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Green Eyeshadow Looks: Green Eye Makeup Tips & Ideas

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There are plenty of tips for wearing green eyeshadow without looking like a mess through the trial and error of those gifted MUAs who came before us. Out of respect for the relentless efforts to make certain we all look good in our green eye makeup, here are a few tips that will keep you sane through application and looking good post application.

Green Eye Makeup Tips

Lean on the knowledge offered by others who have tried and succeeded at choosing the right colors and remember above all, when using green eye makeup, less is more so build your color.

  • Green eyeshadow of any shade has a wow factor; you have to lean into this factor to pull off any green eyeshadow look. Don’t think you have to build your look around the shadow – it will show through on its own whether it is a matte hunter green or a bright, glittering green and gold combination. You can tone everything else down, and you will not look underdone. The best way to ensure you don’t go overboard? Do your eyeshadow first.
  • Want a diffused look across your lids? Apply your green eyeshadow with a wet brush and blend it out as it dries for a capital S look: smooth, soft and sultry.
  • Green eyeshadow done in the wrong shade can make under-eye circles look like bruises. The color can exacerbate any imperfections as well, so it is important to choose complementary shades.
  • BUILD YOUR COLOR! I cannot emphasize this enough – green is a very eye-catching color that comes in so many different beautiful shades that it can be easy to be mesmerized, but use a steady, conservative hand during application. It is better to build your color up to the intensity that you want.
  • Wear your green eye makeup with nudes and natural shades to complement it. Consider earth tones like rich chocolate to create a warm color that is easy to blend for a complementary look that is eye-catching but not garish or overbearing.
  • You only need a hint of green to enhance your natural eye color, and each shade will enhance a different shade of flecks or feature in your eye color.
  • Keep your overall look harmonious! Your eye-popping green eye makeup will look nice with toned-down lip makeup, mostly featuring warm shades like neutral and bright brown shades. Do make sure to stay away from pink or red lipstick when wearing green eyeshadow!
  • When it comes to the best blush colors to go with your green eye makeup, consider warm brown shades or bronzer.
  • To avoid a sallow look, don’t use pale green eyeshadow colors on the lower lid and in general try to keep it very subtle in the lower lid.
How to Apply Green Eyeshadow

Two Ways to Create an All-Over Green Eye Makeup Look

  • Choose three shades of green eyeshadow – a light green for highlight, a medium green and a darker green.
  • Prime your eyelids with your favorite primer prior to applying your eyeshadow. The primer will give your color staying power while also amplifying the color just the right amount. If you don’t have a “dedicated” eyeshadow primer, you can use a nude-colored cream shadow or your concealer to create nearly the same effect.
  • Cover the top third of your eye area up to your brow bone with the lightest shade of green you want for your look (make certain to build your shadow, as this looks better than applying it too heavy from the beginning).
  • Layer on the darker/ darkest green shade you’ve chosen in the crease of your eyelid to better define the shape and color of your eyes.
  • Use a clean brush to blend the area from your crease to your brow bone for a seamless look but remember to be patient as you do.
  • Use the mid-toned green eyeshadow and apply it smoothly from your lashes up until you have added the shadow all over your eyelid.
  • Use another clean brush to blend your shadow again.
  • Apply your eyeliner for a crisp line. Depending on whether you want a brighter or more dramatic effect will help you choose how to line your waterline. Use a nude pencil for brighter-looking eyes and a black pencil for a duskier, dramatic look.
  • Add a few coats of mascara or falsies as you see fit.
Green Eye Makeup Tips


  • Apply your favorite eyeshadow primer to your eyelids to allow for a smooth, even application that lasts all day (get used to this no matter what color you’re planning to use).
  • Use a soft, light shade of green eyeshadow all over your lid and up to your brow bone. When you apply this shade make certain to blend your shadow until it’s smooth and even. Make certain to dab a bit of this in the inner corner of your eye.
  • Blend your second shade, the medium green up and into your eyebrow crease. Here is the place to add the most complementary of the green shades. If you want to add a touch of shadow to your lower lid, now is the time to do so.
  • Define your eyes with the eyeliner of your choice in a clean, sharp line that accentuates the shape of your eyes.
  • Add your third layer of green lightly and softly defined right above the liner. Now you can blend your shades of green for maximum wow factor.
  • Add an additional stroke of eyeliner to really define your eyes again, as the process of blending may have softened your initial line.
  • Time to treat your lashes to a few coats of mascara to really open your eyes!
  • Finish your overall green eye makeup look with a neutral lip, a well-defined brow and a bit of highlight, and you’re ready to go!
How to Wear Green Eye Makeup

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