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53 Brightest Spring Hair Colors & Trends for Women

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The signs of spring are on the horizon, not least in the gorgeous array of spring hair colors on offer for this upcoming season. Spring can be felt in the air as the warm breeze beckons an early dawn, and birds sing pleasantly in the distance. Nights become milder, and flowers sprinkle the gardens of town and city alike. With so much vibrant metamorphosis occurring in the natural world it is time for your hairstyle to follow suit!

Today, we will examine the best strategies for transforming your mane for the warmer months and examine some of the best spring hair colors for blondes, brunettes, and redheads.

When we think spring hair colors, we think of dazzling, radiant hair that achieves its prismatic pinnacle in the afternoon sun. Hair that is multidimensional and multi-tonal and captivates with its healthy sheen. This season rose gold hair, baby pink, and vibrant pastels figure heavily along with radiant ombre caramel and balayaged brown.

Tradition dictates that warm weather equates to lighter, sunnier hair. We love to throw a wrench in tradition, though, and suggest that going lighter is not your only option for spring!

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53 Spring Hair Color Ideas to Try

Whether you are a redhead, brunette or blonde, here we present 53 alluring spring hair colors that will make you the blooming flower of the brighter season ahead!

1. Dazzling Peach

Peach hair is a vibrant and lusciously creamy approach to spring pastels. We love the richness and suppleness of this color. It looks delicious and fearlessly feminine. The shade is a unique marriage of apricot, buttery strawberry blonde, and rose pink. The result is a spring hair color that pairs perfectly with a light tan and warm weather style.

The tonal variety within the hair is barely susceptible, as the color melt is so effectively distributed throughout the hair. The mesmerizing nature of the hair lies in this melted pot of color; it is like an alchemist’s hair color fantasy! This spring hair color is perfect for blondes looking for a refreshing redux for spring.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Peach Hair

2. Champagne Bronde Ombre Spring Hair Color

This spring hair color is wearable luxury. It is polished, sophisticated, alluring, and enticing. This look will without doubt have friends and strangers lusting after your locks. The luscious color has the added benefit of being a perfect choice for brunettes and blondes alike.

The cool champagne blonde tones melt effortlessly into a dusty brunette base. For dirty blondes, it is a soft way of lightening your ends while maintaining a shadowed root. Pair it with soft waves and a luminous highlighed bronzer for a tantalizingly jet-set look.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Champagne Bronde Ombre Hair

3. Brunette Spectrum

This stunning and prismatic brunette look is what spring hair colors are all about. The varied shades melt perfectly, and imperceptibly, together with a light hand of balayaged highlights. You can’t discern where one shade ends and the other begins – the true beauty of the balayage technique.

Chestnut brown plays nicely with buttery brown, sand, and caramel gold, as evidenced by this style. Pair with a light wave to show off the full spectrum of shades. This stunning spring hair color idea is perfect for women wanting to experiment with tonal variation for spring or for dark brunettes looking for an organic lightened approach.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Balayage Chocolate Blonde Hair

4. Baby Pink Prosecco Spring Hair Color

This gorgeous rose gold look is playful and laid-back for the chill beauties among us. The color-melted white blonde, bubblegum pink, and champagne silver-gold tones are complex yet seductively wearable. This balayaged pink is a carefree way of approaching spring hair colors, but it is also sartorially on point and confident.

Pair it with delicate feminine styles for a more traditional take or with an edgy rock and roll get up for an unexpected pretty punk aesthetic. This style is best suited to blondes making a transition to the brilliant world of spring pastels.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Baby Pink Prosecco Hair

5. Shadowed Silver Spring Hair

Hyped up, seductive, futuristic – take your pick of descriptor. This spring hair color is pure brazen confidence, and we love it as an unexpectedly abstract way of approaching spring. The jet grey silver lends a decidedly space age feel to the look, while shadowed roots provide a delicious contrast and bring the galactic shade back to earth.

We love how the shade follows a gradient from black, grey, silver and finally to white blonde ends. This is an original way of welcoming spring and provides an appealing tension with the feminine aesthetic of the season. This is a high-maintenance look but is a perfect way of completely revamping your current image.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Smokey Silver Hair

6. Balayage Espresso

This luscious hairstyle is polished and luxe and perfect for a grown-up take on spring hair colors. Radiant highlights of auburn, caramel, and deep toffee light up a darker brunette base. This look is a lush and subtle way of re-energizing and revitalizing your hair for the spring season.

