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9 Best Body Serums for Dull and Dry Skin

Let us talk about body serums. Although every skin product that has exotic oils (which are usually reserved for the face) can be classified as serums, you need to understand why they are used and how to choose the best body serums.

You know our skin types are not the same. And what brings out the beauty of my skin might dull – or worse, harm – someone else’s skin. You have to be guided on how to use anything, and in this case, we are talking about body serums.

Plus, you can use them with your normal skincare products like body lotions, the one you have been using all the while. You will maximize the effect and have a better skin appearance if you understand how to apply it.

In today’s article, we will talk about body serums, what to look for when you are buying them according to your skin type, and what are the benefits you get.

In this article:

Our Picks for the Best Body Serums

For a start, here are 9 options of the best body serums you should buy.

1. REN Clean Skincare AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum

This moisturizing body serum naturally exfoliates the skin to a natural glow. You don’t need to scrub before you enjoy a full body exfoliation. It is a lightweight body moisturizer, touches the skin with a lotion-like texture, and enhances the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Thanks to the hydrating ability, you will see softer, smoother skin, and it promises the tone will be even from head to toe. Get it from Sephora!

Best Body Serums to Buy: REN Clean Skincare AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum

2. One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum

Its duty in summary: it hydrates, firms and smooths your skin. This body serum bestows you with a radiant glow from head to toe. It has antioxidants and intensely protects you from free radicals that could harm your skin. It is lightweight and can be used alone or layered with your favorite body lotion. It’s available for sale through Dermstore.

Best Body Serums to Buy: One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum

3. Clé de Peau Beauté Concentrated Brightening Body Serum

If you use this body serum after showers or bath, you will get more than just moisturizing benefits. It can tackle skin issues around the neck and décolletage. It’s formulated with platinum golden silk that gives clearer tones on the neck area, preventing and tackling the appearance of yellowness. Tranexamic acid in its ingredients clears the appearance of spots. One of the best body serums, this option can be picked up from Nordstrom.

Best Body Serums to Buy: Clé de Peau Beauté Concentrated Brightening Body Serum

4. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Firm & Replenish Body Serum

If you want an intensive treatment from body serums, you should buy this product. It is formulated to replenish and protect your skin. It has a lightweight texture, absorbs immediately, and leaves no greasy residue. Your skin is fed with a nourishing blend of omega, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. You won’t forget the soothing therapeutic experience. This probiotic skincare product can be found at Net-a-Porter.

Best Body Serums to Buy: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Firm & Replenish Body Serum

5. Kahina Giving Beauty Body Serum Fez

This body serum gives the skin a soft, velvety finish. When you think your skin is dull as dead, it awakens your skin, replenishing and restoring moisture effectively. Its lightweight formula ensures it is fast-acting. A blend of essential oils and vitamin E, it gives deep hydration and helps to prevent irritation. Pick it up from Dermstore!

Best Body Serums to Buy: Kahina Giving Beauty Body Serum Fez

6. Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Serum Mousse

One of the best body serums, it is a soothing body mousse and has the fresh, floral scent of Amazing Grace. It isn’t only a lightweight lotion, but also blended with nourishing nutrients for your skin. When you use, it gives you a fuzzy sensation. This serum-mousse blend can be found at Macy’s.

Best Body Serums to Buy: Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Serum Mousse

7. Tracie Martyn Resculpting Neck & Body Serum

With a skilful blend of natural ingredients and cosmeceuticals, it is one of the best body serums you can ever get. It firms, hydrates and tightens the skin. With its light-diffusing minerals and pumpkin seed extract, your skin will be free of issues such as stretch marks and wrinkles. And with extra something like the unique blend of amino acids, peptides and enzymes, it helps to develop a firm face, neck and thighs. This pink bottle can be found at Dermstore.

Best Body Serums to Buy: Tracie Martyn Resculpting Neck & Body Serum

8. Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Intensively Moisturizing Body Serum

You should have the skin that will wow your audience on Instagram. And you can, just use Boots No.7. Your skin is protected with this perfect body serum, and soon your skin starts looking younger, fresher. It’s available at SkinStore.

Best Body Serums to Buy: Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Intensively Moisturizing Body Serum

9. SpaRitual Body Serum For Slow-Aging

This body serum is more than a moisturizer. It is a blend of peppermint, sunflower, bergamot, orange and lemon oils. It will soften dry skin to turn a smooth and glowing texture. It hydrates, nourishes, protects and preserves the skin’s youthful radiance. The skin becomes smooth and firm, thanks to a faster regeneration of the cells. And more thanks to this body serum available at Dermstore!

Best Body Serums to Buy: SpaRitual Body Serum For Slow-Aging

What to Look for in the Perfect Body Serum?

Depending on the ingredients, you can use body serums for either dry skin or sensitive skin. This should be your priority: buy body serums based on your skin type and the issues on your skin. Also, pay attention to the ingredients contained.

