Trends » 11 Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week To Keep an Eye On

11 Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week To Keep an Eye On

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This New York Fashion Week spring 2018 might be over, but we are definitely not over the spring 2018 fashion trends and fashion inspirations from NYFW. As it always happens with New York Fashion Week, this spring edition was filled with gorgeous styles to keep an eye on as well, and which we are sure will blow our wardrobes away in the warmer months to come.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week

Although there are still three Fashion Weeks on the way, we can fairly state these are some of the most covetable spring 2018 fashion trends, especially if you like to think about fashion three steps ahead (or are really into the late Nineties/ Early ‘00s aesthetics).

#1. A Deconstructed Kind of New York Fashion Week

NYFW has always been home to athleisure and sporty-chic fashions, and so was this spring 2018 edition, too. To spice things up, and to keep NYFW always more interesting, many creative directors surprised us with a few extra factors that we honestly cannot wait to embrace as the new season arrives.

One of biggest New York Fashion Week spring 2018 fashion trends is the now infamous deconstructed denim jacket, the numerous revisited versions of which were showcased almost everywhere, from Calvin Klein to Tibi and even Tom Ford. Often paired with total deconstructed denim looks, it gave the late ‘00s-inspired trend a more contemporary turn, which won’t make you look like a bad version of a late Nineties girl band member.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Deconstructed Fashions

#2. A Denim Fashion Week

Deconstructed denim blazers aside, denim in general hit it big at NYFW spring 2018, especially in its rawest and darkest versions. Dark denim was any designer’s favorite material for spring, often used to create baggy mom jeans or cowgirl-inspired bell-bottom denim pants. To create a dynamic contrast with the rigorous tone of the fabric, many dark denim items got embellished with cute embroidered patterns that were adorable yet edgy to say the least.

When not refined with embroideries, denim often featured grunge-approved raw-cut edges that will also make any punk-rock soul rejoice, and which we bet will find new revisited versions during the punkest Fashion Week of them all, i.e. LFW.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Raw Denim

#3. NYFW Is for Coordinates

Whether it is a mannish suit à la Ralph Lauren or a more bon-ton inspired set à la Victoria Beckham, the only thing that matters is that our next spring’s wardrobes will be filled with coordinates (our autumnal wardrobe would appreciate a few coordinates as well, according to the latest fall/ winter 2017-2018 fashion trends). Although we bet the other spring 2018 Fashion Weeks will highlight a similar trend as well, very few runway shows will feature a similar amount of gorgeously elegant checked plaids.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Coordinates

#4. Yellow Everything

Probably many of you saw that coming already and were not that surprised when the first yellow-colored ensembles hit the runways, but for those who were caught off guard, yellow is one of the most ravishing spring 2018 color trends from New York Fashion Week! Whether it is bright, pastel or shocking, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is in your wardrobe.

Get ready for a future vitamin-rich infusion of one of the year’s brightest hues, as we predict we are about to get overwhelmed with many more yellow-injected pieces at London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks, too.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Yellow Clothing

#5. New York Fashion Week Gone Wild and Neon

Speaking of the spring 2018 colors, there is one specific trend that will be all the rage next spring, and that is neon. We know that neon colors are not everyone’s favorite thing, but this NYFW really made neon pink, blue, yellow, etc. look worth the try thanks to Delpozo, Jeremy Scott, Carolina Herrera, and others.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Neon Colors

#6. At NYFW, Stripes Are Always a Thing

If there’s one spring 2018 fashion trend that we were expecting from New York Fashion Week, that’s the array of striped looks that looked positively refreshing on the runways. During this spring 2018 edition, striped patterns took an imposing vertical turn, charming us with a plethora of casual-chic long shirts, gowns, and trousers that many will appreciate, for sure (vertical stripes effortlessly elongate the silhouette, which is a very nice fashion tips for petites).

Meant to be originally paired with their striped coordinates, any kind of striped item could be easily channeled with any other solid-colored ensemble as well, which makes stripes in general always practical and versatile.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Vertical Stripes

#7. NYFW and The Early ‘00s

When we think of NYFW, we often associate its fashions with those seen in Sex and the City. This year, New York Fashion Week sort of celebrated Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha’s looks by overwhelming us with a plethora of fringes (even maxi fringes), trains and shirts with sleeves tied-up around the waists. If you have always wanted to channel your inner Carrie (or any other Sex and the City protagonist, you do you), it is time to do it!

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: ‘00s Fashion

#8. Seeing Through New York Fashion Week

The late ‘00s are synonymous with transparencies, as seen at countless of the latest NYFW runway shows, too. Translated to either naïve or sensually jocose outfits, see-through patterns were really one of the most gorgeous NYFW spring 2018 fashion trends, and helped lighten up the many rigorous mannish suits.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Transparency

#9. Fanny Packs

Is there anything that reminds us more of the late Nineties/ Early ‘00s than fanny packs? Probably not! As seen during this NYFW, fanny packs are the new it-items, and are actually already making their subtle comeback during this autumnal season as well. To make a comparison, we could fairly state that fanny packs are the new furry slippers. We can already picture many fashionistas flaunting them around wither with a sporty-chic outfit or an ultra-elegant maxi dress.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Fanny Packs

#10. Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking!

We know florals are not that surprising when it comes to springtime, but after years and years of maxi floral prints, it was about time to spot a few micro ones as well! Micro florals are the new spring 2018 print trend, and we bet those who love such patterns but were honestly done with the maxi ones, will surely rejoice as soon as the first micro floral-printed ensembles hit the stores next spring and summer!

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Micro Floral Prints

#11. Sequins for Spring

While micro florals are perfect for daytime, sequins are one of nighttime’s most appreciated options. Among the best spring 2018 fashion trends from New York Fashion Week, we spotted cascades of sequins on almost everything, from gowns to slip tops to even accessory pieces.

We are really surprised to certify how everything looked absolutely refined even when completely covered with sequins (sequins often end up looking rather tricky). From Marc Jacobs to Jeremy Scott, sequins were all over the place this year, and we loved them!

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Sequins

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