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As always, New York Fashion Week left us stunned with its incredible designs, this time around bringing some pretty interesting spring 2019 fashion trends onto the runway. And interesting is an understatement when it comes to some of the shows witnessed these past few days. From the truly bizarre to the trends we rather hoped would stay on, here are some of the most outstanding spring 2019 fashion trends from New York Fashion Week to be on the lookout for.


Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week


#1. Cargo Pants Have Made a Comeback

We cannot believe there was a time we hated these super comfortable pants. I mean, pockets! Who wouldn’t want to be able to leave the house without a bag, with both hands free to carry the kids, groceries and get all those comfort-requiring chores done?

Years back, they were all the rage with teens. Now, those same teenagers can feel a sense of nostalgia with some designer picks that will knock everyone’s socks off.


Prabal Gurung comes in with a coral pink that’s way too pretty to pass up, high waist and worn with a bikini top for good measure. The Kardashian/ Jenner family has been rocking this look lately, while even cargo skirts have hit the runways.

This isn’t your regular Old Navy buy either. From Jonathan Simkhai to John Elliott, we got fitted, sexy and downright gorgeous cargo pants to choose from.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Cargo Pants

#2. Have Fun with Some Tie-Dye

Remember learning how to tie and dye your simple white shirts? We do, as well. That’s what makes seeing tie-dye on the Fashion Week runway shows so very special to us.


Our simple white tee turned into masterpieces won’t even hold a candle to the beauty of these designs. Colorfully stained, artfully created, these garments are showstoppers that are a must for any adventurous and fun-loving woman’s wardrobe.

The hippie prints are a definite spring 2019 fashion trend, and everyone from Collina Strada to Eckhaus Latta and R13 had something interesting to share on stage. Bring in the breezy summer feel with some tie-dye this spring.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Tie-Dye


#3. Play at Some “Back to School”

The kids might be heading back to school with new shoes, new uniforms, and new backpacks, but the trend doesn’t end there. In September, we see the spring 2019 fashion trends keeping this major moment in every student’s life a top trend for adults as well with some funky Vaquera graduation gear and cheerleader outfits, or gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger logo-heavy pullovers.

It’s high school all over again, and from Jacquemus to 3.1 Phillip Lim to even Calvin Klein, we were treated to almost all major aspects of it whether in setting or style over the New York Fashion Week.

This particular spring 2019 fashion trend also involved the preppy looks, something designers like Tory Burch, and John Elliott pulled off rather marvelously, starched collars, rugby skirts, layered cardigans, and all. So whether it is typical American public school or a high-class prep school the kids head off to, mothers can now be a perfect match as well.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Back to School Fashion


#4. Enjoy Your Extra Large Pockets

Yep, you heard that right. Phones, wallets, keys, even little diaries can fit marvelously on these pieces with some super big pockets. Pockets on dresses are even more lovable, since that can take your clutch problem out of the equation.

Jeans, tweed, and even schoolgirl blazers get the large pocket treatment, looking amazingly beautiful as well as perfectly functional. From jackets to skirts or even simple shifts, this is one spring 2019 trend we are very much looking forward to. That Carolina Herrera blazer is simply too elegant to pass up, anyhow.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Big Pockets

#5. Crochet Dresses Are All the Rage

You have always wanted to wear handmade clothing but it simply didn’t seem to fit the season’s trends? Think again, girls! The spring 2019 fashion trends from New York Fashion Week bring a whole lot of crochet designs, from spaghetti-strapped tops to see-through ankle-length dresses.

Sheer and crochet combinations are a must, it appears, and luckily there are quite a few designers out there who bring in this beachy style onto the runway. Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors will have a new set of fans soon, it appears.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Crochet Dresses

#6. Puff Up Those Sleeves

We have been seeing larger sleeves, particularly puffed designs for a few seasons now. The spring 2019 fashion trends somehow really bring back the past century and almost give us a royally puffed up feel.

It’s got Victorian and it’s got the ‘80s, with a whole lot of Princess Diana in there, especially when checking out some of the Rodarte designs. It is not for everyone, but Mara Hoffman’s and the Brock Collection’s pieces are super feminine in their cuts. It might not hurt to give it a try.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Puffed-Up Sleeves

#7. Choose the Brighter Colors

One of the major spring 2019 fashion trends we have noticed is the use of whites and yellows and other bright colors, including coral and hot pinks. While black is also a huge staple, it is the brighter hues that catch the attention of anyone who loves to doll up for spring. The sun brightens up the mood, and clothing often reflects that beautifully.

So whether you are pairing a white structured blazer over biker shorts, breezing about in silky or chiffon sunflower yellow gowns or rocking those cargo pants in white or coral, you are doing things very right. Also, watch out for the neon hues, as they have been peeking through many of the shows this season.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Bright Colors

#8. Biker Shorts with Blazers Rock

While reimagined suiting is definitely a trend, the pairing of spandex biker shorts with structured blazers has really caught the attention of many. You can look chic, professional and interestingly elegant, particularly in that Maryam Nassir Zadeh design that is almost royal in its presentation.

Though, we would not mind a Nanushka style either. Paired with the right heels, the designs are simply fantastic, while the blend of street and career woman is mesmerizing.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Biker Shorts with Blazers

#9. Temporary Tattoos Seen Everywhere

So many models have been appearing on stage all inked up lately. While they might be willing to undergo a permanent needle treatment, we can skip the pain and go straight for the spring 2019 beauty trends instead.

New York Fashion Week saw a whole lot of temporary tattoos as well, with the lacy designs quickly becoming a fan favorite. They were in style during the past year as well, but spring 2019 appears to really be ramping up the feminine-meets-modern-art concept through specially designed designer-made temporary tattoos.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week: Temporary Tattoos

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