The mixture of brunette shades amount to a glowing spectrum of color. Style your hair with a light curl to capitalize on the light refracting magic of the delicate balayage. This is the perfect spring hair color for current brunettes or for redheads looking for a deeper shade of auburn.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Balayage Espresso Hair

7. Creamy White Blonde

This deliciously alluring blonde style is a seductive take on white blonde hair. It retains the platinum shade that is so beloved for spring and warms it up with the subtlest sunny overlay. The shadowed roots add to the contrast of the style and retain a sartorial, easygoing edge.

We love this spring hair color because it is confident and sexy and perfect for long summer evenings. This look is best for blondes looking for a refreshing ray of icy light. Pair it with a light tan and luminous eyeshadow for a lust-worthy and trendy spring aesthetic.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Creamy White Blonde Hair

8. Rose Gold Glamour

This spring hair color proves that rose gold is not going anywhere soon. Why would it? It’s versatile, romantic, artistic, and delightful. Rose gold can be seductive or it can be whimsical – the magic is in how you decide to spin it.

For this delicate look, a raspberry bubblegum pink is painted over the hair, while a shadowed root is retained. The luscious pastel color melts beautifully against a light tan and retains a neutral appearance, making it perfect for women who want a subdued yet pigmented look. Pair it with a creamy mauve lipstick for a cohesively delightful look.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Rose Gold Hair

9. Champagne Bronde Spring Hair Color

Effortless glamour has never looked so deliciously captivating. We love this gorgeous ombre spring hair because it is elegant and has an urbane cool girl mood. A chestnut brown shadowed root blends into a delicate buttery champagne blonde ombre to seductive effect.

We love how the wispy highlights are interspersed throughout the darker base. The delicate curls create a feminine and confidently dainty aesthetic. This sophisticated spring hair color will complement a wardrobe of blacks and camel browns.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Champagne Bronde Hair

10. Luminous Pearl Blonde

This spring hair color is an urbane and future perfect take on platinum blonde. We love how this rich white blonde has undertones of silver. It lends the color a metallic fantasy appearance that is positively luminous for the warmer months.

The straightened style allows the facets of the spring hair color to shine through and plays up the subtle but vital contrast between the white shade and the charcoal roots. This is a perfect look for blondes who want to transition to a stand-out pigment for April. Pair it with a choker and winged eyeliner for a space age goddess aesthetic.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pearl Blonde Hair

11. Ash Brown Rose Petal Spring Hair

Embrace creativity with this delightfully playful yet sophisticated spring hair color. We love how the buns add an energetic and vivacious feel to the look. The light brown roots melt delectably into a rosy golden blonde.

The color is the most delicate of pastels and is a perfect choice for brunettes who want to embrace the light side or dirty blondes who want to capitalize on the rose gold trend in a more muted fashion. A delicate wave is spring sun ready and blends gently into a lightly tanned shoulder.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Metallic Ash Peach Hair

12. PB&J Spring Hair Color

Traditional hair color combos begone! This energetic and vivid take on spring hair colors is a playful blast and a half! A base of vibrant lilac is melted with tawny sunflower orange for an unexpectedly whimsical effect.

The unusual color combination is muted enough for everyday wear but it is sure to garner a healthy dose of daily attention. Take advantage of the playful hues and braid your hair or curl it so the colors blend beautifully into a radiant rainbow gradient.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Vivid Sunflower Orange Violet Hair

13. Tiger’s Eye Hair for Spring

This sophisticated reimagining of spring brunette is supple and exquisitely luxe. This is a perfect choice should you want to keep your warm, shadowed color from the winter. Simply sprinkle it with a few highlights of golden caramel for a warm weather ready approach.

This spring hair color demonstrates that a little goes a long way. A few gentle highlights make a big impact and create an opulent and dynamic look. This sleek and shiny look plays up the natural contours and sheen of your hair, so go for a hot oil treatment before treating yourself to this lovely look.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Tiger’s Eye Hair

14. Peach Bubblegum Spring Hair Color

If you haven’t already gotten the hint, pink is back in a major way this spring. Rose gold isn’t your only recourse. If you want to experiment with a bolder hue without going overboard, why don’t you test drive this synthesis of peaches and bubblegum?

Raspberry-esque roots blend into a delicate baby peach in a tempting reverse ombre. This energetic and verdant spring hair color will brighten up even the rainy days. Pair it with a feminine pink lipstick and bold eyelashes for an antique doll appeal.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Bubblegum Peach Hair

15. Metallic Ice Blue Hair

Traditional spring pastels get an electric revamp with this blue raspberry lavender hybrid. It is heavenly futuristic in sensibility and surprisingly wearable in practice. Koolaid blue hair roots trickle down into a lavender and ice grey-white ombre.