Here is what to look for in a body serum:

Types of Body Serums

We can group body serums based on the ingredients they contain. One can be made as a DIY serum, and the other, mostly manufactured, is one concentrated formula of nourishing ingredients. They are:

  • Cream-based body serums
  • Oil-based body serums

Cream-based body serums are made to be milky or creamy in texture. Users are advised to use them before lotions as a form of skin preparation. Or you can substitute it as the main body care entirely because it is fast.

The ingredients are absorbed quickly into the body especially if you apply immediately on damp skin after showers. This way, if you apply lotions over it, it forms an occlusive layer, which protects skin, and the water-soluble ingredients will penetrate deeper.

Oil-based body serums are not (or are less) creamy. They can be homemade; you will cut costs and maintain healthier skin. It is important to find the right ingredients, and it must be beneficial to your skin.

Some manufactured oil-based body serums are available on the market as well. To make something similar, you will need watermelon seed oil, fair trade argan oil, and a large collection of precious essential oils from rose to give a sweet scent. This choice is still quite expensive.

What Are Body Serums?

The Right Formula for Your Skin Type

When you are ready to switch to body serums, you shouldn’t rush. Some body serums are better suited for your skin type than others. Take a look at the recommendations for your skin type.

Dry Skin

Your choice of body serums should lock in moisture. Therefore you should look for ingredients that do these, but also help to heal dry skin. As an example, look for products with a unique formula of PPAR activators: they are little substances stimulating the skin’s natural renewal cycle.

Look out for Elastomers: they help in developing a silky, smooth application. Read the instructions on the bottle and understand if this product will lock in moisture.

Sensitive Skin

You need body serums compatible with your normal moisturizer. You should look out for a serum that is dermatologically tested and at the same time gentle on the skin. The serums will be used as preparation for the use of lotions. And it helps to brighten and wake up skin, taking nutrients deep down, hydrating and nourishing the skin at the surface.

And in Addition, for Dull Skin

You need skin-brightening body serums, and they are on the market. This type of serums helps to restore and give the skin a new glowing appearance.

How To Use Body Serums

Body Serum FAQ

Still have doubts about introducing body serums to your routine? We try to answer them below:

What Are Body Serums?

Body serums are specially formulated skincare products that are made for stubborn skin problems. If your skin has any problems like dryness, sensitivity and flakiness, or it looks tired and dull, then body serums are meant for you.

We have talked about body lotions, body creams, body butter, and body oils. But skin serums are a bit higher on that level of treatment we have mentioned in those guides.

Depending on the manufacturer, body serums could have a thick, gel-like feel. Generally, they tackle skin issues right from the inside, from the depths, and bring you a better skin appearance that we can all see outside.

Because of skin issues that lie deep, body serum is made of ingredients that have high penetration. For instance, in dry skin issues, the skin’s protective surface layer is poor, and body serums, concentrated with active ingredients, will penetrate into the top layers of skin to replenish the skin lipids (lipid is the layer in and around the skin cells that lock in moisture).

Gradually, with the effect of the serums, the skin’s natural renewal cycle is maximized and it becomes soft and hydrated and remains that way permanently.

What Are the Benefits of Body Serums?

We understand you are using body oils or lotions already, and your skin might just be perfect. The question on your mind, then, is why should you care about anything else – even body serums?

It Is Not Just for Moisturizing: It is fine if you have been using what you are using. But body serum feeds the skin with a concentration of varying, but helpful ingredients. Vitamin C and grape seed extract, for instance, can help protect against sun damage. Amino acids will hydrate your skin. You see, it is not just moisturizing – they have more active ingredients to bless your skin. You will feel the skin becoming softer and plumper.

Protection in Warm Weather: The ingredients are united to help and would get your skin protected and soothed. And to maximize the protective effect, use body serums as preparation for the use of lotions – your skin will be protected against the warm weather. Always.

They Can Re-Texture the Skin: Some body serums have re-texturizing ingredients like glycolic and lactic acid. And they demand a lower pH to bring the desired effect than common creams and lotions. Double win for you.

Light and Less Greasy: Body serums are oil-based, their molecules are smaller, and they won’t sit on the skin layer. Unlike your normal moisturizer, they go deeper into the epidermis because they hydrate through water-based ingredients or light oils and hyaluronic acid. Moisturizers won’t hydrate that fast because they are heavy and made of petroleum. Those who want a better result would wait for very few minutes for the body serums to soak into their skin, and then they will apply moisturizer.

Little Is Enough: If you choose body serums as your major skincare products, then you need not use plenty. Or as you wish. They are expensive, but the benefits are worth the amount you paid. And if you choose them as your favorite, just a little is enough daily.

How to Use Body Serums?

• We believe you have chosen a serum type from the list above.
• Take your bath and pat the skin dry. But ensure it is still damp.
• If you want to use body serums with other products, start with the lightest formula and end with the heaviest. Therefore start with serums.
• Apply the nutrients-filled serums on your damp skin. Wait for it to be absorbed.
• Apply lotions if you like to.

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