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53 Coolest Winter Hair Colors to Embrace in 2022

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Make the transition from fall to winter hair colors seamless and magical this season! Winter hair colors and trends embody the spirit of the season: a season of intrigue and magic that invites compelling visions of soft snow falling on silent city streets or perhaps an image of cozy nights in front of a fireplace. Winter is a time to add soft femininity and provocative grace to your beauty routine and your hair color look.

The styles of the season mimic the blanketing of snow on the world around us: muted, understated and minimal. Winter hair color trends play beautifully against this aesthetic landscape. Today, we will introduce you to the prettiest winter hair color trends and ideas that will invigorate your holidays and will carry you through the colder days and longer nights.

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53 Winter Hair Color Ideas to Try

Once you know what hair colors to choose for winter and how to care for your hair in the colder months, it’s high time to look through these 53 awesome winter hair colors to find the most iconic new look for you, whether you are a natural redhead, brunette or blonde!

1. Metallic Mermaid Winter Hair Color

A sumptuous color melt that will add an edgy femininity to your aesthetic, this is one of the best winter hair colors to try. Embrace this intoxicating mix of golden blonde and steel blue for the holiday season. This look can be utilitarian and alluringly stark when straightened or touchably girly when curled and styled with a messy braid. This winter hair color will add life to the complexion of pale and tan women alike!

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Metallic Hair

2. Baby Doll Blonde

Take your blonde locks to a deluxe new level by embracing an ice blonde spectrum of lavish tones. Babylights of soft wheat blonde melt beautifully into this base of pastel white-blonde. The key to this winter hair look is its prismatic effect and how the varying tones of blonde play against each other for maximum lustre. This look will pop against the rich plum and red lipsticks of the season.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Blonde Hair

3. Festive Fairy Dust

Embrace the holiday vibes with this confetti inspired hairdo! Pastel pinks, sky blues, and steel greys dance together in this curly and vivacious look. This unconventional colormelt will dazzle against falling snow and will look party ready with a tight glittery dress, and long lashes.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Metallic Pastel Hair

4. Lightly Bleached Beauty

This white blonde winter hair color sparkles under the glittering lights of the holiday season. This bombshell winter color looks best when paired with a voluminous texture and a light wave. Pair it with a black wardrobe for an alluring and sophisticated approach to winter.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Bleached Blonde Hair

5. Fiery and Ice Winter Hair Color

This spirited strawberry red color is playful and vibrant. It is an exuberant way to infuse your winter days with a sassy punch of color. Like a volcanic explosion, this winter hair color is an unexpected look, which adds to its appeal.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Strawberry Red Hair

6. Cabernet Sauvignon Delight

Incorporate some red, red wine into your winter locks with this opulent ombre. The deep plum hair color is inviting and romantic and summons up images of fabulous galas and star-studded winter nights. This is a vivid, but easily achieved winter hair color for raven hair or dark brunettes. Pair it with a mauve or burgundy lipstick for a provocative look.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Burgundy Hair

7. Amethyst Silver Winter Hair Color

Embrace a mythical and fantasy inspired aesthetic with this mesmerizing icey blonde look. By incorporating tones of amethyst, white blonde and pastel silver hair colors, this look enchants for the holidays. The soft wave creates a lush and textured appearance. This cool blonde winter hair color is proof that ombre is a trend that is here to stay.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Amethyst Silver Hair

8. Playful Pastel Pink

Pastel shades do have a place in the winter! They are a fun loving and festive way of welcoming the colder weather. This light pink is flattering for women with cooler skin tones and is a charming way of incorporating a bold color in a subtle way. This rose gold hair color looks impactful with silver and gold jewelry alike! Pair it with glitter eyeshadow and nail polish for a sparkling feminine look.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pastel Pink Hair

