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How to Dye Hair Peach at Home

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Peach hairstyles were seen all around in 2016 as well, while there are articles about doing it yourself at home from 2013. It is a lovely pastel hair color that we can certainly enjoy, particularly if it comes in a rose gold appeal such as Sienna Miller’s ‘do a few years back. If you have decided to embrace the DIY route, we present the ultimate guide to dyeing hair peach at home, from choosing the right shade for your skin tone to maintaining the color bright to adjusting your style to your new peach hair.

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Choosing the Best Peach Hair Dye for Your Skin Tone

Before dyeing your hair peach, it’s important to choose the right peach hair color based on your skin tone.

  • Those with fair skin and light hair tones can give their preference to light pastel or medium peach hair shades, while in case you like a brighter, carrot-like peach coloring, choose a dye that has more orange tint to it than pink. Coppery peach tones are another great option both for those with lighter skin and those with darker skin.
  • The darker your skin tone and natural hair color are, the darker peach hair colors you should opt for. Thus, those with medium and dark skin tones can pick a darker peach hair dye, applied to the roots and beautifully fading to a pastel salmon hue for a lovely sombre effect. You can also opt for extra vibrant, as an eye-popping peach hair color. That can be the best bet for those with dark skin tones who want to make a statement. To achieve the color, you can mix vivid orange and strawberry dyes, which will give you a bright orangey-pink peach shade. If you’d prefer to keep it subtle, however, you can opt for a deeper copper peach hair color, or simply have a few peach threads run through otherwise dark hair.

Best Peach Hair Colors for Warm Skin Undertone

You should also take your undertone into account when choosing the right shade of peach hair dye for you. If your skin has warm yellow undertones, with veins that appear a little more green through your skin, the peach hair dye you choose should be closer to orange than to pink.

If you’re going to a salon, a great solution is to have most of your hair dyed peach and have a few strands dyed a warmer, more orange tones near your face. An overly cool peach look will make your skin look a little sallow, and is best avoided.

Best Peach Hair Colors for Cool Skin Undertone

Those with cool and neutral undertones to their skin, with veins that appear blue or purple, and an overall beige or pink complexion, can definitely make the most out of peach hair dye that is a true peach or that leans a little more towards rosy pink.

However, if you do love the more orange-heavy peaches, you can actually wear them as well, since they are still going to have the same red base as your skin, and therefore will not clash!

Choosing the Best Peach Hair Dye for Your Skin Tone

Best Peach Hair Colors for Olive Skin Undertone

Lastly, there are those with olive undertones, whose skin has a Mediterranean vibe with a touch of green-ness to it. The pinky-red tones in most peach hair dye are going to be quite difficult to pull off, since they tend to emphasize greenness in an unflattering way.

You could try a super gold take on peach hair dye, or wear peach hair dye in your hair as a balayage over a more warm or neutral hair color, so that it doesn’t contrast against your skin’s undertone.

How to Dye Your Hair Peach

To dye your hair peach, there are a few things you can do. If you have darker hair you will have to bleach it first, while if you are naturally a blonde you might be able to get away with skipping straight over to the dyeing part of things.

In this section will talk about bleaching and dyeing your hair to achieve solid, all-over peach hair color, but if you are confident in your skills you can apply other dyeing techniques like ombre or balayage using peach hair dye for some really gorgeous effects.

If you are going to dye your hair a peach color without bleaching, you should keep in mind that the peach hair shade you get will strongly depend on the base color you have. Those with jet-black hair simply cannot expect to achieve a peach hair color without bleaching – they’re going to end up with an orange-tinted dark brown shade instead, whereas light blonde is the perfect base color to achieve that pretty peach hair coloring easily. If your hair is naturally a yellow-based blonde, you might be able to achieve peach hair color by overlaying pink over your hair.

Peach hair dye is hard to find in general, but by combining yellow and orange hair dyes with pink hair dye you can end up creating peach hair dye at home all by yourself! It’s also a good idea to combine the peach hair dye you choose with some touches of pink or rose to achieve a unique neutral peach tone that is hard to replicate.

Last but not least, if you don’t want to cause harm to your hair, but at the same time want to experiment with peach hair colors, go for a temporary dye or peach hair chalks, which will also give you the opportunity to easily switch back to your natural color whenever you want.