We love the urban edgy aesthetic of the style and foresee it pairing dynamically with spring denim. A bouncy wave creates volume and adds to the dramatic confidence of the style. This is a perfect spring hair color for brunettes looking for a totally new approach.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Metallic Ice Blue Hair

16. Luminous White Blonde

Girls, get your halos! This angelic blonde look is a lustrous and effervescent approach to spring hair colors. Ice white blonde looks delicate when paired with a gentle curl, but it retains a seductive confidence, as well. This shade is cool and plays nicely with tan skin.

We like this color because it is luminous and will carry you through the spring and summer months, with regular upkeep. Pair it with glowing and illuminating makeup to capitalize on the heavenly mystique of the shade.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: White Blonde Hair

17. Blush Pumpkin Spring Hair Color

A welcome pastel for redheads everywhere! This gorgeous auburn, peach, and apricot fusion is a warm and inviting way of transitioning your hair for fall. The color-melt balayage of similar shades of red results in a thoroughly natural and organic looking style. Delicate hints of rose pink keep the look radiantly trendy. This is also a delightful makeover for brunettes who want to play with pastels in an approachable way. The warm tone will lighten up your skin and help you maintain a healthy looking glow.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Blush Pumpkin Hair

18. Copper Peach Hair

This is an approachable and carefree spring hair color that represents the fun loving and exuberant energy of spring. A strategic balayage melds similar tones of rose, blush, peach, and copper into one shimmery sensation. The result is a warm tone that’s gentle rather than overpowering.

It will perfectly complement skin tones from ivory to tan. This look is a good introduction to a rosy copper for redheads and for blondes seeking out a pastel mermaid spectrum. A breezy bedhead styling lends the look an elusive elegance.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Copper Peach Hair

19. Caramel Frappuccino Spring Hair Color

Golden caramel ombre was a solid favorite over the winter months, and its legacy is strong as the warm months approach. We love this look because it is endlessly elegant and sophisticated and surprisingly low-maintenance, given the luxe result. For medium to dark brunettes, this is an easy way of refreshing your color for spring without committing to a drastic change.

Light caramel and sand ombre mixed with strategic balayaged highlights bring liveliness and movement to the hair. Watch the warm pigment sparkle in the spring light by creating soft curls.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Caramel Frappuccino Hair

20. April Unicorn Hair

Fantasy hair is a trend that won’t quit. We love this moonlight pearl hair color because it evokes images of storybook princesses and mythical creatures. It is a dreamy and enigmatic approach to spring hair colors. Light confetti color-melting of soft blues, pinks, and greys results in a mesmerizing and delectable color.

It is feminine and girlish with a streak of understated confidence. A soft wave enforces the magical aesthetic. This is perfect for blondes looking for a total rework of their look for the warmer months.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pastel Pink Unicorn Hair

21. Cool Brown Hair

This lusciously wearable spring hair color will take the spring by storm. It is a low-maintenance and gorgeously approachable style for newcomers to dye jobs. A natural, shadowed root melds delicately into this caramel toffee swirl. The balayage ombre meld is sophisticated and urbane. A soft wave is effortlessly trendy and self-possessed. Pair it with a strappy top and pearl earrings for a breezy and grown-up spring style.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Cool Brown Blonde Ombre Hair

22. Ashen Blonde Spring Hair Color

This almost-blonde color is brilliantly ashy and unexpected in its cool undertones. The icy overlay lends the look a breezy and sartorial aura. The gentle balayage is hardly perceptible, and the result is a highly prismatic look that shimmers with every movement.

A loose crimping plays up the sheen of the spring hair color. This cool color looks dainty against a tan but it retains an unexpected edge, thanks to the non-traditional rendering of the ash blonde hair tones.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ashen Blonde Hair

23. Blonde Mermaid

Could a spring-ready blonde mane be any more ravishing? This look is instant luxury, instant jet-set, and instant It girl. The cascading waves follow an ombre spectrum of dark roots, tawny brown, and warm golden blonde. The look is the perfect way of embracing a warmer disposition for the season. The style subtly communicates an insider’s knowledge of beauty and fashion. Get cool girl street cred instantly with soft and supple waves.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Balayage Chocolate Blonde Hair

24. Bubblegum Unicorn Spring Hair Color

Take playful pastel pink to an energetic new height with a whimsical loose pony. The billowing hair around the crown and straightened ends add to the spirited feel. The lilac bubblegum color melt is an appealing twist on a soft spring pigment. The wispy ends are carefree and perfect for a breezy warm weather aesthetic. Pair it with hot pink lipstick and dainty jewelry for a girlish silhouette.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Metallic Peach Pink Hair

25. Moonlit Darkness

A beautiful touch of the dark side, this spring hair color resonates with its airy gothic contrast. A natural charcoal root cascades through a spectrum of steel grey, ash brown, and luminous white. The balayage is harmonious and unites the different colors for a heavenly result. This look is an unexpected revamp for spring for women who are weary of pastels and sunny highlights. Perfect for women with black or brown hair looking for an edgy hit of the light side!