9. Lavender Haze

This feminine and delicate take on crayon tones is a supple and harmonious look for the winter. This look is a tempest of lush lavender and wispy silver shades and looks understatedly elegant with a light wave. This winter hair color is subdued enough that it transitions comfortably from an office setting to an edgier aesthetic. Pair this look with a black French beret, and an off-the-shoulder knit for a polished and urban chic winter style.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Lavender Hair

10. Caramel Hot Chocolate

Hair as edible as a cup of hot cocoa! This radiant winter hair color is perfect for brunettes who want to embrace the warmth of winter with a subtle, but no less shimmering and eye-catching, look. Caramel balayage highlights sprinkled throughout the roots and ends create a flattering, pearlescent appeal.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Caramel Chocolate Hair

11. Deep Mocha Winter Hair Color

Sophisticated, sultry and dazzling, this deep brunette is a more traditional take on winter hair colors. Deep brunette paired with the most understated chestnut babylights creates a supple and lush look. The key to keeping this look vital? Weekly hair masks and deep conditioning treatments. Moisturized hair not only looks smoother but it catches the winter light, ensuring your hair glows as the sun sets on a chilly winter evening.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Deep Mocha Hair

12. Silver Fox

Blondes are lucky this winter – going darker is no longer the only option for the season. This sleek, icey silver is a delectable and riveting spin on lighter locks. Pair the mesmerizing sheen of the silver dye with an intricate braid for a sartorial and bewitching look. A turtleneck and winged eyeliner complete the daring winter hair color.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Silver Grey Hair

13. Denim Blue Beauty

Welcome winter with a sassy shade of deep kool-aid blue. The key to this look is the color variation. A monochromatic blue dye can look juvenile, but a multi-tonal winter hair color with shades of silver, black and grey looks edgy and modernistic. Loose waves bring the dimensions to life and allow them to play against each other in a carefree, appealingly seductive way.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Denim Blue Hair

14. Spicy Nutmeg Balayage Winter Hair

A beautiful transition style for redheads, this warm and inviting winter hair color is chic and classy with a hint of coquettish joie de vivre. A complex ombre of chestnut roots, auburn and spicy pumpkin locks, and wheat blonde tips looks naturally alluring and luminous. A shaggy, beachy texture brings out the lighter side of winter hair.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Strawberry Blonde Hair

15. Unicorn Fantasy

Create a fairytale out of your mane with this Rapunzel inspired look that is both mystical and sexy. Dark roots descend into cascading ripples of ice blonde and steel silver. One part sumptuous, one part bombshell, this winter hair color is certainly for the bold. Pair it with a crimson lip and dainty silver jewelry for a look fit for an ice palace princess.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Steel Silver Hair

16. Solstice Moonbeam Winter Hair Color

Light pastels take a cosmic turn in this galactic wonder! Tones of violet and royal purple mingle together in an eclectic look suitable for brunettes and blondes alike. This winter hair color idea embraces the star-studded, enigmatic energy of the winter season and channels it into a playful and whimsical style.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Violet Hair

17. Angelic Magenta

Bright hair colors don’t have to be dramatic! By dialling tone the shade a few notches a rich shade like magenta can take on an angelic, girlish appeal. Muted balayage babylights of varied pinks cast a spell on the winter season. Pair this strawberry delight with a nude lipstick, and a light bronze for a healthy and radiant look for blustery winter days.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Violet Peach Hair Colormelt

18. Pastel Pink Mermaid

How to achieve the covetable mermaid look? Pair strong, long locks with an exquisite baby pink. This beautiful winter hair color achieves something a lot of pastel dyes can’t: it falls under the warm family of hair colors! This pink is perfect for women who want to embrace golden underlights or women with a tanner skin tone. The radiant gold is hardly discernible but is rather embodied in the warm pink shade chosen for this magical look.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pastel Pink Hair

19. Dust in the Wind Colormelt

Strikingly original while maintaining its understated appeal, this is a stellar winter hair color idea for light brunettes who want to add a dose of the rainbow to their locks. Dusty pink and purple captivate in a subdued way and play delicately along her icy brunette hair. This is an appropriate choice for blondes who want to go a few shades darker without making a drastic change. Pair it with a wheat colored sweater for an inviting winter look.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Blonde Pink Hair Colormelt