Makeup Tips for Peach Hair

You Will Need:

  • Bleaching kit – the strongest and fast bleach you can find in stores is likely Manic Panic’s Flash Lighting 40 Volume kit, which is available at Ulta Beauty
  • Semi-permanent peach hair dye, or yellow and pink dyes that you can mix. We love the Jerome Russell Punky Color from Ulta Beauty
  • Mixing bowl
  • Hair dye brush
  • Plastic shower cap
  • Gloves – stick to reusable plastic gloves to avoid creating needless waste
  • Old button-up shirt that can get dirty
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Butterfly hair clips
  • Nourishing hair conditioner – preferably enriched with proteins

Step 1: Prep

  • Avoid washing your hair for a few days before the dyeing process beings. Hair that has natural oils in it tends to get less damaged, so it looks much better after the bleaching and dyeing process.
  • Give your hair a protein treatment a few days before bleaching to get it as strong as possible, since the hair loses a lot of proteins during the bleaching process.
How to Maintain Peach Hair Color

Step 2: Bleaching

  • Mix up your bleaching kit as instructed by the packaging of the product you bought. This normally entails combining a powder bleach with developer in a bowl, mixing it with your hair dye brush, and giving it a minute or two to process.
  • While the product is processing, separate your hair into as many sections as you like, and clip up each section. I usually recommend splitting the hair once at the crown, so you have a front and back section, then splitting each one of those sections again so you have two front and two back sections. If your hair is thin, you can stick to just two sections, while if it’s very thick you might want more sections.
  • Make sure you’re wearing an old shirt that you don’t mind staining with bleach or dye. A button-up shirt will be best, since it’ll be easiest to remove without having to pull over the head.
  • Unclip the section that you plan to start bleaching, and from it separate a chunk of hair that is a couple of centimeters in diameter.
  • Start applying the bleach, either as close to the roots as you can get without touching the scalp, or a little bit farther down from it if you intend to keep the roots dark or to dye your hair in a balayage technique.
  • With the brush, pull the bleach down towards the ends of your hair, so that the full chunk is covered from top to bottom.
  • To ensure the distribution of bleach is even more thorough and even, use your gloved fingers to massage the bleach into the hair ensuring that every strand gets covered.
  • Separate out another chunk of hair from that first section, and repeat the bleach application process.
  • Once you’ve finished dyeing the whole section of hair, clip it back up and move on to the next section. Continue working in the same fashion until your whole head is covered in bleach.
  • Pop a shower cap on over your head to help prevent bleach from your head getting on your clothes or furniture.
  • Give the bleach time to process – it will likely take about ten minutes or so, and no longer than 45 minutes lest you risk badly damaging your hair.
  • Check your hair every five minutes to see if it’s reached the level of lightness you were hoping for, and also look for signs of damage like dryness or brittleness.
  • Once enough time has passed get in the shower and rinse out all of the bleach from your hair with lukewarm water. If you feel the need, you may condition your hair as well.
  • Get out of the shower and squeeze out as much water as you can out of your hair with an old cotton T-shirt. If you’re going to use a towel, be very careful not to rub too much, or you risk damaging your hair.
  • Examine your hair. Go in with more bleach if you see areas that you missed, but be conservative since your hair is as fragile as can be right now.
  • If you find that your hair isn’t light enough for the kind of peach hair color that you wanted, then wait a few days, do some hair restoring treatments, and then try bleaching your hair again. Be very careful, since taking hair down to platinum at home can be very damaging.
Dyeing Hair Peach at Home

Step 3: Applying Peach Hair Dye

  • Once you are happy with the lightness level of your hair, you can go ahead and apply your peach hair dye! You can apply it while your hair is still damp though not when it’s soaking wet, and you can definitely do so on the same day as bleaching it, since semi-permanent dyes tend to be quite conditioning.
  • Brush your hair gently to ensure there are no tangles, and then split it up into sections much like you did earlier for bleaching it!
  • Apply petroleum jelly to your forehead and ears in order to prevent peach hair dye from staining your skin.
  • If you’ll be using just one semi-permanent hair dye, get the jar open and ready next to you, and make sure your hair dyeing brush is clean. If you are going to blend a few shades together, decant them into a bowl and mix together thoroughly.
  • Unclip the first section of hair you want to dye, and separate out a chunk from it that is a few centimeters in diameter.
  • Dip your brush into the peach hair dye, and then apply it to your hair starting as close to the roots as you would like to go. Use the brush to pull the peach hair color down as far towards the ends as it will go, and reapply more if necessary.
  • Grab the next chunk of hair, and repeat the dyeing process until that whole section is done.
  • Clip the dyed section of hair back up into a twist, and move on to the next section dyeing in the same process.
  • Once your whole head is covered in peach hair dye, pop on a shower cap, which will prevent hair dye from getting everywhere and making a mess.
  • Let the color process. The Punky dyes we recommended usually take about 15 minutes to half an hour.
  • Once enough time has elapsed, get in the shower and rinse out the peach hair dye with lukewarm water. You can condition your hair if you like, but you don’t have to, since the dye itself is quite conditioning.
  • Get out, dry your hair with a T-shirt or a soft towel, and admire your new peach hair color. If you missed a few spots, then reapply the dye, but if it’s perfect then rock on!
Fashion Tips for Peach Hair

How to Maintain Your Peach Hair Color

Yup, even a mermaid would be proud of your peach hair now, but you will need to make sure to maintain your peach hair color. We’ve got some amazing tips for that!