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Charcoal Silver Pink Hair

26. Buttery Peach Braids

What can we say about this enviable spring hair color? It is glistening, supple, and prismatic without being brash or showy. The look is a delicate color melt of buttery blonde, peach, and blush. Extremely subtle hints of pink peek out in the form of babylights.

The mermaid braid is chubby enough that it gives form and dimension to the look. A mussed-up beach hairstyle is perfect for conveying an effortless and playful spring style. This look is perfect for blondes or redheads looking to soften up for the season!

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Buttery Peach Hair

27. Dusty Violet Spring Hair Color

This whimsical yet understated spring hair color combines muted shades of grey-lilac and burnt baby pink. The overlay of silver and steel creates a girlishly industrial look that is urbane yet delicate. A feminine braid softens the look and makes it a welcome change after months of hat weather. A delicate wave makes the breezy unicorn pigment multidimensional and sweet. Quiet confidence will be yours for the spring season.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Silver Rose Gold Ombre Hair

28. Illuminated White Blonde

If hair could be considered a sartorial statement, this spring hair color would be the poster child of an urbane and brazenly confident style aesthetic. The mussed-up white blonde overlays a shadowed root and ashen underlayer. The contrast is elegantly hip and unapologetic. The white blonde is a cool way of keeping the icy mood of winter going. Pair it with a gentle finger curl for a loose look that is full of movement and bounce.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: White Blonde Hair

29. Ice Violet Spring Hair Color

Pastels get an ice queen revamp with this seductive and enigmatic color melt. A subtle charcoal root cascades down into a violet and platinum symphony. We love how this look takes a traditional and dainty purple shade and turns it on its head, transforming it into a rock and roll fantasy. The icy sheen is an unexpected twist on traditional feminine hairstyling. The long and luscious hair is fit for a mythical goddess – if you’re looking for a luminously opulent look, this will be your go-to!

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Lilac Rose Gold Ombre Hair

30. Warm Blonde Angel

Supple and enticingly approachable, we love this buttery shade of blonde. It is warm and will help brighten up skin tired from the winter cold. The organic balayaged color melt ensures that the look appears natural and blends seamlessly into your existing shade. The ashy ice blonde near the crown descends into a beautiful mess of cascading warm curls. Pair it with a strappy sundress for a golden girl meets beach babe appeal.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Buttery Blonde Hair

31. Sunset Fire Spring Hair Color

This rework of traditional redhead locks is volcanic! We love the bold and vivacious fire meets brilliant sweet potato-esque shade. It is an original voltage of spring pastel! The copper tones near the crown descend into a sexy color melt of crisp orange, sunny tangerine, and light auburn. This is a perfect approach to spring hair colors for redheads who want to experiment with new shades without compromising their fidelity to their natural hair.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Fire Copper Hair

32. Warm Chocolate Hair

Warm and soulful brown shades know no bounds! We love this rich and brilliant brunette look because it capitalizes on the sheen and shine of healthy and nourished hair. Give yourself an intensive hot oil treatment and lace your mane with alluring caramel balayaged ombre. The toffee brown highlights are in the warm family of browns and are a polished and elegant way of approaching spring. A gentle wave boosts the feminine mystique factor.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Chocolate Brown Blonde Ombre Hair

33. Dusty Pink Brunette

Now here’s a spring hair color idea that blends originality with understatedness – proving that you don’t need to make a scene to capitalize on being unique. A dusty rosy blonde is hardly perceptible in dim lights but it reaches its prismatic pinnacle in the sunny afternoons of spring.

The unexpected mixture of spring hair colors is strategic when melted into a soft balayage. A medium brown root rounds the look out. This look is approachable for both dirty blondes and brunettes who want to cash in on the rose gold trend.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ash Brown Rose Gold Ombre Hair

34. Smoke and Lavender Spring Hair Color

Go vivid or go home! This electrified lavender hair color is an evening-ready, dazzling way of reimagining pastels for the spring. The silvery sheen keeps the style rock and roll. The lavender shade is interspersed with white blonde and smokey steel babylights, creating a prismatic and shimmery look. The straightened bob allows the color-melted shades to reach their most delightfully enigmatic peak. This look is best for blondes looking for a bold new style.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Lavender Hair

35. Brunette Goddess

This spring hair color is so rich and dimensional it is hard to put adjectives to it! This look is part of the growing ‘normcore’ trend in color, whereby hair is crafted to look better than natural. The result is a glowing and gilded organic color that looks as though it had never been touched.