20. Winter Is Coming

Shadowed roots paired with an icey shock of silver hair prove to be one of the most enticing winter hair colors this season. The dark roots create an alluring contrast and add a hint of effortlessness to the style. This look has underlights of ice blue to create a truly multidimensional, stardust based appeal. As we have seen in many of the featured looks, a light wave adds prismatic qualities to the hair and creates an aura of touchability.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: White Silver Hair

21. Cotton Candy Gal

Another angelic pink that adds a dose of lighthearted wonder to the winter months, this is a lovely winter hair color trend to embrace. Pastel ombre allows you to experiment with various shades of delicious, punchy shades. A deep cotton candy pink descends into a blush pink for a romantic and enticingly feminine edge. Pair it with a choker or thick eyeliner to create a rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Cotton Pink Hair

22. Lilac Frostbite Winter Hair Color

An icy melt of silver and violet – what could be more reflective of the winter landscape? The look evokes frozen flowers on a silent frozen pond. This result is simply ethereal. Ripples of soft waves add a dainty aura to the vibrant purples and cold silvers. This winter hair color is most effective with long, full hair. We suggest hair extensions for short-haired beauties wanting to experiment.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Lilac Silver Hair

23. Cinnamon Cocoa Melt

This winter hair color is as rich and decadent as a plate of succulent dark chocolate. It’s the perfect look for brunettes of all shades. Start with a deep brown and then build babylights of alluring cinnamon and chestnut to create a dazzling complexity. Barrel waves take this look to new heights of sophistication and intrigue.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Cinnamon Chocolate Hair

24. Moon Princess

If you have been looking for a winter hair color that combines fantasy, fairytale, magic and parallel universes, look no further! This look is fit for an empress from a distant star with its mesmerizing composition of supernova blues, sprinkling of hair glitter, a jewelled headband and an ornate braid. This look if for the bold and the beautiful and will ensure you are the center of the universe come New Year’s Eve.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Moon Blue Hair

25. Autumn’s Last Whisper

Burnt oranges are an inviting way to transition your fall hair color into the colder months while holding onto the memory of falling leaves and crisp air. A subtle and textured choice for brunettes and redheads, this dream of a look is warm and also gently playful. The sleek straightened look allows the color variations to captivate. Pair it with a turtleneck for an urban flair.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Burnt Orange Hair

26. Silver Lavender Winter Hair Color

Purple and silver are one of the most enticing and unexpected pairings of the winter season, and we’re in love! Thick painted sections of lavender, silver, and ice blonde contrast against the shadowed, midnight roots. This winter hair color evokes a starry January night and will take your holiday game to the next level.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Silver Lavender Hair

27. Rainbow Barbie

Eschew tradition altogether with this kaleidoscope of energetic dyes topped with a playful loose knot. Hot pink mingles with sky blue, icicle silver, and blush to create an eye-popping and daring winter hair color. Tie the look together with an effortless and whimsical loose knot. Waves add a density and texture to finish the style off.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Neon Peach Hair

28. January Ash

This is a cool brunette look that has icy undertones for a perfect winter look. Watch the snowflakes fall with the entrancing mix of chestnuts, hazelnuts, and ash brown tones. The highlights are almost indistinguishable, which adds to their mesmerizing and provocative effect. This is a perfect choice for women who want a delicate new look for the fall to winter hair color transition.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ash Brown Hair

29. Unicorn Frappuccino

An enchanting take on an enchanting season, this is one of our favorite winter hair colors! Pastel pinks, blues, and purples are the go-to mythological colors of the winter, and they take on a fresh appeal with a spiral braid and loose waves. The luminous intermingled tones look like streamers atop your crown – just perfect for endless winter nights.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Cotton Rose Gold Hair

