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Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends

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Let your hair get exciting with the spring/ summer 2019 hair accessories! Designers and hair stylists were not afraid to play around for the warmer seasons, primarily opting for playful and conspicuous hair accessories like big headbands, bigger tiaras, colorful scarves, and lots of flowers.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends

The spring/ summer 2019 hair accessory trends did a fabulous job of echoing the trends and motifs we saw show up on the runways in outfits and other accessories. The clearest of these motifs were a bohemian take on wanderlust, and the desire to return to femininity with girlish and princessy designs.

#1. Flowers

With spring come the blooms of new fowers, spreading cheer with their beautiful fragrance. Stylists could not resist using flowers as spring 2019 hair accessories, much the same way designers couldn’t resist using flowers in prints, appliqués, and jewelry in their runways.

The first runway that comes to mind as far as flower hair decorations are concerned is Rodarte, of course, where pink roses of varying sizes were tucked into large curls and thick braids. The second is Mansur Gavriel, where smaller flowers were distributed through loose hair adding a playful yet romantic touch that was perfect for spring.

There was a wackier take on flowers in hair at Dolce & Gabbana, where roses became architectural masterpieces piled atop the head or were paired with odd elements like soup cans.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Floral Hair Accessories

#2. Princess Tiaras

Another over-arching style element we saw on the runways was feminine princess designs. Naturally, this meant that tiaras were a key part of the spring/ summer 2019 hair accessory trends, with large designs that exuded opulence and romance.

Both Simone Rocha and Rodarte had ultra-feminine yet regal collections this season, so the tiaras worn by the models on their runways were the largest and most opulent. At Miu Miu, tiaras were also on the thinner side, but were undeniably feminine, as they were shaped into small bows – another of this season’s hair accessory trends.

Rick Owens gave an architectural yet minimalist twist on the tiara trend, with some truly unique creations. We also saw some high impact tiaras at Dolce & Gabbana in the gold and colorful jewels that are so iconic to the brand.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Tiaras

#3. Hair Scarves

Scarves were used in all kinds of outfits on the runways this season, particularly on runways that had a bohemian or travel-inspired vibe, so as an extension, stylists went ahead and wrapped scarves around models’ heads, further cementing the wanderlust theme and making it part of the spring/ summer 2019 hair accessory trends. Women who wrap their hair in scarves for religious reasons are sure to appreciate the high-fashion options they’ll see in stores next season!

Colorfully printed headscarves were wrapped to totally cover the head turban-style at the Anna Sui and Michael Kors runways. At Kate Spade, the scarves were printed to match the dresses, even! The headscarves at Dolce & Gabbana were wrapped around the head and tied at the front, just above the bangs, for a romantic, rockabilly vibe.

Another unique way of wearing a hair scarf showed up on the Atlein runway, where a long scarf was threaded through thick braids, adding color and dimension. We saw a sleek take on hair scarves at Tom Ford, with gray and taupe scarves wrapped tightly around models’ heads and totally hiding their hair.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Hair Scarves

#4. Bows and Ribbons

Ribbons are lovely little hair embellishments that add girlishness to a look without taking away any of its sophistication. Bows showed up on all of the spring runways, including as part of the spring/ summer 2019 hair accessories.

Black ribbons were used to tie off high ponytails at the Emilia Wickstead show, working well with the clean design of the clothing and pairing well with bow-enhanced dresses. Bows were similarly used to tie off braids at Lou Dallas, although the velvety material of the bows was more lush and attention-grabbing.

Smaller ribbons were used to tie hair back loosely at Chanel, for beachy half-ponytails. For extra bling the bows were then topped off with a branded hair brooch.

Bows were a key styling element at Miu Miu, as they showed up on all manner of accessories. In the hair, little black bows were ubiquitous, although bows were also used to decorate headbands. We also saw romantic bows show up at Ryan Lo, in lush, curly updos.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Bows & Ribbons

#5. Lace Hair Accessories

Lace is romantic yet versatile, with its ability to show demure femininity or seductive coyness. We saw it used on both the dark and edgy and girlish and reserved runways this season. This fabric was popular enough to also show up on quite a few of the spring/ summer 2019 hair accessories.