The warm medium brown tone is naturally sprinkled with babylights of toffee and falling leaves brown for a soothingly sophisticated and understatedly elegant look. A crimp and high updo impart the style with a gentle femininity.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Sun-Kissed Brunette Hair

36. Party Unicorn Spring Hair Color

A glittering array of party pastels play nice together in this highlighted dream. We love the icy blue mane – it is refreshing and energetic while retaining a mesmerizingly alluring aura. Candy colored yellows and pinks add a playful and magical feel to the look. A pretty and intricate top knot polishes the look off.

This style is perfect for women who have light hair or who are ready to commit to a bleach and coloring job. Why not embrace some carnival-esque fun this spring?

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pastel Unicorn Hair

37. Ash Lilac Ombre

An emerging trend we’ve seen across Instagram this season is barely there pastels that meld oh-so-seamlessly into more traditional blonde and brunette shades. This ombre sees soft smokey lilac interspersed with a deep jet brown.

Larger sections of highlights create a dreamy and ethereal feel and frame the face delicately. A voluminous crown and spiral curls create a bombshell effect. This color job is perfect for deep brunettes who want to play with color without getting in over their heads.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ash Rose Gold Ombre Hair

38. Golden Bronde Spring Hair Color

We love how the delightful tight curls create a fashionista it-girl mood and allow the gentle tonal variations of this brown-blonde hybrid to achieve its shimmering height. The warm, buttery, golden blonde is super approachable and flatters all skin tones. It brightens up the complexion and adds a breezy luxury to your look.

The soft brown roots make the spring hair color appear organic and healthy. We love it for brunettes and blondes alike. The warm tones will be a hit long into the summer, where they will glow against a deep tan.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Golden Bronde Hair

39. Prismatic Pastels

This is storybook fairytale unicorn hair at its unapologetic best! We love the artistic rendering of the pastel shades – it is abstract and enigmatic. Faded swaths of sunflower yellow, mint green, and tulip pink are painted throughout the hair in unexpected geometric configurations. We love the creative and whimsical effect. The key to this spring hair color is the cascading locks – we definitely encourage extensions for achieving this look.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Prismatic Pastel Hair

40. Dusty Rainbow Spring Hair

Can’t choose one pastel shade for spring? Why not combine a rainbow of them into one look? A deep purple crown charts the pigmented spectrum and dissolves into an ice blue, lilac, dusty orange, and finally buttery yellow. We love the mussed-up, organic rendering of the hair. It allows the colors to dance together effortlessly and creates a Fifties bombshell meets punk rock princess silhouette.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pastel Rainbow Hair

41. Marshmallow Pink Hair

Pastels get an ethereal and mystical reimagining with this sleek and princess pretty spring hair color. We love how pink hair is figuring as a major trend this spring season, with a variety of shades sharing the spotlight. In this look, baby pink meets blush and strawberry. It gets rounded off with some painted highlights of electric lilac hair color and blue. The result is a delectably girlish and poised way of putting the party in spring!

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Marshmallow Pink Hair

42. Volcanic Blossom Spring Hair Color

Bring the warmth and radiance of the setting sun into your aesthetic! This rich and exuberant spring hair color captures the vivaciousness of the season and polishes it off with a punchy attitude. The dark brown roots lend a brazen contrast to the effervescent volcanic reds and oranges.

A few babylights of vibrant yellow add movement and dimension to this already complex color. It’s a perfect look for redheads seeking a brilliant dose of color or for brunettes who want to glow with the radiance of a sunset.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Volcanic Orange Hair

43. Champagne Balayage Bronde

Capture the polished elegance of the jet-set lifestyle with this champagne bronde. A deep brown crown descends into a soft balayage of prosecco blonde and tawny browns. The look is rounded off with an ombre of deeper golden butter blonde. Soft waves create a luxe finish. We love this spring hair color for brunettes who want to go for a simple yet powerful seasonal makeover. The look is low-maintenance to craft but it comes with huge glam payoffs.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Champagne Balayage Bronde Hair

44. Bubblegum Rose Gold

A girlish rendering of rose gold, this spring hair color is positively luminous. We love how the icy babylights create voluminous sheen and endow the hair with a preternatural movement and dimension. A slight shadowed root keeps the look organic and understated. The toned down blush means this look is wearable day and night and is a polished way of experimenting with a pastel color palette. Perfect for light brunettes and blondes who want a hit of pink!