30. Sapphires and Amethysts

Jewel tones dazzle and delight with this gemstone inspired winter hair color. Candy blues and purples are an ultra girly and sassy way to incorporate a new color into your winter hair look. The colors of this look entrance, while the sweet waves create a luscious touchability. This look will stun with a white dress and delicate silver earrings.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Candy Blue & Purple Hair

31. Lime Sorbet Winter Hair Color

This is an original winter hair color for women who like a touch of whimsy and a pop of sorbet in their life. Light tones of green hair and soft orange create a popsicle effect on brown hair and are a lighthearted way to create a soft and playful look for the winter. A bleached white blonde tip adds dimension and edginess to the color palette.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Lime Sorbet Hair

32. Golden Girl Balayage

A lush and ever so gorgeous balayage for winter blondes, this bombshell style is rounded out with glossy locks and trimmed, heavily moisturized roots. The delicate spectrum of blondes plays against the darker roots and creates a warm and inviting look. This is the perfect go-to winter hair color for women who want to go warmer for the winter. This superb color will set the mood for a cozy and romantic night in front of a fireplace. Pair it with a lace camisole for a feminine and alluring mood.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Golden Blonde Hair

33. Sassy Copper

This toasty and rich winter hair color is beautiful for redheads and brunettes. The lively and lavish shades of auburn and pumpkin bring redhair into the winter season. With all the heat and vivaciousness of a winter fire and all the girlishness of a ‘60s bob, this look will take you easily from chilly afternoons to cocktail party nights. Pair it with a shoulder-length shag haircut and a light wave for a sassy and brazen style.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Deep Copper Hair

34. Ice White Snow Queen

Painted streaks of icy blonde look tantalizing against a shadowed root. The blonde and golden babylights shimmer in the light and look fit for an ice princess. This winter hair color has effortless edginess written all over it. Pair it with a crimpy curl and a thick black choker for a sartorial take on winter. The subtle ombre ensures that you won’t have to choose between your favorite shade of blonde – they can all come to the party.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ice Blonde Hair

35. Silver Blonde Bombshell

Invite the energy and intensity of a snowstorm into your aesthetic with this vibrant and unabashed style. A monochromatic dose of silver white blonde adds sex appeal and an aura of confidence when tousled gently and set with a light misting of hairspray. This is girliness with a wink and looks perfect paired with a velvet dress and one of the season’s decadent plum lip stains.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ice Silver Hair

36. Pin-Up Pink Winter Hair Color

Pink may feel dynamically modern, but this unexpected winter hair color takes the look into the past for a hint of mid-century appeal. When paired with a quintessentially pin-up bang and cascading wave, this look is surprisingly delicate and retro. Light variations of rose pink mingle with blush and hints of grey for a dynamic look that will pair gorgeously with a black turtleneck and costume jewelry.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pin-up Pink Hair

37. Pastel Skater Girl

This winter hair color is all about vitality and a careless attitude that will have heads turning and groupies flocking. A white blonde is treated to a tone of light baby pink for a prismatic look that can be dressed up or down to great effect.

Straighten it and muss it up for a rock star appeal or curl it delicately for a supple mermaid effect. This is the cool girl style of the holiday season, and we love it as a softer way of embracing a cool blonde dye.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pastel Blush Pink Hair

38. Stormy Skies

Embody the tempestuous winds and riotous storms of the winter with this dark and stormy winter hair color. As powerful as a grey sky before a violently beautiful thunderstorm, this look melds shades of black, grey, and silver into a cohesive and quietly bold style. Let it dry naturally or treat it to a light wave for a dynamic and sexy look that will intrigue friends and strangers alike.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ash Grey Hair

39. Metallic Rose Winter Hair Color

The It look of autumn, rose gold persists into the winter season and brings with it the charm and jewel-toned appeal that made it so popular in the first place! It creates a look that is as dazzling and luscious as a gold bracelet and is punchy enough for the edgier women among us.