  • Always use a shampoo made for colored hair, ensuring that it is not too harsh. Low sulphates or no sulphates in general are your best bet, since ingredients like SLS or SLES are quick to strip the hair of hard-won color. A gold-based shampoo is the best alternative for those with peach hair, just like purple shampoo is for blondes. Our recommendation is JOICO Color Infuse Copper Shampoo and Conditioner from Ulta Beauty.
  • Try not to wash your peach hair more than once or twice a week, as over-washing will strip your now porous hair of its natural oils and speed up the fading process. When you do wash your hair, try to wash it with cold water, which seals the hair cuticle and prevents the peach hair color from getting rinsed out.
  • Doing a hair treatment once a week is a must to maintain your peach hair’s health and keep the parched strands from losing elasticity and shine. If you also bleached your hair, make sure to do a treatment rich in proteins which will help strengthen your hair. Olaplex Hair Perfector, from Sephora, is by far our favorite.
  • Avoid blow-drying unless it is an absolute necessity and keep away from heat styling in general to optimize your peach hair’s condition. Whenever you style your hair, make sure to use color-protecting styling products and a heat protectant, which are a good idea to apply every time you have to spend a lot of time in the sun, as well.
  • Avoid the use of hair ties with metal joints, instead opting for some lovely velvet elastic bands, something that makes for a great investment regardless of whether you dye your hair or not.
How to Dye Your Hair Peach

Makeup Tips for Peach Hair Colors

While you can always dare and try new makeup looks to see which one flatters your new hair color best, there are a few makeup tips for peach hair that you might love to consider!

Complexion Makeup for Peach Hair

  • Your foundation really needs to be on point when you make the switch to brighter fashion hair colors, so opt for a medium or high-coverage foundation if your hair is dyed a brighter peach tone.
  • If you’ve opted for more of a pastel peach tone, you don’t need to increase your coverage as much, but you do need to ensure that your features stand out. Using a light bronzer, contour, or blush will make a big difference!
  • As far as blush colors go, stick to harmonious shades that’ll suit your hair. Peaches and corals are best, but if you have a deeper skin tone, then a red-based blush with a similar undertone to your hair will also do.
Makeup Tips for Peach Hair Colors

Eye Makeup for Peach Hair

  • When it comes to the best eyeshadow colors for peach hair, universally flattering shades, such as copper, beige, champagne, gold or brown are all safe bets.
  • Coral, rose gold, and peach shades will also look beautiful, creating a unique monochrome effect with your hair.
  • You can play around with contrasting colors as well, like teals or purples, but make sure that they also work with your outfit. It’s best if there are some threads of those shadow tones in your overall look.
  • For eyebrows, you have two directions you can go in. For a look that will match your hair more cohesively, wear an eyebrow shade with a cool undertone – a taupe or ash with a hint of mauve to it, or a red-based dark brown if your coloring is darker.
  • The other option is to stick to gray-based neutrals, which might work better if your skin has a cool undertone.
  • With pastel peach hair, you will likely want to stay away from overly dark eye makeup, instead preferring softer looks that open up the eye.

Lip Makeup for Peach Hair

  • The easiest lipsticks to match to peach hair are ones with a similar undertone. If your hair is warm, then stick to warmer lipsticks like peaches, corals, and bricks.
  • If those warm lipstick tones don’t suit your skin, wear neutrals like raspberry or rose instead.
  • For high-impact contrast, try a blue-based red lipstick or even a striking violet lip!
  • You might want to avoid overly nude lipsticks that match your skin tone too closely, or you risk being totally washed out when combined with your already light hair.
Peach Hair Color Tips

Fashion Tips for Those with Peach Hair

  • When in doubt, stick to neutrals! Peach hair looks just as gorgeous with lighter neutrals like white and beige as it does with black.
  • If you like to play around with color, simply remember to use the color wheel when crafting outfits. You should treat peach hair as you would orange, but just remember that it’s a lot less saturated.
  • If you are wearing just a single color, in the form of a dress or a jumpsuit for example, stick to neutrals or brown tones that lean a little towards mauve. Yellow is also a great color choice that won’t clash with your peach hair. Try and stay away from saturated colors.
  • In outfits with two or three colors, you can have one color be bright and make sure the other is less saturated to match your peach hair.
  • Wearing color patterns that are analogous to your hair is a way of ensuring that you look bright, feminine, and chic without matching your hair too closely. On the warm side of things, you can wear soft butter yellows and pale oranges, while keeping it cool means wearing pinks and muted magentas.
  • Earth tones can look particularly gorgeous with peach hair, and they also allow you to add an additional statement color. Peach hair can look nice with beiges and browns, but adding a hint of teal to this pattern will elevate the look.
Peach Hair Dye Tips

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