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Bubblegum Rose Gold Hair

45. Copper Blonde Bombshell

This spring hair color is an unexpected yet delightfully luxurious pairing if ever we did see one! The copper auburn tones meld seductively into a soft golden blonde ombre. The effect is hair that is packed with movement and dimension.

The copper red-brown hybrid is wearably organic in appearance and helps cultivate an understatedly polished silhouette. It’s a perfect look for brunettes and redheads who want to welcome spring with a warm color palette and delicate ombre.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Copper Blonde Hair

46. Fantasy Seashell Spring Hair Color

Cascading waves of aqua blue and unicorn lilac make this spring hair color a look to remember. We love how the fairytale colors endow the model with an ethereal and elusive mystique. The boldness of the colors is perfect for spring because they complement the beautiful pastel clothing of the season and they pop against a light tan.

A crimped wavy finish gives the look a decisively feminine appeal. Infuse your style with some urbane magic this season and dive into a mermaid inspired hairdo!

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pastel Lilac Blue Hair

47. Comic Book Goddess

Sexy and seductive. Who would ever intuitively apply those adjectives to an icy pink mane? This look is proof that if the shoe fits, wear it. The shimmering bubblegum ice evokes images of a comic book seductress, or a sci-fi galactic princess. The long and luscious mane is voluminous and wildly touchable. Perfect for women who want to embrace the siren side of pink! Extensions encouraged!

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Metallic Pink Hair

48. Icy Bronde

Good news for shapeshifters everywhere: bronde is here to stay! This is the most sophisticated and alluring way of combining the best of brown and blonde tones. Keeping your roots dark allows you to retain a healthier scalp and adds to the delightful contrast between dark and light. Ash brown dissolves into silver white ends, a bold and sleek ombre. The delicate curl creates a seductively womanly silhouette.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ice Blonde Hair

49. Violet and Ice Bob

Short hair meets dazzling color in this sexy and electrifying bob. The icy violet and blush pink look is a refreshing and sparkling spring hair color idea. It is a perfect blend of edgy and ethereal. We love how the shaggy and beachy mussed-up hair allows the shade to refract the light, resulting in a dynamic and voluminous silhouette. This is a sound choice for blondes who want to go cool for spring. While you’re at it, why not embrace the shoulder-length bob as well?

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ice Violet Hair

50. Blossoming Sunset Spring Hair Color

Spring is a time of brilliant and vivid colors, as flowers bloom, sunsets grow more dazzling, and primary colors come out of the storage closet. This lava inspired spring hair color capitalizes on the colorful frenzy of the season. What we love about it is that for all its boldness it is surprisingly polished and urbane.

Shadowed roots descend into a melting pot of sunny oranges and fiery reds. A straightened rendering lends the look a bohemian flower child feel, perfect for warm nights at outdoor concerts.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Neon Fire Red Orange Hair

51. Violet Lava

Women looking to dye their hair for spring need not be restricted to the pastel palette. If this nontraditional blend of warm pink and deep violet seems like an unusual choice for spring, we beg to differ. Its strength lies in its originality and its soft and seductive confidence. The tasteful color melt is taken to a delicate new dimension with lively waves. We love this spring hair color because it is femme meets rock and roll without being too forceful.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Violet Lava Hair

52. Supernova Star Girl

Treat your hair to a dose of the galactic this spring with this space age unicorn style. Confetti-esque shades of stargazing blues, pinks, and violets harmonize into this cosmic knockout. We love how the individual colors are painted throughout the hair, allowing them to both stand out individually and blend magically into one cohesive look. A pretty crown braid contrasts against the cascading waves and adds to the fantasy appeal.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pastel Hair

53. Roller Derby Pink

Arcade color at its girlish best! Proof that pastels don’t need to be dainty or precious, this rock and roll ready pink is exuberant and brazen. While the pink contains a subtle blend of raspberry, Barbie, and bubblegum shades, it is essentially a monochromatic way of playing the spring season. A decisive curl adds to the femme fatale feel of this spring hair color. We love this look for blondes who want to think outside of the box and embrace sharpie shades for the warmer months.

Spring Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Balayage Pink Hair

Winter to Spring Hair Color Transition Tips

As the snow melts, change beckons. We yearn for a seasonal makeover, if you will. While changing up the palette of your makeup and bringing the skirts out of storage are easy, almost intuitive, changes transforming your hair requires a bit more forethought.

Get Your Hair Prepped

Whether you decide to go lighter or darker, or incorporate blink-and-you-miss-them babylights into your spring hair, you must begin with a healthy base. Layering hair dye over a weak, dry base will only exacerbate the pre-existing condition of your hair. We love doing end-of-season hot oil treatments to revitalize and nourish the hair, and prepare it for its seasonal upgrade!