This winter hair color is a deeper magenta take on the look but the variations are truly expansive and can be played up or down depending on your personal preference. Pair it with a nude lipstick, tight barrel waves, and a cream sweater for a bold feminine style.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Metallic Pink Hair

40. Magenta Magic

Pink is not reserved for a girly, preppy aesthetic, and the bold, unflinching looks of this winter season prove it! This animated pink is rock ‘n’ roll and daring with a mid-tier bang and exaggerated horizontal waves. This winter hair will take your holiday style to a provocative and hip place and will thrill when paired with a silver sequined dress, and sexy stilettos.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Magenta Pink Hair

41. Metallic Mint Winter Hair Color

A saturation of limesicle green looks vivacious against the dark tones of the winter. Mint is a beautiful choice because it complements the cool dye family that dominates this season but also adds a touch of delicate effervescence to a cool dye.

This winter hair look evokes a porcelain babydoll and is a soft and romantic way of incorporating a brilliant new shade into your hair look. This proves once again that winter hair colors can be subtle and they can be absolutely wearable for everyday.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Silver Mint Green Hair

42. Winter Feast

Say hello to all the hair colors of the season – it’s like the rainbow wrapped in a bow! Rose gold, amber, lilac, violet, and golden peach hair shades dance in the winter wind in this edible and dynamic hair look. A loose chignon and a delicate wave allow the winter hair colors to intermingle and shows off the variations in a natural, sophisticated way. A glowing example of a polished, but edgy look!

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Dusty Peach Rose Gold Hair

43. Futuristic Winter Hair

A window into the window of the future! Why ring in a new year when you can ring in a new millennium? This graphic ice blonde winter hair color is striking and ultra-defined with a blunt cut and a dramatic style. This color reaches the heights of its potential when styled with a wardrobe of blacks, silvers, and greys. Pair it with a red lip or glitter for a truly space-age take!

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Platinum White Hair

44. Bronde Age

Bronde is another fall favorite that will be a key player in the winter beauty arena. This delicate dye combines an understated, sparkling balayage of ice blondes, cool brunettes, and soft silver-gold for a look that is understatedly metallic. This winter hair color trend will captivate in equal measures when paired with a bodycon dress or a rebellious leather jacket.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Metallic Bronde Hair

45. Neon Mermaid

Daring and brazen, this monochromatic one-two punch is the perfect look for women who love color and love attention! This winter hair dye is a beautiful mix of fire orange and volcanic red and looks striking when worn long with a shaggy bang. This color will suit women with warmer skin tones and pairs alluringly with a rugged band T-shirt and pared-down makeup.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Neon Red Hair

46. Metallic Pastels

A glamorous approach to winter hair colors, this look would fit perfectly into a fast-paced urban street or a show-stopping Las Vegas casino. They will find you in VIP bottle service with this trendy, sartorially attuned colormelt of blush, purple, and black. As we have charted through this article, shadowed roots are one of the hairstyle staples of this winter season, and they reach a new pinnacle of delectability in this style.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Pastel Silver, Purple, Pink Hair Colormelt

47. Cloud Blue Winter Hair Color

Capture the essence of a mysterious overcast winter morning with this alluring rainstorm inspired winter hair color. Clouds of silver white and raindrops of translucent blue mingle in this multi-tonal dazzler. A tight pin curl creates a quiet sophistication and takes this urban hairstyle from day to night. Pair it with a hot pink lipstick for an ultra-artistic and dynamically original winter look.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Cloud Blue Hair

48. Chestnut Cutie

A polished, sleek, and organic approach to the winter, this winter hairstyle is stunning for brunettes who fall lighter on the spectrum or for blondes and redheads who want to step into the dark side of the season. This deep chestnut mocha shade is universally flattering and plays up the vibrancy of your eyes. Not only is it extremely complementary, but also it is versatile and can be edged up with some texture or dolled up with a sleek straighten and a bold silver earring.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Chestnut Brown Hair

