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23 Zany Designer White Bags to Carry from Season to Season

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Whereas white shoes are having a comeback, white bags never went anywhere. A white handbag is a timeless choice that is brighter and livelier than a boring old black purse. White handbags are an easy choice in summer, when they seem to fit easily into the seasonal color palette. However, they have a ton of potential heading into fall and winter, when they can echo a snowy environment in a fashion-forward yet ethereal manner.

Zany Designer White Bags to Carry from Season to Season
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We’ve selected some exceptional white purses from a variety of trendy designers, so you can choose a white bag that fits your unique aesthetic. Once you start carrying a white bag you need to be truly committed, so we decided to help by including a comprehensive guide to help you keep your white bag looking clean, new, and fresh.

Styling white handbags is not the toughest task, but we added some style tips so you don’t get stuck in a rut.

Designer White Bags for Women: Contents

23 Best White Bags for Women to Buy Online

White bags come in a variety of styles, to suit every taste. We’ve selected the best ones available online, and we’re sure you’ll like a few of them.

1. Slim White Purse

This streamlined Givenchy purse may be small but it is impactful. Made of smooth white leather, it has a slim design with a cord-wrapped top handle and a detachable shoulder strap. The shape is very neat and rectangular, which makes it a good fit for any structured outfit. It has two interior compartments as well as an outer zipped pocket. It is decorated with gold hardware, which gives it a luxurious feel. Order it online from Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer White Bags: Givenchy Whip Small White Purse

2. Faux-Shearling Mini White Handbag

This quirky little white bag combines a vintage feel with some trendy elements. The on-trend elements are its miniature size, which is perfect for evening occasions, and its fuzzy faux-shearling outer, which is all the rage for winter. Its handles and top clasp closure are all part of one gold-colored piece of hardware, which gives this Cult Gaia bag structure and an old-timey feel. Buy it from Forward!

Best Designer White Bags: Cult Gaia Estelle Mini White Purse

3. Small and Classy White Handbag

If you’re looking for one of those designer white bags that will be an investment piece, consider this little purse from Valentino. It is made of solid calfskin and has a secure snap flap closure. The wrapped logo hardware is in a matching white rather than a contrasting metal, which gives a modern feel to the bag. It does have a bit of gold embellishment in the form of an adjustable chain that allows you to change the length of the white shoulder strap. It is available at Nordstrom.

Best Designer White Bags: Valentino Garavani Small Vsling White Purse

4. White Belt Bag

No one does tiny accessories as well as Jacquemus. This small and white belt bag is extremely stylish, with a double belt that wraps around the waist to cinch and flatter. The bag itself is made of textured white leather and has a classy flap shape with gold-toned brand hardware. Treat this mini bag like more of a designer wallet, since it has room for cards, cash, and keys but little else. Get it through My Theresa!

Best Designer White Bags: Jacquemus Le Bello White Belt Bag

5. White Chevron Bucket Bag

Bucket bags in white are a stylish choice, especially when they come from a label like Gucci. This variation on the iconic ‘Marmont’ bag is made of soft white leather quilted in a chevron pattern, in a small variation on the bucket style that is ideal for upgrading casual looks. It has a gold crossbody chain as well as GG hardware in gold, which ensure that it feels luxurious. Pick it up from Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer White Bags: Gucci GG Marmont White Bucket Bag

6. “Cash Inside” White Purse

Could anyone other than Off-White make such an irreverent purse? If you’re not interested in thrifting a white bag and writing all over it with a black marker, then pick up this one-of-a-kind original. This single-compartment flap bag is made of extra smooth leather, with one outer pocket in the back. The logo hardware is a pretty silver, contrasted by black scrawls that say “logo to open,” “cash inside,” and, on the back, “for personal use only.” Find it online at Farfetch!

Best Designer White Bags: Off-White Jitney 1.0 Cash Inside White Purse

7. Pearl Beaded White Tote

This pretty and feminine Shrimps white handbag is a simple and feminine addition to any girlish outfit. This mini tote is made of an exterior that is completely beaded with pearlescent little spheres. The single-compartment interior is lined with luxurious satin, and even has a little pocket for cards. You can purchase it from Revolve.

Best Designer White Bags: Shrimps Mini Antonia White Purse

8. Crinkled Leather White Bag

All of the intentional effects with this designer white bag give it an aged look that will make it seem great even decades from now. It is made of crinkled leather seamed with Saint Laurent’s chevron pattern. The silver-toned metal of the chain crossbody strap is lightly burnished, as well. Over the flap closure, the brand logo is a tonal white, which is a modern stylistic choice. It is sold at Net-a-Porter.

Best Designer White Bags: Saint Laurent Niki Quilted Crinkled Leather White Purse

9. Small Flap Top White Bag

This little white purse from Burberry is delicate yet elegant. This soft flap bag is made of soft, white lambskin, with Burberry’s signature check pattern sewn on in tonal seams. The decorations over this small night bag are quite glamorous, including a gold-toned chain for crossbody carry, and the brand letter logo in gold hardware. Shop it at Forward!