A short trim can be a simple and effective way of rebooting your hair, as the dry winds and cold temperatures of winter can promote the formation of brittle and dead ends. An intensive week of nourishing treatments and a quick trim will do wonders.

Change up Your Hair Products

When it comes to your spring hair care routine, there are simple changes you can make that will work wonders for the health and vitality of your strands. We suggest changing the formula of your shampoo and conditioner for the warmer weather.

While heavy hitting moisturizing blends make sense in the cold and dry winter months, if you live in weather prone to humidity and intense heat we suggest adding a clarifying formula into the mix. Too much moisture, from the atmosphere and intensive hair care products, can lead to frizz and greasiness.

A clarifying blend will cleanse your hair of environmental bacteria and irritants. It will remove excess oil, grease, and dirt and will allow your spring hair to breathe after a winter filled with cold air and heavy moisturizing products.

Winter to Spring Hair Color Transition Tips

Embrace New Products

A new set of hair care products will be welcome additions to your standard routine. Anti-frizz serum is especially useful for women with wavy and curly hair or thin hair prone to puffing up. Humidity protectants are a key weapon to include in your arsenal of hair saving products.

As the mercury rises you need to treat your hair the way you would your skin. This means products that protect it from UV damage and keep it silky and soft in the face of high temperatures.

Nourishing hair sprays that protect the hair from heat products are also a welcome addition, if you are not already using them as part of your healthy hair toolkit.

Natural or Dramatic? The Choice Is Yours!

Spring is a dynamic time when it comes to hair colors and allows for a nice degree of flexibility. You can dive right into the spirit of the warmer months and totally reimagine the color of your hair. You can also embrace it as a transition season and allow your hair to lighten gradually into the summer with the addition of subtle balayage highlights and babylights.

If anything, spring is the season of the balayage. Balayage is a more intuitive and carefree way of playing the highlight trend. While highlights are traditionally targeted and involve the foiling and sectioning of the dyed hair, balayage is a more light-handed approach.

Balayage involves freely painting the dye onto random sectionals of hair. The result is a sun-kissed and organic look that is sophisticated and alluring. For the most natural results, keep the dye within the range of two shades either lighter or darker than your natural tone.

Got the Time, Got the Money?

When it comes to constructing a new spring hair look, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Skin tone and eye color will help you discern the range of hair colors that will complement your natural beauty. A trained stylist can help you decide whether a cool or warm base would be most appropriate.

A key component of transitioning your hair color and style for spring is to be aware of the financial and temporal commitments involved. Simply put, do you have the time to touch up your hair on a monthly basis? Does it make sense given your financial priorities?

Some looks, like ombres and artificial colors, require more upkeep and may necessitate a higher upfront financial commitment. Babylights, and sparser highlights can come with a lower price tag.

Doing it yourself is another option for women who want to avoid splashing out on a new hair look. You can certainly achieve a revamped look at home, especially when it involves subtle pigment changes, but more intensive bleaching and color melt techniques often have better results when left to a dedicated and patient professional.

Best Spring Hair Colors for Blondes

If you have blonde hair (natural or dyed), these are the best spring hair colors you can always embrace!

Warm Blonde

Ice blonde and silver hair colors were big hits this winter season. While they certainly retain their appeal into the spring, we love softening them and adding a warm, honey or gold blonde overlay to the color.

The warmer shades of honey blonde will play nicely against a tan and the airy, pastel shades of spring fashion and makeup. Aptly named ‘nude’ highlights are a big trend this year. Nude highlights are neutral shades that play subtly against your natural hair color and seamlessly complement your skin tone.

Go Platinum

That being said, women who like the cool blonde appeal of an icy silver mane might find the platinum blonde route more to their liking. Platinum blonde has never gone out of style and with an expert hand it can be a trend-forward and energetic approach to spring and summer.

There is something about going platinum that demonstrates confidence and assertiveness. By taking a page out of Malibu Barbie’s book, you’re guaranteed to stand out in a crowd. Platinum blonde hair looks lively with a tan and with the requisite spring uniform of skirts and sundresses.

Best Spring Hair Colors for Blondes

Pastel Highlights

Blondes have the added luxury of having a light base to work with. This light base is perfect for experimenting with dyes and bold ombres. Lilac, baby pink, and sky blue are popular pigments and can be incorporated into your existing style in both subtle and stand-out ways.

For a delicate touch of color, intersperse some playful dye throughout the ends of your hair, or perhaps experiment with lowlights radiating from the hair near the nape of your neck.