49. January’s Angel

This is an angelic look that will have you wondering where you misplaced your halo! This winter hair color is luminous and creates an aura of dainty benevolence. The softest of waves look positively heavenly when paired with this sumptuous white blonde. This beautiful dye allows you to create an alluring contrast when paired with a black lip, metallic jewelry and leather accoutrements.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Ice White Hair

50. Purple Reign

The ultimate purple-pink shock for deep brunettes, this fruit punch purple is too fun to keep behind closed doors. It looks stunning when complemented with silver jewelry, and a burgundy lip. A calculated wave allows the deep purple strands and tips to catch the light and play against the neutral shades of winter.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Plum Purple Hair

51. Lavender Smoke Winter Hair Color

Ash is making a comeback this season. It allows you to play with a dusty, pared-down dye while maintaining an eye-catching look. Ash is perfect for the winter, as it evokes romantic intrigue, seasonal evolution and darkness. A hint of royal purple adds a dose of life to this winter hair color – like a lavender field bathed in moonlight.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Lavender Smoke Hair

52. Lilac Icicle

This gorgeous lavender hair sheen is one of our favorite winter hair colors of the season. A shock of vital lilac on the crown of the hair creates a mesmerizing and complex look over a base of muted grey and white blonde. A straightened style brings the colors to life and allows them to shimmer in all their jewel-toned glory. This dazzling look will be ultra-sleek with a black turtleneck, and dramatic eyelashes.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Lilac Ice Hair

53. Dark Rainbow Winter Hair

This vivid raven look is mysterious, enigmatic and captivating. Swirls of royal purple, popsicle blues, and steels peak out through a canvas of evocative black. This confetti-esque dye job will carry you through the festivities of the season and will look hauntingly beautiful as the cold winter persists in the new year.

Winter Hair Colors Ideas & Trends: Dark Grey Green Hair

Fall to Winter Hair Color Transition Tips

Transitioning to a new winter hair color can be a seamless experience with a little bit of forethought and planning. Transitioning your hair from autumn to winter is much like transitioning it from summer to autumn. If anything, it is less intensive and dramatic because the color families of fall and winter are complementary.

Choose A Winter Hair Color for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

When transitioning to a new hair color you must first and foremost consider your skin tone. Ashy and cooler winter hair colors look most flattering on women with fair skin and lighter features. Warmer, golden based tones look best on women with tan and olive skin or brown eyes and naturally darker eyebrows.

Though often underlooked, the most flattering winter hair colors should play up the natural contours and highlights of your face shape. Ask your stylist to concentrate highlights and lowlights around the face to create dimension and complement the natural curvature of your features.

Concentrating highlights and lowlights around the crown and sides of your face creates more depth and allows your new hair color for winter to garner the attention it deserves and catch the light in a mesmerizing way. This has the effect of bringing your skin, and eyes to life and creating a more harmonious and well balanced total image.

Fall to Winter Hair Colors Transition Tips

Consider Your Lifestyle and Hair Care Routine

When considering a new hair color, keep your lifestyle in mind. A more radical look will require maintenance and upkeep. Ask yourself how frequently your schedule (and your budget) allows for salon visits. Some women prefer a DIY approach, which will delineate what kinds of winter hair colors they can realistically achieve.

It is also necessary to be cognizant of your hair care routine. How often you straighten and curl your hair should not necessarily dictate what hair color you embrace but it should be a factor to keep in mind. If you decide on a delicate look that involves intricate babylights, balayage or bleach, you must be extra vigilant to use heat protectants to maintain your winter hair color and protect the integrity of your hair.

Winter weather already has the tendency to dry out hair, and extra moisture is a welcome treat. Ensure that hair masks and hot oil treatments become a part of your hair care routine. The lack of moisture in the winter air coupled with aggressive indoor heating promotes dandruff, itching and lackluster locks.

In addition to your bulked up winter hair care routine, we also love using natural ingredients to infuse your hair with a dose of life. Olive oil and coconut oil make nutrient dense, intensely moisturizing masks. Honey is a surprising player in the family of hair saviours but it does wonders in sealing in moisture. Ensure you apply it to the ends and rinse thoroughly to guard against split ends.