Best Designer White Bags: Burberry Small White Purse

10. Elegant Saffiano White Bag

Miuccia Prada is known for her marvelous creations out of Saffiano leather, and this white purse is no different. This elegant Prada bag is truly versatile, and would fit with any outfit for any occasion. The solid bodied flap bag has a modern tonal logo, while a glamorous gold accent is provided by the chain of the removable shoulder strap. Grab it from Farfetch!

Best Designer White Bags: Prada Saffiano White Purse

11. Graffiti Print White Bag

A white bag is a great canvas for colorful graffiti scrawls. This Balenciaga bag is marked with brand lettering in a graffiti-inspired print in red, so it is strikingly urban. Even the silver-toned BB logo is surrounded by a drawing of a brick wall in black. This unique print really offsets the more classic design of this small white bag, as well as the silver-toned shoulder strap. You can buy it from Net-a-Porter.

Best Designer White Bags: Balenciaga BB Printed White Purse

12. Heart Hardware White Handbag

Almost in contrast to the previous bag is this ostentatiously feminine Dolce & Gabbana creation. This medium-sized white purse has a similar flap-top shape, but the ornamentation is a departure. The bag is decorated with a loud and jewel studded D&G heart hardware, while the crossbody strap is made of gold-toned metal. Even the seams are stitched on in a floral shape. Order it from My Theresa!

Best Designer White Bags: Dolce & Gabbana Medium Devotion White Purse

13. Vintage Pearly White Handbag

This is another take on white bags that have a really vintage feel. The outer of this bag is totally studded with faux pearl beads, which gives a nice compliment to the fun saddle shape of it. The handle is gold-colored with some more pearly embellishments, but since this is a true evening handbag there is no shoulder strap. This Rosantica bag is available on Net-a-Porter.

Best Designer White Bags: Rosantica Atena White Purse

14. White Camera Bag

A Marc Jacobs camera bag is a must have for any modern fashionista. This white variation on the style is a great choice, since it really stands out, especially against a darker wardrobe. The bag has two interior compartments, for convenient day-to-day carrying, and comes with a detachable canvas shoulder strap. All of the hardware on it is tonal, for a great monochrome effect. Get it from Revolve!

Best Designer White Bags: Marc Jacobs Snapshot White Purse

15. Back-Trimmed White Handbag

Just because you’re choosing white bags doesn’t mean you don’t want just a bit of darkness. This solid Fendi Flap bag is made of soft white leather, with black leather used as a trim along the bottom as well as to surround the silver-toned F hardware. As an extra touch of daring, the metal connected the removable handle to the bag is gold-toned on one side. Find it through Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer White Bags: Fendi Kan I White Purse

16. White Mini Box Bag

Are you in the mood for something cute but not over the top? This Chloé bag is a great choice. The box bag shape of it is unique yet convenient. The gold-toned hardware C and handle rings complement one another, adding to the white bag’s square symmetry. Note that this bag is tiny, so it’s definitely ideal for upscale evening events. Pick it up from Forward!

Best Designer White Bags: Chloe C Mini Box White Purse

17. Crystal Embellished Camera Bag

If you love the camera bag design, but are hoping for something a little wilder, consider this white bag from Miu Miu. This small camera bag has a more elongated shape, with a single compartment and a large outer envelope flap pocket. The main decor on it is a large crystal over the pocket, which is echoed by the crystals studding the handles. Purchase it online from Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer White Bags: Miu Miu Soltaire White Purse

18. Quilted White Purse

It’s hard to resist a diamond quilted designer bag, of which every fashionista must own at least one. This soft leather flap bag is small but mighty, with a large interior. Since it is made by Versace, it comes with all the iconic brand symbols, including an adjustable gold chain and the gilded medusa logo with an attached gold lock. Shop it at Nordstrom!

Best Designer White Bags: Versace Medium Icon Quilted White Purse

19. Smooth and Solid White Bag

This J.W. Anderson white bag is mostly simple and well-structured, so the large, gunmetal-toned J.W. anchor logo really stands out against its stark white body. This white purse is trimmed with black leather, which also adds some contrast. Otherwise, it is elegant and clean, in a solid rectangular design with a detachable white crossbody strap. Order it via Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer White Bags: J.W. Anderson Logo White Purse

20. Large Structured White Purse

It’s not usual to see single-colored offerings from Marni, but when they go monochrome they do it beautifully. This white bag has a trunk-style design that goes well with its large size. It’s a great choice for those who need to carry a lot with them from day-to-day but need a very elegant option. The bag is compartmentalized with an accordion body, and is decorated with gold hardware accents and a tan trim. Buy this white bag from Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer White Bags: Marni Trunk White Purse

21. Small Studded Messenger Bag

A white bag can definitely be a little edgy, and it doesn’t have to be in a ridiculous way. This studded Michael Kors messenger bag proves that. This white bag is made of soft leather in a messenger style, with a ton of silver-toned embellishments and studs that give it an edgy touch without crossing over into unprofessional territory. Pick it up at Nordstrom!