The Marc Jacobs runway this season was all about voluminous dresses and extreme romance, so lace hair accessories fit in well. White lace was wrapped around a high-ponytail, bunched into a flower-like shape, just a bit covering the face. Black lace decorated headbands at Celine, slightly covering the face and complementing the puffy black party dresses.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Lace Hair Accessories

#6. Fashion Headbands

We’re thrilled to welcome headbands back into the fold as part of the spring 2019 hair accessory trends. While headbands are usually associated with youthful hairstyles, this year was different, with a ton of mature and fashion-forward takes on this hair accessory.

If you’re looking for a headband to really stand out in, go for the ones showcased at Prada. These large headbands were anything but demure, as they were tiara-like in their height but edgy in their bulk.

The hair stylist for Prada, Guido, described them as ‘60s-inspired but also futuristic. He used the headbands to hide and shorten the bangs, which gave a boyish effect to the face. For extra spunk, check out the studded leather headbands.

The jeweled headbands at Saint Laurent were a retro-glam nod to the early-‘70s, as they were worn horizontally over the forehead and just above the ears, much like in the Summer of Love. That same ‘70s horizontal headband application was used at Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini, although the bulky headbands there were made of thick braided rope, which had a more beachy, raw effect.

Lastly, the headbands at Simone Rocha absolutely require a mention, as they were basically explosions of color and texture. They were decorated with colorful beads, jewels, and feathers, showing how headbands could be glamorous enough for an evening occasion, assuming one wants to be truly conspicuous.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Fashion Headbands

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Fashion Headbands

#7. Sporty Headbands

Athleisure was a running theme (running – get it?) that came up in the spring/ summer 2019 hair accessories in the form of sporty headbands, perfect for keeping women’s hair out of their face when they exercise.

The models at Christian Dior wore double headbands in black or cream that were made of a stretchy material and embossed with “Dior” along the side. At Fila, sporty headbands in red, white or black were of a medium thickness and matched to athletic outfits.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Sporty Headbands

#8. Hairpin-Earring Combo

One of our favorite spring 2019 hair accessory trends blurred the line between jewelry and hair accessories, and was glamorously blingy to boot. We are talking, of course, about the hairpin earring two-in-one combination.

At Zimmermann, this accessory took flight, as it consisted of a hair clip shaped like a golden bird, which was attached by chain to a cartilage piercing with a similar design. Additional dangling beaded chains were attached to the whole piece, adding movement. The effect was remarkably similar at Versace, but this time the repeating element from ear to hair was shiny, colorful flowers.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Hairpin-Earring Combo

#9. Bobby Pins

Traditionally, bobby pins are meant to be used without being seen, as they work from the inside to hold complex hairdos together. This is why they give a rough, undone feel to a look when they are used visibly. This makes them some of the edgy spring/ summer 2019 hair accessories.

Black bobby pins had exactly that grungy effect at Cedric Charlier, where a few of them were applied vertically over bleached blonde hair on either side of the head, also working to keep hair away from the face. The golden bobby pins at Nonie looked classy and artistic, as they were applied to overlay each other along the side of the head, creating unique geometric shapes and helping to give a fauxhawk effect to the hair.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Bobby Pins

#10. Wrapped Around a Ponytail

This is more of an adorning technique than it is one of the particular spring/ summer 2019 hair accessories. We saw all types of unique materials wrapped around ponytails to secure them and add interest.

It was a leather cord wrapped around the base of ponytails at Max Mara that looked simultaneously clean and sophisticated, but also a touch raw because of the leather itself. The look was a touch more bohemian at Ulla Johnson, where the hair was braided just at the crown and then let down in a ponytail that was secured by a white woven piece wrapped around its base.

The wrapped effect was futuristic at Esteban Cortazar, where clear plastic was shaped into a hair accessory that could be wrapped around the hair or have the hair twisted through it.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Ponytail Wrap

#11. Extraordinary Hair Clips & Barrettes

The spring/ summer 2019 hair accessory trends give freedom to creativity and imagination and inspire to accessorize our spring 2019 hairstyles with some of the most out of the ordinary hair clips and barrettes, such as ones made of feathers as spotted at Dries Van Noten or plastic wires like the minimalist design by Alberto Zambelli.

For the fans of the classic and vintage style, there is the Chanel barrette with black ribbons hanging down, while for the brave-heart the runways featured Antonio Marras’ oversized butterfly hair clips, the big hair claws stacked at Marco de Vincenzo, and the rhinestone-embellished hair clips reading Techno by Ashley Williams.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Hair Clips, Barrettes, Hair Claws

Spring/ Summer 2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Hair Clips, Barrettes, Hair Claws

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