Maintaining Your Winter Hair Color

Maintaining your winter hair color need not be a tiresome process but it is absolutely essential both before and after your dye job. To maintain the vibrancy and lustre of your winter hair, you need to be proactive in treating your hair with the attention it deserves.

Ensure your hair is properly washed and free of products before you dye it and consider getting a trim if the ends of your hair are showing signs of splitting. Limit usage of products like hairspray and gels that dry out and damage your hair.

A good way of conceptualizing your hair is to think of it the way you think of your skin. How regularly do you moisturize your skin? Probably everyday! Your hair needs that dedicated attention, too, as it is just as prone to showing signs of damage as your skin, particularly when it has been exposed to both dye and cold winter weather.

Shampooing less often and incorporating a dry shampoo into your seasonal hair care routine will ensure your winter hair color has staying power. Using a gentle shampoo formulated specifically for color treated hair is a simple step that yields significant returns.

A lesser known hair secret? Protein infused hair products will help you maintain your beautiful winter hair color and will protect against breakage and brittleness.

How to Choose and Maintain Winter Hair Colors

Best Winter Hair Colors for Blondes

Blondes can approach winter from one of the two key perspectives – going cooler or going warmer. One of the hottest cool blonde hair colors for winter is icicle blonde; a dazzling and sparkling way to appropriate the enigmatic mood of the season.

Not ready to plunge into a full ice bath? Babylights are an effortless way to eliminate brassiness and cool down the tone of your winter hair without making a commitment to a new look.

Ice blonde looks striking against a wardrobe of blacks and greys. Warm blonde is a surefire way to add a flattering facelift to lifeless blonde hair. It flatters all skin tones and looks plush when paired with cozy knit sweaters and glittering holiday dresses.

A warm sunflower blonde balayage look is an easygoing and refreshing way to introduce this color tone into your winter hair.

Best Winter Hair Colors for Blondes

Best Winter Hair Colors for Brunettes

Brunettes can approach winter hair colors from a wide range of angles. This flexibility is advantageous as winter heralds an array of exciting new hair color trends and ideas!

Golden highlights and babylights are a beautiful and luminous choice for brunettes. Golden shades incorporate the warmth and desirable radiance of the warmer seasons into your winter hair color look and brighten up dry, ashy winter skin. Golden highlights create a lush shimmer that sparkles as the snow falls.

Caramel tones are the subtle little sister of gold highlights; they are an approachable way to embrace an alluring new shade and they have the dual benefit of adding vitality to dull and lackluster brown hair.

Like a sprinkle of cinnamon on your morning cappuccino? How about adding a dose to your locks? Cinnamon hair colors are an imaginative and unexpected way of adding a multidimensional auburn shade to your winter hair. Cinnamon is the perfect marriage of subtle burnt red and delicious chestnut brown. This look is understated but sassy and looks stunning against a cream colored sweater or cozy black turtleneck.

For more traditionally minded women, a deep mocha color will never fail! A velvety dark brunette color pops against minimalist winter clothes and looks sumptuous against a backdrop of sexy black dresses and sophisticated trench coats.

Best Winter Hair Colors for Brunettes

Best Winter Hair Colors for Redheads

Cranberry red is an opulent way for redheads to welcome the winter solstice. A deeper shade of berry livens up red hair and creates an illusion of provocative confidence. It is a spirited way to to make a bold statement with jewel toned hair.

Shades of burnt pumpkin prove popular this season, as well and they are an easy fall to winter hair color transition to make. The appeal of a fall-leaves red is that it creates a warm, gold-tinged aura and adds dimension to red hair. It allows redheads to play with the darker side of the winter without committing to a brunette dye.

If you want to maintain the vitality and energy of your natural red look, a crisp and polished cinnamon-pumpkin dye will be a stellar choice for the winter season.

Best Winter Hair Colors for Redheads

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