Rose Gold

Champagne and rose gold hair colors are still on trend for spring and lend your look a captivatingly trendy and sartorially in-the-know appeal. Rose gold is as approachable as it is lust-worthy and suits a wide spectrum of skin tones and natural shades.

You can go for a bubblegum magenta shade for a vibrant streak of warmth or a delicate prosecco gold for a more luxuriously laid-back approach to spring hair colors.

Brave New World

For a more decisive and bold look, completely transform your hair with a refreshing and luminous monochromatic look. Going for a bold new shade is like a spring makeover on a grand scale. Frankly speaking, blondes are perfectly positioned to capitalize on bright spring hair colors because their light hair is most amenable to hosting the vibrant shades.

Sometimes a light bleach is needed but if you already have an ice or white blonde shade, you can dye the new color directly onto your hair. This is a sensitive process, and because of the potential for damage we recommend visiting a stylist with experience in unnatural colors.

Shades of Brown

For women wanting to warm their blonde hair up with deeper spring hair shades, caramel and sandy brown ombre and lowlights are an approachable and alluring hair reset. They warm the skin up and are an inviting way of gradually darkening the hair while retaining a natural dimension.

The result of this inclusion of brown is a laid-back and easy-going silhouette that looks positively mesmerizing on gentle curls or waves. The ‘bronde’ color has the added benefit of being low-maintenance and easy to grow out.

Best Spring Hair Colors for Brunettes

For an alluring spring hair makeover, consider these colors if you have brown or black hair:

Light and Luminous

The conventional wisdom for brunettes come April is ‘go light!’ While we encourage you to experiment with whichever pigment makes sense for your mood and aesthetic, there is certainly truth to this tradition!

Lighter shades of caramel, toffee, and gold enliven the hair and warm up your skin tone. There is something timelessly alluring about the way these tones glisten in the light. For an easy hit of color, we love babylights targeted around the crown of the head and painted on the hair that frames the face.

A balayage of buttery golden and sandy brown will keep your spring hair color true to form while injecting it with a healthy dose of sunny vibrancy. Balayage has the added benefit of making hair prismatic and multidimensional, leading to a denser and fuller look. This is a perfect solution for bulking up the volume without investing in hair extensions.

Best Spring Hair Colors for Brunettes

Smokey Quartz, Chocolate, Chestnut…

For women who have been dying to go dark, there’s a wealth of inspiration making the rounds in the beauty sphere for spring. One of the most enticing spring hair colors for brunettes is the deep chestnut brown that has been dubbed ‘smokey quartz’ by celebrity hairstylist Nikki Lee.

It is a prismatic marriage of both cool and warm shades, making it a refreshing change of pace for women of all skin tones. It also retains enough natural radiance to be breezy, rather than harsh, for the spring.

For something even richer, an espresso or chocolate brown is an original way of playing spring hair. Going dark is a bold and assertive move that demonstrates self-possession. For women who want to dabble with a darker look, a lowlight balayage of deeper chestnut hues can be an organic way of incorporating richer notes into your existing shade.

Sustainable and Natural

Brunettes have more options than ever before in terms of organic and sustainable spring hair colors. Gone are the days of stark late Nineties teen movie highlights and ratty roots. These days, stylists have a range of high-tech products and techniques to ensure that dyed hair looks healthy and luminous.

Strategic underlights, balayage, and gradual ombre are just a few of the techniques that result in luscious looking locks. Root smudging is an ingenious technique whereby the roots are gradually blended into the new spring hair color. These shadowed roots become a part of the total look rather than an inconvenience. This makes the growing-out process a pinch and increases the time between salon visits.

Constructing a color-melted style is another way of creating natural variation in the spring hair without an obvious ‘dyed’ effect. Color melts are a marriage of balayage highlights and ombre gradation. The result is a luxurious dance of similarly pigmented colors.

Best Spring Hair Colors for Redheads

Redheads also have a wide range of spring hair colors to choose from, some of the best among which are the following:

Best Spring Hair Colors for Redheads

Spring Warmth

For winter, many redheads deepen their natural tones to shades of auburn or deep pumpkin. For the spring, you can retain that depth and add a pop of luminous sheen with painted glossy highlights of light red and strawberry blonde. This strategy allows you to maintain the integrity of your color while infusing it with sunny and glistening warmth.


For a more dramatic change, deep copper hues are always a spring favorite. They are rich and pigmented and have a density of color that looks sumptuous in the spring light. A rich copper hair color is also a nice way of refreshing your natural color if it has faded during the winter.

Many of our favorite spring hair colors for redheads involve a mixture of light browns, coppers, and hints of blonde. This mixture across the color spectrum is an elegant way for redheads to embrace new colors and create a multidimensional silhouette.

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