral shades are clever and smooth. Softer blush that still manages to be richly hued is getting closer and closer to the right shade to work on all skin tones. The richer beiges and incredible greens are great as well. A soft yellow has made a big impact across several of the shows too.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Neutral Colors

#5. Rich Bolds

The use of colors typically reserved for fall was a surprise, but one of the most welcome surprises this season. The absolute depth of the rich maroons and deep brown, darker colors that would not be associated with spring really brought a new life to the concept of shopping for the season.

One of the most beautiful, breathtaking representations of these rich spring 2018 colors was the burgundy and maroon ensemble on the Situationist runway. Another is the incredible deep yet bright royal blue of the off-the-shoulder dress in the Aquilano Rimondi collection.


Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Bold Colors

#6. Sensual Sheer

Spring 2018 will definitely feature lots of skin. There were so many inventive ways that sheer materials were incorporated through the shows during Milan Fashion Week that we can safely be assured the sheer trend is not dying out, but will be revived fully with the new life of spring. Clever silhouettes and new ways to continue this spring 2018 fashion trend will certainly give sheer fabrics the leg up to carry them on.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Sheer Clothing

#7. Spring Patterns

Patterns were especially vigilant this season, most notably thanks to the Versace show. Opening the vault on some of the most popular designs meant the ability to see new interpretations of the inspiring pieces that made a big, emotional impact on a lot of people.

Though Versace was not the only one by a long shot to use patterns, it was an especially special touching show. On other runways, everything from snakeskin to stripes made an appearance. Some, like those on Prada, Antonio Marras, and Fausto Puglisi were more on the geometric side.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Bold Patterns

#8. Shiny Sequins

The end of Versace’s clothing store gave us a set of metal mesh dresses modelled by the first of the real supermodels, when Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni and even Helena Christensen closed the show. Each dress was stunning – completely entrancing and looked amazing from every angle.

There were embellishments galore from sequins to pins and studs, shaping up the coolest of the spring 2018 fashion trends from Milan Fashion Week.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Sequins

#9. Tiers

Whimsical tiers might not be one of the easiest spring 2018 fashion trends that everyone can pull off instantly, but they still make one of the coolest trends spotted at Milan Fashion Week. Whether they are pleated like at Roccobarocco or with an ombre touch à la Vivetta, you’ll see lots of tiered skirts and dresses come the new season.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Tiers

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