Best Designer White Bags: Michael Kors Small Manhattan White Purse

22. Croc-Embossed White Handbag

Animal skin embossed bags are having a moment, so we’d be remiss not to include this gorgeous croc-embossed white bag. No lizards were harmed, of course, since this The Volon bag is made of embossed cowskin. The design is future-meets-the-past, with a gold & white toned top clasp closure that is asymmetrically colored. This small bag is ideal for any event, since it is just unique enough to stand out without being too odd. Shop it through Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer White Bags: The Colon Chateau White Purse

23. Elongated Croc-Embossed White Bag

If, on the other hand, you want your croc-embossed white bag to be extra avant-garde, choose this elongated yet small creation from emerging designer Marge Sherwood. This bag has a vertically rectangular shape that works best for evening bags. The croc effect is a little thicker and more textured, to counter the delicate metal handle. It is available on Moda Operandi.

Best Designer White Bags: Marge Sherwood Pump White Purse

How to Care for a White Bag

As beautiful as white bags might be, they are definitely the highest maintenance of bag choices. If you’re going to invest in a designer-made white purse, you better keep it in good shape so you can justify the investment and maintain resale value. There are a few ways to keep white leather bags clean, and we’ve collected all of them to suit any level of dirt or stain build-up.

How to Wear a White Bag

General Tips

• With white leather, it’s important to act fast since stains can take hold very quickly. If any major spillage happens, make sure to clean your white handbag right away.

• Regular cleaning is also important. White bags can also develop slow discoloration that you won’t notice until it’s too late, unless you look your bag over and clean it at least once a week.

• Make sure to store your white bags out of harm’s way. When you’re not using them, keep them in the original dust bag in a safe corner of your closet.

• Depending on the type of leather, you might want to spray your white bag down with a stain repellant before you start wearing it out and about.

• Prevention is always easier than repair, so try and keep your white bag clean. Don’t take it out with you on muddy or rainy days, and definitely don’t put it on the ground where it can get dirty.

• Make sure to keep bleach and ammonia away – they might be the best for keeping things looking white, but they will destroy the delicate leather of your white purse bag.

How to Clean a White Bag

Basic Cleaning

• Microfiber cloths are your best friends, because they do a fabulous job of removing surface build-up without damaging delicate leather. If your white bag is mostly clean, you can just wipe it down with a dry microfiber cloth to remove dust.

• If your bag has gotten a little stained or is starting to show a gray tinge, dampen the microfiber cloth with a dilute solution of warm water and just a tiny bit of a colorless detergent. Wipe it down once with the soapy mixture, and then once more with a damp cloth to remove any soap remnants.

Lastly, use a dry cloth to absorb any moisture from the bag, since too much liquid can damage the leather.

How to Clean White Bags

Spot Cleaning

• For diffused but more persistent stains on your white bag, the first method to try is the toothbrush method. Dip a toothbrush in a mixture of warm water and detergent, and then rub it against the stain. Pay attention to make sure you don’t wear away at the leather, but otherwise keep rubbing until the stain has been removed. Wipe once more with a cloth, to soak up the moisture.

• If you’re nervous about using soap, invest in a dedicated leather cleaner. This way you know the chemical is gentle and suitable for leather, and you won’t have to put designer items at risk.

• For more persistent stains, a white toothpaste might do a better job of cleaning and whitening your bag. Once you’re done rubbing with a toothbrush, make sure to remove the toothpaste thoroughly and to allow the bag to dry.

• Instead of toothbrush, you can also try a bit of baking soda on a damp toothbrush. The baking soda is lightly abrasive, so it’ll do a good job of removing stains. Just be careful not to go overboard, or you will thin out the leather.

• If you happened to scuff your white purse, try the eraser method. Rub an eraser against the scuff, and see it disappear right in front of your eye. This method requires a bit of elbow grease, but it is effective and gentle on the leather.

• If none of these methods seem to work, pick up a white leather polish. After you’ve cleaned and dried your white purse, rub it on with a brush or a cloth. It will help eliminate any yellow discoloration and will also cover persistent stains.

How to Style a White Bag

Your White Bag Styling Guide

Since white is a neutral color, white bags can be added to nearly every outfit. That doesn’t mean we don’t have some tips & tricks to get you inspired, however!

• A contrasting bag can be great with an all-white outfit, but you can also choose a white bag for a striking monochrome look that will stand out in its own right. Bonus points if your look mixes a few different textures.

• In wintertime, a white bag can echo the snowy shades of winter in a really lovely way. It looks especially lovely against cool-toned coats.

• You can add a white bag to monochrome outfits of all types with ease, since the white will always stand out as the brightest color. White looks great against all-red and all-blue looks, especially.

• If you want your look to be a bit more cohesive but not intense, complement your white bag with other separates or accessories. Make sure that in addition to your bag, you are also wearing either two white accessories or one larger white item like a jacket, skirt, or top.

How to Wear White Bags

• Contrary to popular belief, white bags can also work with more earth-toned looks, as long as the overall color story is light and natural. Create an outfit with whites, beiges, and tans, and top it up with a white bag.

• If pastel is already a key element in your wardrobe, then a white purse is a no-brainer. White will gently complement all types of pastel clothes without standing out.

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